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Where was apple pie invented?

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a) USA

b) England

c) Holland

d) France

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Where was apple pie invented?














We’ve all heard the phrase, “as American as apple pie.” This beloved dessert, however, did not originate in the United States. Another American phrase, “for Mom and apple pie” became famous during World War II, when this was given as the answer by soldiers when asked why they were heading off to war. This, in turn, likely transformed into apple pie being known as a symbol for America. This dessert’s popularity amongst so many cultures may be another reason apple pie has become a staple of Americana because the U.S. is where so many cultures blend together.

The first written apple pie recipe goes back to 1381 in b) England; it was printed by Geoffrey Chaucer and included apples, figs, raisins, pears and a pastry shell (but no sugar). Evidence of Dutch apple pies goes back to the 1600s. In addition to apples, Dutch pies include lemon and cinnamon and sometimes raisins and icing. The tarte tatin, or French version of apple pie, was created by accident by hotel owner Stéphanie Tatin when she was trying to make a traditional apple pie in the 1880s.

Are you bananas for apple pie? Celebrate on May 13, National Apple Pie Day.

My husband loves making apple pies almost as much as eating them. As for me, I like them all: peach, banana cream, French silk, strawberry-rhubarb…Yes, please! What’s your favorite kind of pie? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. http://Ellen says

    Some people think it’s strange that my husband and I like any kind of fruit pie for breakfast (usually left over from a get-together the night before.

    • http://Colleen%20Lanin,%20The%20Travel%20Mama says

      Ellen (Mama!) – One of those people was my husband. But he is a convert now.

  2. http://Tom%20Lanin says

    We met some people from England at a convention years ago and they commented that something was “as English as apple pie.” We accused them of stealing our American phrase but I’m afraid it’s the other way around.

    • http://Colleen%20Lanin,%20The%20Travel%20Mama says

      Tom (Dad!) – Too funny. Looks like everybody loves apple pie!

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