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Promote your product or destination to traveling families by partnering with Travel Mamas, a family adventure blog. Launched in 2009, reaches an audience of OVER 2 MILLION READERS PER YEAR. In fact, Travel Mamas is among the TOP 15 TRAVEL BLOGS IN THE WORLD, according to this list of 1,200 travel blogs, ranked on a variety of metrics. We also consistently rank on this top 50 travel blogs list, which is based on Google Analytics data.

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The Travel Mama and family (Photo credit: Stephanie Heymann Photography)

Family Travel Blog provides travel tips, giveaways and destination recommendations to parents and caregivers who want to travel with children. While the focus here is on traveling with kids, we also cover grown-up getaways like romantic vacations and girlfriend retreats, because sometimes parents need a break too!

Global Lifestyle Blog

In 2016 we launched the Travel Mamas At Home lifestyle segment because the adventure doesn’t have to end once the bags are unpacked! Travel Mamas At Home helps readers enjoy life’s journey every day. Topics include home life, entertainment, food/drinks, health/beauty, fashion and technology.

Global lifestyle segment, Travel Mamas At Home, proves the fun doesn't have to end once the bags are unpacked!

Our lifestyle segment, Travel Mamas At Home, proves the fun doesn’t have to end once the bags are unpacked (Photo credit: Stephanie Heymann Photography)

Benefits of Working with Us

  • Increase your brand or destination’s awareness and buzz through carefully crafted stories and social shares
  • Reach a targeted monthly audience of more than 170,000 parents interested in travel
  • Our understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) enables us to make sure that our stories rank well on Google, often on the first page of search results
  • Generate click-throughs to your site from high quality, trusted, well-researched content
  • Take advantage of cross promotion opportunities, such as blog posts, giveaways, YouTube videos, and shares across social platforms including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter by the Numbers

Past Clients

Below is just a sampling of the many incredible brands that have worked with our family adventure blog over the years. We’d love to add your company to our list!

Travel Mamas Clients

Sponsored Blog Posts/Giveaways

Media Tours and Commercials

The Travel Mama, Colleen Lanin, has appeared on numerous local and national radio and television programs, giving travel tips and representing travel brands. Additionally, she and her family starred in three TV commercials promoting Park City, Utah. You can watch one of the commercials in the video above. View additional clips and learn more here. Do you have a product or destination you’d like the Travel Mamas Founder/Editor to promote via radio and/or TV? Email her for custom pricing and details.

Press Trips/Destination Visits

Bring attention to your destination or hotel with a visit from The Travel Mama! We are available for group FAM trips and individual/family press trips. When hosting Travel Mamas at your destination, you can expect at least one quality, well-researched blog post as well as enthusiastic daily social shares across Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. Pricing depends on destination, distance traveled, accommodations, activities, and number of travelers. Additional deliverables are negotiable. Find press trip story examples below.

Coastal Mississippi very much enjoyed hosting Colleen and her delightful son – from the initial itinerary planning, Colleen was inquisitive and enthusiastic to experience all the unique family offerings on The Secret Coast, and that enthusiasm continued throughout their visit. From exciting and compelling social media posts, to a wonderfully comprehensive recap of her visit to Coastal Mississippi, Colleen’s work truly reflected our destination and the diverse experiences it has to offer. We look forward to seeing her again soon!

— Ana Roy, Public/Media Relations Manager, Coastal Mississippi

The Travel Mama and family would love to visit your destination!

The Travel Mama and family would love to visit your destination! (Photo credit: Stephanie Heymann Photography)

Travel Mamas Media Kit

Want to learn more about us? Take a peek at this printable Travel Mamas Media Kit for partnership pricing and details.

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If you would like to sponsor a giveaway, host The Travel Mama during a FAM trip, hire Colleen Lanin for a media tour or commercial, or work with us on a larger advertising campaign please email us now!

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