21 Things to Do at Hawks Cay Resort in Florida

Hawks Cay Resort offers so many things to do, where do we even begin? This incredible hotel on Duck Key makes a great option for multigenerational groups and vacationers of all ages, no matter how active or relaxed they want to be. Don’t waste precious vacation time in paradise deciding what to do. Instead, use our Hawks Cay review and list of 21 family-friendly things to do at the resort to plan ahead and make the most of your Florida Keys vacation!

Hawks Cay Resort
Hawks Cay Resort (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

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1. Explore Duck Key by boat.

Hawks Cay is a boat lover’s paradise. To truly appreciate the beauty of the Florida Keys, you must take to the water.

Hawks Cay Marina

Boat owners especially appreciate Hawks Cay. That’s because you can even dock your own vessel (up to 110-feet long) in one of 85 slips at this resort. Learn more about the Hawks Cay Marina services and experience.

Solé Watersports

Those of us who don’t own our own boat (or who don’t want to sail it to Duck Key), should book an excursion with Solé Watersports. On the group Sunset Cruise boat ride, my family ventured through wee inlets at the resort and then out to the Atlantic ocean.

Included in all their boat trips are drinks like beer, wine, and fruit-flavored spiked seltzers. Meanwhile, teetotalers and kids can sip sodas and water. You’ll want to toast your good fortune while you watch nature’s fiery show shimmer across the water as the sun dips below the horizon.

Solé Watersports offers private charters, too. The captain will take up to six guests for a one-hour private island tour, two-hour sandbar excursion, half-day adventure, or evening cruise.

Sunset Cruise with Solé Watersports in Duck Key, Florida
Sunset Cruise with Solé Watersports (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

2. Splash in the private Saltwater Lagoon.

Although Hawks Cay does not offer a vast beach, the resort is home to a beautiful manmade lagoon.

The aquamarine waters are warm and surrounded by soft, pale sand and chaise lounges galore. The small zero-entry beach is a hit with all ages. In fact, Hawks Cay made our list of the best beach resorts for families.

Piña colada from Tiki Grill on Duck Key
Piña colada at the Saltwater Lagoon (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

You just might see an iguana or two hanging out by the Saltwater Lagoon. There’s something magical about sharing an ocean view with iguanas. They’re wild but shy. And super fast when they want to be!

A wild iguana by the Saltwater Lagoon at Hawks Cay Resort
Iguana by the Saltwater Lagoon at Hawks Cay Resort (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

3. Swim in Hawks Cay Pools.

Hawks Cay offers five different pools for your swimming pleasure. Additionally, 18 of the resort’s villas offer your own private plunge pool.

Main Hawks Cay Resort Pool
Main Resort Pool (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Main Resort Pool for all ages

The huge Main Resort Pool is filled with over 65,000 gallons of water and boasts gorgeous ocean views. You can order food served right to your lounge chairs from the nearby Tiki Grill. There are plenty of palm trees and sun umbrellas encircling this pool but arrive early in the day to claim shaded loungers.

Expect a festive vibe here with upbeat pop music played on speakers. Throughout the day, choose to participate (or not) in organized family games and activities.

This pool offers zero entry, perfect for young swimmers. It does have a deep end, though, so keep that in mind if swimming with little kids.

In the evenings, gather around a fire pit at the Main Resort Pool. Check the resort schedule for s’mores nights with campfires and sweet treats with great views.

Hawks Cay Adult-only Oasis Cay Tranquility Pool
Oasis Cay Tranquility Pool (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

Oasis Cay Tranquility Pool for adults-only

For a more tranquil environment, Hawks Cay’s visitors aged 21+ can chill at the Oasis Cay Tranquility Pool, just around the corner from the Main Resort Pool.

For the ultimate in relaxation at this adults-only pool, reserve a daytime private cabana. You’ll get upscale amenities like a ceiling fan, chilled bottled waters, a fresh fruit tray, and a concierge server for an à la carte menu.

Firepit near Oasis Cay Pool
Firepit near Oasis Cay Pool (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Coral Cay Pool for families

Coral Cay Pool is a great space for families to splash and swim together. Family pools, Coral Cay and Pirate Ship, are located next door to each other at the Coral Cay Activities & Adventure Center.

Coral Cay Family Pool
Coral Cay Pool (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Pirate Ship Pool for kids

Arg, mateys! Kids can pretend to be buccaneers sailing the high seas at the Pirate Ship Pool. It has water cannons, small water slides, and a big pirate ship perfect for make-believe adventures.

Pirate Ship splash pool at Hawks Cay Resort with kids
Pirate Ship Pool (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Sunset Pool, a small oasis for the whole family

If your family is craving a more mellow environment than you’ll find at the Main Resort Pool or Coral Cay Pool, then head to the Sunset Pool. This smaller swimming hole is tucked far away from the lobby and all the action.

Plunge pool at our 2-bedroom Hawks Cay villa
Plunge pool at our two-bedroom villa (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Personal plunge pools

The villas in Sanctuary Village at Hawks Cay Resort offer personal plunge pools. These provide a refreshing way to cool off while enjoying the privacy of your own large furnished patio.

Deep-sea fishing in Duck Key
Deep-sea fishing in Duck Key (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

4. Go deep-sea fishing.

The Middle Keys is a prime fishing destination. Grouper, mahi-mahi, snapper, and billfish are among the species you might be lucky to reel in during a fishing trip at Duck Key. Hawks Cay will hook you up with a plethora of easy access to recommended fishing charters.

If you catch ’em, then Hawks Cay will cook ’em. The chefs at the resort’s Angler and Ale Restaurant are happy to serve your freshly caught fish fried, grilled, or blackened — your choice!

Snorkeling with Solé Watersports at Hawks Cay Resort with kids
My husband and son snorkeling with Solé Watersports (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

5. Embark on a snorkeling or diving tour.

The Florida Keys are home to the Great Florida Reef, the third-largest barrier reef in the world and the largest in North America. That makes Hawks Cay a prime spot for water sports like snorkeling, SNUBA, or SCUBA diving.

My family embarked on a group snorkeling and sandbar tour with Solé Watersports, which included an hour of snorkeling in the shallow waters and coral reefs of the Coffins Patch Sanctuary Preservation Area. We saw all sorts of colorful tropical fish and had our eyes peeled for moray eels and nurse sharks.

Motion sickness sufferers (like me) should pack some Dramamine for this tour. Although I felt perfectly fine on our Sunset Cruise, I did start to feel queasy after bobbing about in the saltwater while snorkeling on this tour.

Sandbar boat tour with Solé Watersports in Duck Key, Florida
Sandbar selfie (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Thankfully, I was feeling fine by the time we reached the next portion of our adventure: the sandbar. We spent a while standing in the middle of the ocean on a pretty sandbar, sipping cold drinkies while surrounded by startlingly clear water.

Dolphin Connection at Hawks Cay Resort
Dolphin Connection (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

6. Interact with dolphins.

Hawks Cay Resort offers a Dolphin Connection program, which allows guests to interface with these amazing ocean mammals. In fact, Hawks Cay is the only hotel in the mainland U.S. that features on-site dolphin encounter programs for all ages.

All of the dolphins at Hawks Cay were either rescued or born under human care. The dolphins reside and swim in their natural environment in an ocean-fed saltwater lagoon. Since their habitat is adjacent to a canal, the dolphins can safely observe a variety of marine life that frequently pass by including manatees, sharks, sea turtles, stingrays, and tarpon.

The Dolphin Connection program offers plenty of options like their 45-minute Dockside Dolphins for all of the fun and education from a dolphin deck without swimming. Or, go all out with the three-hour private Dolphin Trainer for a Day, which provides an up-close and personal experience with the non-migratory Atlantic bottlenose dolphins. My family did not participate in a dolphin experience.

Paddleboard at the Hawks Cay Saltwater Lagoon
Paddleboard at the Saltwater Lagoon (Photo credit: Hawks Cay)

7. Rent kayaks or stand-up paddle boards.

Are you starting to get the sense that Hawks Cay is all about water play? That’s because water is the star at this resort! For another way to appreciate the resort’s island location, rent a kayak or stand-up paddleboard. You’ll get a nice workout while taking in the beauty of the calm, turquoise water that surrounds Duck Key.

Miniature Golf at Hawks Cay Resort with kids
Miniature Golf at Coral Cay (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

8. Play miniature golf.

The onsite Coral Cay Activities & Adventures is where to go for all sorts of play. Available at no extra charge, guests can borrow clubs and balls for a round or two of mini-golf on the Hawks Cay 18-hole putting course.

Basketball court at Coral Cay
Basketball court at Coral Cay (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

9. Join group activities and sports.

Swing by the Coral Cay Activities & Adventures office for a list of daily events. All ages will enjoy mid-day crafts, a playground, sports fields, and board games. Even teens like to join the fun with organized basketball, kickball, and sand volleyball tournaments on a sports court.

Bicycles for rent on Duck Key in the Florida Keys
Bicycles for rent at Coral Cay (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

10. Explore by bicycle.

Hawks Cay is huge. In fact, the 60-acre island resort occupies over 10 percent of the island of Duck Key. Why not explore the resort on two wheels? Rent bicycles from Coral Cay Adventures & Activities for the day.

Playground at Hawks Cay Resort with kids
Playground at Coral Cay Activities & Adventures (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

11. Drop the kids off at Camp Hawk.

Kids aged 5 to 12 are in for a treat at Camp Hawk (formerly Camp Adventure) at Coral Cay. Trained counselors lead children in crafting, outdoor activities, and splash time at the Pirate Pool. Themed afternoon options include Mermaid & Pirate Academy, Superhero, Magical Mayhem, and more.

Hours vary depending on the season and day of the week. Typically, parents can duck out for date night on weekends when Camp Hawk extends into the evenings. Inquire with the resort to secure babysitting services for young children or kids of all ages who need one-on-one attention.

Calm Waters Spa
Calm Waters Spa (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

12. Relax at Calm Waters Spa.

After you’ve dropped the kids at Camp Hawk, saunter on over to Calm Waters Spa for relaxation and pampering. Choose from a tempting array of facials, massages, and body scrubs at this full-service spa. Salon services are also available including manicures, pedicures, and waxing, plus hairstyling, cuts, and highlights.

If you really want to indulge at this full spa, though, book a Calm Waters Signature Buff and Massage. The 100-minute treatment includes a rejuvenating exfoliation treatment followed by a massage featuring warmed Himalayan salt stones and aromatherapy. Swoon!

Swashbuckling Pirate Show at Hawks Cay Resort
Pirate characters at Hawks Cay Resort (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

13. Pirate Activities.

Until March 2022, families could gather around the Pirate Ship Pool at Coral Cay to watch Priscilla the Pirate Queen and her crew sing, dance, and search for treasure. The 30-minute interactive Swashbuckling Pirate Show was geared toward kids ages 3 to 11.

The show has since been replaced by pirate characters leading activities such as scavenger hunts and sword-fighting classes periodically throughout the week. Interact with characters like Koral the Mermaid, Captain Hawk, Clarence the First Mate, or the Pirate Queen.

Tennis courts
The resort’s tennis courts (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

14. Play tennis or pickleball.

Learn from a tennis pro during your Florida Keys vacation or challenge your travel mates to a match as part of the Cliff Drysdale Tennis program at Hawk Cay Resort. Tennis court usage is included for hotel guests.

For a fee, look for group clinics for adults and juniors, including pickleball matches in summer. Private lessons with a USPTA-certified coach are available, too. Rent (or purchase) balls and rackets or bring your own.

Angler and Ale Restaurant in Duck Key, FL
Angler and Ale Restaurant at Hawks Cay Marina (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

15. Feed fish at Hawks Cay Marina.

Buy a bag of frozen shrimp from the Dockside Store at Hawks Cay Marina to feed tarpons. These fish are nicknamed “silver king” because of their impressive size and silver color. Be sure to keep your eyes peeled for appearances by the graceful cows of the sea, manatees!

A manatee at Hawks Cay Marina
A wild manatee at Hawks Cay Marina (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

16. Watch a dive-in movie.

Gather at Coral Cay Activities & Adventures for a family-friendly movie. Watch while floating in the pool or settle into a lounge chair to enjoy the flick.

Live music performance at Hawks Cay Resort
Live music performance (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

17. Enjoy live music.

Do you love to listen to live music? Gather with other guests aged 17+ at the adults-only Oasis Cay Tranquility Pool every Saturday evening to listen to a local band. Grown-ups can also enjoy drinks and conversation around a blazing firepit here.

Buffet breakfast at Sixty-One Prime Restaurant at Hawks Cay Resort
Buffet breakfast at Sixty-One Prime (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

18. Dine out at Hawks Cay Resort.

When you’re hungry or thirsty you’ve got six restaurant and bar offerings at Hawks Cay. You’ll also find delicious dining options not far from the resort in the nearest town, Marathon. Plus, room service is available.

Sixty-One Prime

Connected to the lobby, Sixty-One Prime is the resort’s fine-dining option in the evening, specializing in steaks and seafood. Be sure to get the delicious key lime pie for dessert!

Go here for a buffet in the morning complete with fresh fruits, scrambled eggs, meat like sausage or bacon, an array of pastries, and a breakfast treat like pancakes, waffles, or French toast.

Fish of the Day served with butternut squash risotto at Sixty-One Prime Restaurant in Duck Key, Florida
Fish of the Day served with butternut squash risotto at Sixty-One Prime (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Hawks Cay Marketplace

For something quick in the morning, grab a Starbucks coffee drink from Hawks Cay Marketplace. You can also pick up limited, simple fare here like boxed sandwiches and chips for lunch, or pizza for dinner.

Hawks Cay Marketplace
Hawks Cay Marketplace (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

Angler and Ale

My favorite restaurant at Hawks Cay Resort was Angler and Ale. In addition to spectacular marina views, you’ll find seafood dishes like lobster macaroni and cheese, Caribbean conch fritters, and coconut almond shrimp. Landlubbers can stick to items like ribs, chicken, or steak instead.

Get your order to go to bring along on your Solé Watersports adventure, which sets sail from the Hawks Cay Marina out back.

Angler and Ale restaurant and marina view
Angler and Ale Restaurant with marina view (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Coral Grill

Families playing at Coral Cay Activities & Adventures can take a lunch break at the Coral Grill. Open seasonally, this snack bar features hot sandwiches, wraps, burgers, and PB&Js. Top it off with ice cream for dessert. Mom and dad will be pleased to find adult beverages for sale here, too.

Oasis Cay Bar & Grill for adults only
Oasis Cay Bar & Grill for adults only (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Oasis Cay Bar & Grill

If you want to escape the kids and quench your thirst, then belly up to the Oasis Cay Bar. This adult-only watering hole is located between the Main Resort Pool and the adults-only Oasis Pool.

Cool down with a Corona, frozé, or one of Hawks Cay’s signature cocktails. Or how about a Lime in the Coconut made with coconut rum, Coco Lopez, fresh lime juice, and coconut water?

Tiki Grill near the Main Resort Pool at Hawks Cay Resort
Tiki Grill near the Main Resort Pool (Photo credit: Hawks Cay Resort)

Tiki Grill

Under a palapa by the Main Resort Pool is where you’ll find Tiki Grill. Think burgers, dogs, salads, and wings for lunch. Besides mojitos, margaritas, piña coladas, and other tropical beverages — look for daily drink specials.

You can also order food from the Tiki Grill servers, who circulate through the Main Pool area.

Kitchen in two-bedroom villa at Hawks Cay Resort
Kitchen in our two-bedroom villa (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

19. Dine in at Hawks Cay Resort.

In addition to the resort’s restaurant options, guests who book a villa can dine-in at Hawks Cay. The villas’ full kitchens come equipped with a full-sized fridge, oven, stove, microwave, dishwasher, and all the cooking and dining utensils needed for a home-cooked meal. Your villa may even have a blender to make your own tropical beverages. Note: there are no grills at Hawks Cay Resort.

Grocery Delivery

Make your vacation easy as pie by ordering groceries to be delivered straight to your villa from Publix Super Markets. Order all the food and necessities you want online from local grocery stores and then a professional shopper will gather your items from the store while you relax on your lanai. You must be present to accept the delivery. Place your order here. Hawks Cay Resort’s address is: 61 Hawks Cay Blvd, Duck Key, FL 33050. Be sure to give your villa number!

Gym at Calm Waters Spa
Calm Waters Fitness Center (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

20. Exercise at the Calm Waters Fitness Center.

After all that good food, your bathing suit may be feeling a bit tight. Work off your vacation calories at the Calm Waters Fitness Center, located within the same building as the Calm Waters Spa.

In addition to seven strength-training machines, you will feel the burn on cardio equipment like stationary bikes, treadmills, and elliptical machines. Free weights, yoga mats, and exercise balls round out the experience. After your workout, enjoy the hot tub, sauna, and eucalyptus steam room.

Calm Waters Spa on Duck Key in the Florida Keys
Calm Waters Spa and Fitness Center (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

21. Commemorate your trip with professional photos.

Make sure your wonderful vacation memories last a lifetime with a photography session. Leave it to the professionals to capture the beauty and joy of your experience at Hawks Cay so you can focus on living in the present moment.

As a mom and the unofficial family photographer, I am often only present in vacation selfies. (Can you relate?) I wish I had booked a session with the resort’s partner, Folland Photography, during my family’s Hawks Cay vacation! Learn more and book your photo session.

Hawks Cay Resort lobby with aquarium
Hawks Cay Resort lobby with a fish-filled aquarium (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Where is Hawks Cay Resort?

This family-friendly resort is located in Duck Key, one of over 800 keys that make up the Florida Keys archipelago. A key is a small island, or cay, formed on the surface of a coral reef. Thirty of these islands are inhabited.

Key West is the southernmost spot in all of the United States, and probably the most famous vacation destination in the Keys. One of the reasons to choose Duck Key in the Middle Keys over Key West is its closer proximity to Mainland Florida.

For those flying in on charter flights, Hawks Cay Resort is just 15 minutes or so from the Marathon International Airport. The road trip from South Miami through Key Largo along the Overseas Highway to Hawks Cay will take about two hours without heavy traffic. Meanwhile, it will require at least another two hours to reach Key West.

Plan to spend even more time on the road if traveling from North Miami or during rush hour, peak tourism season (winter and spring), on weekends, or during heavy rains. It took my family four hours to reach Hawks Cay from Miami on a rainy summer weekend day!

View of Hawks Cay Resort villas from the water
View of some of Hawks Cay Resort’s villas from the water (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin

Is Hawks Cay Resort all-inclusive?

Hawks Cay Resort does not offer an all-inclusive option. You can, however, opt for a bed and breakfast package, which includes a buffet breakfast every morning at Sixty-One Prime.

A daily resort fee covers self and valet parking, and access to the Calm Waters Fitness Center and Hawks Cay tennis courts. Transportation is provided free of charge throughout the resort via golf carts if you don’t mind waiting for a lift, but most guests just hoof it.

Guests have use of the pools, the saltwater lagoon, and lounge chairs on the resort grounds. Resort activities like lawn games and scavenger hunts are included for guests, too. Plus, complimentary internet access is provided.

Coral Cay Activities & Adventures options like miniature golf, board games, basketball courts, and volleyball are included, as are group activities like sports tournaments. Drop-off Camp Hawk kids’ club, however, requires an additional charge.

Housekeeping every other day is provided as well but by request only. Call 24 hours in advance to request cleaning services. This amenity is not available on weekends.

Guests must pay extra for spa services, meals and beverages, Solé Watersports activities, fishing charters, bicycle rentals, slip rentals, tennis lessons and tournaments, and dolphin interactions.

Family room in our two-story, two-bedroom villa at Hawks Cay Resort
Family room in our Hawks Cay Resort villa (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

What accommodation options are there at Hawks Cay Resort?

This resort offers a variety of accommodations to suit all sorts of travelers, no matter which room type you seek. The main hotel contains 177 high quality hotel rooms and suites. Plus, the villas comprise a collection of 250 two-, three-, and four-bedroom units.

Main hotel options start with standard guest rooms with a king-sized bed or two queens. You can also choose a Family Guest Room with a king bed for the parents and bunk beds for the kids. Large families will appreciate a Fifth Sleeper room category, which offers families of five an additional bed to comfortably sleep the whole clan. Suites offer even more space to spread out.

Our darling two-bedroom, two-story villa at Hawks Cay Resort
Our two-bedroom, two-story villa (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

For an even more spacious experience, reserve a villa at Hawks Cay Resort. Villas come equipped with a kitchen, living room with a flat-screen TV, patio, and in-room laundry facilities. My family stayed in a darling two-story, two-bedroom, two-bath villa and we loved the beachy décor and homey feel.

Serene evening at Hawks Cay Main Resort Pool
Serene evening at Hawks Cay Main Resort Pool (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Book your Hawks Cay vacation.

Hawks Cay is so much more than a place to sleep while vacationing in the Florida Keys. This truly is a destination resort, filled with tons of exciting things to do. You could (and should!) spend a whole week or more here and never get bored.

The array of room types, private location, Hawks Cay features, and approachable upscale vibe make this one of the best Florida Key resorts. It makes a fabulous option for family reunions, couples retreats, and girlfriend getaways.

Read additional Hawks Cay reviews via TripAdvisor and Hotels.com. Ready to book a Hawks Cay vacation? Take a look at their special offers and book your stay today!

Swimming with manatees in Florida
Swimming with manatees in Florida (Photo credit: Depositphotos.com)

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For a truly unforgettable experience, discover what it’s like to swim with manatees in Florida.

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Things to Do at Hawks Cay Resort in Duck Key, Florida

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Which of these things to do at Hawks Cay Resort would you like to do first? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Travel Mama: My family was hosted by Hawks Cay Resort in 2021, including some meals and our Sunset Cruise with Solé Watersports. This story was updated in 2023 to reflect current activities at Hawks Cay Resort. I did not receive any monetary compensation from Hawks Cay related to this story.

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  1. Hello love your article. Quick question. We are coming from out of state and visiting several areas in the keys. Is there any issue renting a paddleboard for the week elsewhere and then launching it from Hawks Cay to explore? I know it says the kids can use in the lagoon, but since my kids are older, I want them to be able to explore. Since we have a large rental car we were hoping to pick up the paddleboard after our flight, and then tote it all week to the locations we are staying. Any help or information you can provide is appreciated. Thank you.

    1. Hi Eddie – I’m sure it’s fine to use your own paddle board at Hawks Cay. There are lots of people who spend months at a time at the resort who have their own watercraft.

      Here’s what the Hawks Cay website says: “Pick a destination or a few—from Hawks Cay Resort, it’s a short paddle to explore the marine life at the flat beyond the Marina with it’s shallow seagrass beds and white sandy patches. Pass under bridges, navigate Lake Lucille or sidle alongside the resort’s own Dolphin Connection to extend your route.”


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