Best Pancake Houses of the Netherlands

Dutch pancakes aren’t just for breakfast in the Netherlands. These tasty pan-fried cakes can be served as a savory meal, a snack, or a sweet dessert. Traditionally, Dutch pancakes are topped with powdered sugar and a sweet apple syrup called stroop. But there are lots of varieties. They are often filled with goodies like fruits, cheeses, meats, eggs and more. Discover where to find the best pancakes in the Netherlands and learn how to make your own Dutch pancakes.

Dutch pancake from PANCAKES Amsterdam
Dutch pancake from PANCAKES Amsterdam (Photo credit: PANCAKES Amsterdam)

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What Are Dutch Pancakes?

Dutch pancakes are typically thinner and larger than American flapjacks, but thicker than French crêpes. However, these treats should not be confused with Dutch babies, which are puffy cakes similar to large popovers that are actually German in origin.

Poffertjes, or mini Dutch pancakes, at PANCAKES Amsterdam
Poffertjes, or mini Dutch pancakes, at PANCAKES Amsterdam (Photo credit: PANCAKES Amsterdam)

PANCAKES Amsterdam in Amsterdam

With six locations in Amsterdam, you’re never far from your next Dutch pancake at a PANCAKES Amsterdam when touring the city. They offer over 30 pancake options, including Poffertjes, or mini pancakes that taste like donuts. Their menu suggests, “For an authentic Dutch pancake experience, try the pancake with ham and grated Dutch cheese. Don’t forget about the stroop for the finishing touch!” Alternatively, this popular chain serves fluffy American-style pancakes, for travelers who are feeling homesick.

Do you have food allergies or dietary restrictions? Good news! You can order your cakes here gluten-free, dairy-free, or vegan.

Dutch pancake on De Pannenkoekenboot in Rotterdam
Dutch pancake on De Pannenkoekenboot in Rotterdam (Photo credit: De Pannenkoekenboot)

De Pannenkoekenboot in Rotterdam

All aboard De Pannenkoekenboot (The Pancake Boat) for the best pancakes in Rotterdam! Eat all the Dutch pancakes you want during a 75-minute or 2.5-hour cruise while taking in the Rotterdam skyline from the water. Diners top their own cakes from a selection of tempting toppings like apples, chocolate, sprinkles and, of course, stroop. Pay a discounted children’s price for kids aged 3-11. Toddler and babies sail for free.

An array of options at Pannenkoeken Paviljoen in Haarlem, The Netherlands
An array of tasty options at Pannenkoeken Paviljoen in Haarlem (Photo credit: Pannenkoeken Paviljoen)

Pannenkoeken Paviljoen in Haarlem

Sure, you can choose standard toppings. But why do that when Pannenkoeken Paviljoen (Pancakes Pavilion) in Haarlem has so many other intriguing options to choose from? Get your Dutch pancake Italian-style with fried spinach, mozzarella, sun-dried tomato, a sprinkle of pine nuts and drizzled with balsamic syrup. Or, try yours with smoked salmon, chive cream cheese, arugula, capers, and red onion. Chocolate lovers should save room for dessert and splurge on a Dame Noir pancake — it comes with chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips, white chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Yum!

A pancake of the month, chicken ragout and arugula, at Pannenkoe in Gouda, The Netherlands
A pancake of the month, chicken ragout and arugula, at Pannenkoe in Gouda (Photo credit: Pannenkoe)

Pannenkoe in Gouda

The oldest pancake house in the Netherlands can be found in Gouda. Treat your taste buds to Pannenkoe‘s Dutch pancakes, made in traditional style. Their house specialty cake is made with ham, cheese, bacon, onions, and mushrooms. Look for their pancakes of the month to try a new spin on old classics.

Dutch pancakes and other treats at Stads-Koffyhuis in Delft, the Netherlands
Dutch pancakes and other treats at Stads-Koffyhuis in Delft (Photo credit: Stads-Koffyhuis)

Stads-Koffyhuis in Delft

A local favorite, Stads-Koffyhuis (City Coffeehouse), will not disappoint those craving Dutch pancakes in Delft. Take in canal views while eating such treasures as a Dutch pancake filled with Delft Kuyte beer-braised chicken, carrots, leeks and onions. Or, why not go sweet AND savory with their bacon, apple and raisin pancake?

Look up at Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis in Amsterdam
Look up at Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis in Amsterdam (Photo credit: Pannenkoekenhuis in Amsterdam)

Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis in Amsterdam

Visit the smallest pancakery in all of the Netherlands at Upstairs Pannenkoekenhuis (Upstairs Pancake House). In fact, it claims to be the smallest restaurant in all of Europe!

With just four tables and some incredibly delicious cakes, you must make reservations in advance. Call 020-626-5603 in the Netherlands.

Climb a steep staircase to try a Dutch pancake slathered with homemade jam or stuffed with a myriad of other filling choices. Pause between bites and look up to see an array of cute teapots hanging from the ceiling.

Homemade apple Dutch pancake with powdered suga
Homemade apple Dutch pancake with powdered sugar (Photo credit: bhofack2,

Why Visit Pancake Houses in the Netherlands

These classic European restaurants appeal to parents and children alike. They typically come stocked with a full bar boasting every libation imaginable. Whatever flavors you’re craving, you can find a pancake house in the Netherlands to satisfy it — whether sweet, savory or both. Bring the kids and your appetite. You will not leave disappointed or hungry!

How to Make Your Own Dutch Pancakes

You can make your own Dutch pancakes with a simple batter of flour, eggs, milk, and a pinch of salt, plus oil or butter for frying. Add a bit of sugar or vanilla, if you want a little more flavor. Take a look at this easy recipe from Curious Cuisinière or these photo instructions from Cakies by Rachel.

For an even easier solution, buy some authentic Dutch pancake mix to whip up a batch. Of course, you’ll want to top your homemade Dutch pancakes with some apple stroop!

Grilled cheese goodness
Sink your teeth into grilled cheese goodness (Photo credit: robynmac,

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Best Dutch Pancake Houses in the Netherlands

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  2. I am a pancake fanatic! How exciting to read this post and know some of the places I will visit when I travel to the NL. Thansk for this!

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