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Why Visit Windmills in Holland at Kinderdijk

Holland is renowned for its wooden shoes, tulips and windmills. But do you know why windmills are such a big deal there? Much of the Netherlands, the region of Holland in particular, is located below sea level. Given the its position along the North Sea and with three major rivers crossing the country, this means about 20 percent […]

Tiptoe Through the Tulips at Keukenhof Gardens Near Amsterdam

If you plan to visit Amsterdam during spring, escape the city and retreat to the beautiful Keukenhof Gardens. Here you can tiptoe through those Dutch tulips for which Holland is so very well known. This sprawling botanic garden is filled with every varietal of tulips you could imagine, and so much more. History of Holland Tulips There seems to be confusion […]

Holiday in Haarlem, Holland

Amsterdam has its charms (and vices), but if you’re looking for a European town with an old world feel, then take this as your cue to head to Haarlem in the Netherlands. Located between Schiphol Airport and Amsterdam, this city of 150,000 has a Golden Age atmosphere and feels like a village. Once a textile […]

Netherlands Summer Family Vacation Fun Spots

The Netherlands offers an astounding array of activities for kids and their parents to experience on a summer family vacation. While most visitors to Holland stick to its capital city of Amsterdam, there’s ever so much more to explore in this family focused country. As American expats living in the Netherlands, this summer my family […]

Bicycling with Kids in the Netherlands

Back in the United States we lived in a typical subdivision and I drove a minivan. Such is life when you have three small children still in car seats in America. We cruised on our daily errands, to and from preschool, up to drive-through fast food joint windows, and we stopped at more gas stations to fill […]

Tips For Expats and Soon-to-Be Expats

If you’re considering moving to another country and becoming an “expat” like I did, start planning NOW. The more time you have to prepare, the better off you’re going to be. My husband and I moved with our three young sons from South Carolina to the Netherlands last year. Here are nine tips for expats […]

Pancake Houses of the Netherlands

Since moving to the Netherlands a few months ago, my family has quickly learned that pancakes are a popular staple on the Dutch menu. They’re not just for breakfast either. With extensive menus and welcoming decor, the traditional pancake houses of the Netherlands, or pannenkoekenhuis, are not remotely similar to the popular pancake chain restaurants in the U.S. Apple pancake […]

Northern European Christmas Market Recommendations from Mamas in the Know

Years ago my husband returned from a December work trip to Germany and brought with him wonderful stories about the country’s incredible Christmas markets filled with street vendors and warm, mulled wine served in little glass boots. He purchased several of these boots as well as German ornaments for our tanenbaum. Ever since then I have wondered […]

Yes! Amsterdam IS for Kids!

While the city is known more for lascivious activities than family-friendly fare, there are plenty of parks, museums, and attractions to keep children’s curious minds and rambunctious bodies entertained.