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Where was apple pie invented?

Take a guess where apple pie was invented by choosing from the options below. Then learn the origin and history of this popular dessert!
a) USA
b) England
c) The Netherlands
d) France

In which country do women give men chocolate (not vice versa) on Valentines Day?

a) Finland
b) Estonia
c) India
d) Iran
e) Japan

Which country has the most islands?

a) Indonesia
b) Finland
c) USA
d) Canada
e) Sweden
f) The Philippines

What is the largest country located entirely within Europe?

a) Germany
b) France
c) Ukraine
d) Spain
e) Sweden

What was the first state in the USA?

a) Delaware
b) New Hampshire
c) Virginia
d) Massachusetts
e) Connecticut

Where is the world’s largest hotel?

a) Las Vegas (USA)
b) Moscow (Russia)
c) Orlando (USA)
d) Dubai (UAE)

Where is the hottest place on Earth?

a) El Azizia, Libya
b) Death Valley, California, USA
c) Lut Desert, Iran
d) Wadi Halfa, Sudan

How many people are employed by the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California?

a) 11,000
b) 19,000
c) 23,000
d) 29,000

Where did the first SeaWorld open?

a) Aurora, Ohio
b) Orlando, Florida
c) San Antonio, Texas
d) San Diego, California

Which was the first of California’s 21 Spanish missions?

a) Mission San Diego de Alcalá
b) Mission San Carlos Borromeo de Carmelo
c) Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa
d) Mission San Juan Capistrano
e) Mission San Francisco Solano

Which U.S. state is furthest west?

I’m not giving any options for this Travel Trivia question…take a guess!

What is Jamaica’s national dish?

a) jerk chicken
b) jerk goat
c) ackee and salt fish
d) conch soup
e) rice and peas

What is the world’s smallest country?

a) Monaco
b) Vatican City
c) San Marino
d) Nauru
e) Liechtenstein