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What country outside North America is closest to the United States?

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What country outside North America is closest to the United States?

a) Iceland
b) French Polynesia
c) Columbia
d) Russia
e) Greenland

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What country outside North America is closest to the United States?




















I asked my dad (Trivial Pursuit king) for help to come up with this week’s Travel Trivia question and he asked me. “What country outside North America is closest to the United States?” I got it right, thanks to Saturday Night Live’s impersonation of Sarah Palin, claiming you can see Russia from land in Alaska. The answer is d) Russia, which is about 58 miles away from the U.S. That’s probably too dang far away to see with the naked eye. There is, however, a tiny Alaskan island in the Bering Strait called Little Diomede, whose 150 residents or so can see the Russian island of Big Diomede two miles away.

So, did we fool you? Which country did you think was closest? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I was totally wrong. I had really thought that Cuba was the correct answer. I have been to Key West Florida and remember seeing the 90 miles to Cuba sign. I had no idea that Russia was even closer at 58 miles. That does sound strange when you say it out loud. Thanks for the brain teaser. Looking forward to more.

    • The answer is not Russia and Sarah Palin didn’t utter the nonsense. That was Tina Fey, playing Mrs. Palin. The answer is Bahamas. The town of West End, Grand Bahama Island is 55 miles from the West Palm Beach coastline.

      • In re-read the final explaination, I stand in error. My comment was not based on island to island distances. My statement was based on contagious land mass to another sovereign county. My apologies.

  2. Technically Guantamo on Cuba is US soil so basically I would say Cuba also although Russia is most correct. Did you know that you can travel from North Korea to Finland and only cross two countries. Russia and China.

    • You don’t need to cross TWO countries in order to travel from North Korea to Finland.
      Just one 🙂

      Same works for Norway, btw.

  3. Well this is pretty easy considering the question says “outside North America” and only one of the countries is outside North America

  4. Clark Westfield says

    Here’s a wild, crazy thought: LOOK AT A MAP!

  5. British Virgin Islands are how far from US Virgin Islands?

  6. All the answers are wrong. It’s the Bahamas.

  7. Isn’t Bimini (the Bahamas) much closer than Russia?

  8. It’s either France (St. Pierre and Miquelon, just off the coast of Newfoundland, is an overseas collective of France – it uses the Euro), or Denmark, (who owns Greenland and is currently in a border dispute over Hans Island, up in the Arctic).

  9. Siberia is visible from several points in Alaska, numerous web sites confirm this. Siberia is quite mountainous in its easternmost areas.

  10. Leyland Benson says

    I disagree that 58 miles is too far to see Russia from Alaska. From Auckland, New Zealand it is quite easy to see Great Barrier Island some 50 miles to the north east. Auckland has hills of 600 feet and further west 1400 feet. Great Barrier rises to 2000 feet. So if Russia and Alaska have suitably high hills near the coast it should be possible.

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