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What is the largest country in Europe?

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In the U.S., we are taught there are seven continents. Of these seven, Europe ranks second to smallest, followed only by Australia/Oceania. Much of the world considers there to be just six continents, with Europe and Asia combined into one continent known as Eurasia. For the purpose of this travel trivia question, however, we are talking about the largest country in Europe alone. Think you know the answer? Make a guess and then scroll down for the answer below!

Europe from Space
Europe from Space (Photo credit: NASA, 1xpert,

What is the largest country located entirely in Europe?

a) Spain
b) Ukraine
c) France
d) Sweden
e) Russia

Red square in Moscow, Russia
Red square in Moscow, Russia (Photo credit: Violin,

It isn't Russia.

Located on a whopping 6.6 million square miles of land, Russia is by far the largest country by land mass in Europe, and in the world. BUT Russia extends across northern Asia as well as northern Europe.

The Eiffel Tower and Seine River in Paris, France
The Eiffel Tower and Seine River in Paris, France (Photo credit: gurgenb,

It isn't France.

France is the second largest country located entirely within Europe, measuring over 213,000 square miles. If you counted overseas regions, then  France would comprise over 248,000 square miles.

La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain
La Sagrada Familia Basilica in Barcelona, Spain (Photo credit: natursports,

It isn't Spain.

Did you know that Spain is the third largest country located entirely within Europe? ¡Si, es verdad! Spain is made up of over 192,000 square miles located within Europe and another 3,000 square miles or so when the Canary Islands, Ceuta and Melilla are included.

Waterfront in Stockholm, Sweden
Waterfront in Stockholm, Sweden (Photo credit: Maugli,

It isn't Sweden.

Sweden looks big on a map. That's because it is! This Scandinavian country is comprised of over 158,000 square miles of land in Europe. But it's still much smaller than the biggest country located entirely in Europe.

Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine
Independence Square in Kiev, Ukraine (Photo credit: olgysha,

The answer is Ukraine!

The largest country located entirely within Europe is c) Ukraine. This huge European country encompasses over 223,000 square miles. Once part of the Soviet Union, Ukraine became independent when the USSR dissolved in 1991. Ukraine borders Moldova, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belarus, Russia, and the Black Sea in Eastern Europe. The country is home to seven World Heritage sites. Learn more about Ukraine via TripAdvisor!

(Photo credit: shalamov,

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What is the largest country in Europe?

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  1. The answer isn’t France or Spain because, like Russia, they have territory outside of Europe. If you were to include all national territory France would be larger than Ukraine. But Denmark (bcs of Greenland) would be larger than either.

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