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Babymoon Tips for Parents-to-Be

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What is a babymoon? Parents-to-be connect, relax and enjoy each other's company before the child is born and life changes forever on a babymoon vacation. These couples retreats have become a hot travel trend for expectant couples seeking one last baby-free vacation. Here are some babymoon tips from travel experts to help you make the most of your pre-due date holiday.

Couple packing for a babymoon vacation

Expectant couple packing for a vacation (Photo credit: VitalikRadko,

Babymoon Tips for Expectant Couples

Couples plan a babymoon for a variety of reasons. A break away from home can relieve stress for both expectant parents. For Cheryl Leung of Kids on a Plane, she and her husband wanted a relaxing vacation after all the preparation for their new family member. She said, “Decorating the nursery, researching strollers, cribs, and rocking chairs…I was ready for some R&R and my husband was ready for me to stop reorganizing the pantry. My nesting instinct kicked in pretty early on in my pregnancy and it was driving him crazy.”

It can be hard to focus on each other when every minute is spent either working for your day job or planning for baby's arrival. A vacation provides couples with an opportunity to reconnect with each other. For Sharon Gourlay of Wheres Sharon, she wanted to embark on a babymoon to “take advantage of one last trip and spend time with my husband.” Of course you'll still be talking about the baby (a lot), but you'll also spend time together over romantic dinners or walks on the beach. This couple time won't end when baby comes, but it will be different.

Use your time away to indulge in the things that bring you joy. For Lillie Marshall of AroundTheWorldL, her favorite babymoon memory was of a romantic beachside dinner. She said, “It combined food, great scenery, and my beloved partner—three things that do a pregnant woman good!”

Be sure to print out our Romantic Getaway Packing List to prepare for your babymoon!

A beach babymoon vacation

A beach destination make a great choice for parents-to-be (Photo credit: Kostia777,

The Best Babymoon Destinations

In choosing a destination, the world is your metaphoric baby registry. Leung advises, “choosing a location that has activities or things that appeal to both you and your partner. While it's a chance to relax, indulge and pamper yourself, a babymoon is also about celebrating each other.”

You could pick a destination that you wouldn't consider visiting with kids, or you may choose to be close to home. Much depends on your comfort level, as well as how much time and money you have for your vacation. If your time is limited, consider a short road trip or flight for a mini babymoon that will maximize the time at your destination. If you have medical concerns due to your pregnancy, it can be reassuring to travel somewhere nearby or in a locale that has good health and medical services.

The destination decision was an easy one for Marshall. She said, “One of my best friends was getting married in Hawaii right when I was six months pregnant — the optimal time and place for a babymoon! We couldn't resist making half the trip our baby celebration and half about the wedding. Also, Hawaii was perfect. It's in the U.S., with good doctor access, so I was comfortable being there.”

Be sure to get the ‘all clear' from your doctor before making any travel plans during your pregnancy. You should also make sure your insurance policy covers any medical emergencies while you're away, especially if you choose to travel abroad.

Pregnant couple with beach sunset

Connect with your partner before baby arrives (Photo credit: Kostia777,

When Is the Best Time to Go on a Babymoon

For many women, the second trimester is the optimum time to schedule a pre-baby vacation. Morning sickness tends to diminish at this point in pregnancy, energy levels peak, and you aren't too close to your due date to worry (too much) about delivering on the road.

Gourlay cautions against babymooning during the first trimester, especially if you're not feeling well. She traveled during the early part of her pregnancy, and said she suffered from morning sickness that lasted all day throughout their vacation. This put a serious damper on their holiday.

Couple with toddler on beach

A babymoon is just the start of your travels as parents! (Photo credit:

A Celebration of a New Beginning

Many couples plan a babymoon for fear that they will not be able to travel again after the baby's arrival. This simply does not have to be the case. Nicole Wiltrout of Arrows Sent Forth said, “We weren't sure what our travel lifestyle would be once our firstborn came along, so we wanted to take one last trip before life changed drastically for us. In hindsight, we probably travel just as much, if not more, now that we have kids.”

A babymoon celebrates a new beginning. It's not the end of your travels. It's the start of your greatest adventure together — parenthood!

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Babymoon Tips for Parents-to-Be

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  1. Amazing tips. Sometimes most pregnant women find it difficult to travel from exhaustion, mood swings and so on. I agree with you that a babymoon should be scheduled for sometime during the second trimester.

    • Colleen Lanin says

      Thanks for your message! The second trimester seems to be the easiest trimester for most expectant moms, for sure!

  2. Sharon @ Where's Sharon? says

    Thanks for including me!! Babymoons are awesome and definitely something people expecting should consider 🙂

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Thanks much for your wonderful advice Sharon! I went on a babymoon during both of my pregnancies – a must-do!

    • Claudia Laroye says

      Thanks for participating in the babymoon roundup, Sharon! Really appreciated passing along the wisdom of your experience to expectant traveling parents.

  3. Danielle (Bubs on the Move) says

    We took our babymoon at an island resort. I went into pre-term labour and had to be evacuated in the middle of the night by helicopter. My biggest babymoon tip is to not vacation far from medical care.

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