The Travel Mamas' Guide: How to Vacation with Babies and Children...And Stay Sane!

The Travel Mamas’ Guide is THE how-to book on traveling with kids and babies…and stay sane! Recommended by Working Mother Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel and the Calgary Herald—this how-to travel with kids book takes the worry out of family vacations so traveling parents and children can focus on fun. Author Colleen Lanin (a.k.a. The Travel Mama) gives practical advice and shares humorous tales from moms and dads, travel aficionados, and childcare experts in the award-winning guide.

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Learn travel tips on

  • Which toys to pack to stay sane during the journey
  • Road trip activities, music and games to keep young ones happy on the road
  • How to actually enjoy, or at least not dread, airplane travel with children
  • Where to stay for optimal sleep and play during family vacations
  • What to feed picky eaters while away from home
  • How to keep ALL members of the family happy while traveling
    …and much more!


The Travel Mamas’ Guide won the San Diego Book Award for Best Travel Book.

“With an engaging voice and mom-tested travel tips, The Travel Mamas’ Guide will help you anticipate and cope with child-travel disasters while offering fun trip ideas you may not even have thought of.”
– Working Mother Magazine

“Lanin has ably laid waste to all your excuses for not traveling just because you’ve got kids. You’ll enjoy her stories and mostly the wealth of advice so you’ll be prepared to do what you love, get out there.”
– Orlando Sentinel

“Packed with practical tips and humor, The Travel Mamas’ Guide does all the work so parents can lose the stress and enjoy traveling with the kiddos.”
– The Ricki Lake Show

“In her new book, writer Colleen Lanin gives readers some great advice for traveling with children. The title, The Travel Mamas’ Guide: How to Vacation with Babies and Children…AND STAY SANE, says it all. This is a wonderful way for parents to find little techniques to make their family vacations less hectic and more enjoyable.”
– LA Family Magazine

“This book is the definitive resource for planning family travel. Our family has hit 10 countries on three continents avec bebe, and this guide even taught me a thing or two! Take the stress out of your next journey and give this guide a read first, so you can concentrate on the most important aspects of your trip – fun and relaxation.”
– Calgary Herald

“Her book is filled with practical advice and humorous tales from parents, travelers and childcare experts. You’ll find all sorts of information on what to pack, the best travel toys, road trip activities and so much more. I’ve been an avid reader of Colleen’s blog for quite some time now which in itself is a wealth of information. Her new book is a must-read for anyone who travels with kids!”

“Filled with all kinds of travel (and parenting) tips that are at once comforting and informative, The Travel Mamas’ Guide is an excellent resource, to be read again and again, and bought as gifts for friends. Yes, it’s that good.”
– Wandering Educators

“The Travel Mamas’ Guide is a fast read and smartly organized with plenty of subheadings to help you find what you’re looking for quickly.”
– The Vacation Gals

“The Travel Mamas Guide is full of the honest and practical advice you would expect to get from your sister or best friend about any type of trip you are thinking of taking with your children.”
– Tips for Family Trips 

“Families who feel overwhelmed by travel planning, or just don’t know where to start deciding what type of vacation is best for them will find solid, practical, and lighthearted advice in the Travel Mamas’ Guide by experienced travel blogger Colleen Lanin.”
– Pit Stops for Kids

“The Travel Mamas’ Guide steps into the void as it’s packed with practical advice for parents on a range of topics – feeding, diapering, potty training on the road, flying with kids, family road trips, cruising with kids etc. This guide is the tool box that parents need to effectively manage the logistics of traveling with kids without feeling overwhelmed.”
– Gone With The Family

“I highly recommend The Travel Mamas’ Guide to new parents nervous about their first family vacation, and even experienced travelers searching for ways to make traveling with children less stressful.”
– Albany Kid 

“If you have young children and want to travel with them, Colleen Lanin’s new book, The Travel Mamas’ Guide, is a must read.”
– Ciao Bambino

“The Guide is funny and easy to read, with short, practical chapters about budgeting, food, accommodation options, packing, modes of travel, and even how to make room for romance…What I appreciated most about the Travel Mamas’ Guide is Colleen’s straight talk, honest opinions and mom-tested advice about what works best for family travel – on the road, in the air or at sea.”
– The Travelling Mom

“The Travel Mamas’ Guide is packed with helpful tips and practical advice to help you stay sane on your adventures with the kiddos.”
– Bri Geeski blog