9 Tips for a Romantic Vacation WITH the Kids!

Becoming a parent should not mean the end of romance! Traveling with your partner provides an opportunity to escape the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with each other. If you can’t find a sitter, or you simply don’t want to leave the kids at home, follow these nine tips to make room for romance on family vacation.

Make time for romance on family vacation! (Photo credit:
Make time for romance on family vacation! (Photo credit: (Photo credit: DenKostiukBO, depositphotos.com)

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1. Spring for a suite or connecting rooms.

Nothing zaps romance faster than lack of sleep. On a romantic family vacation with young kids, then a room with a separate door is a must. What adult wants to turn in for the night pre-sunset?

A hotel suite also allows for privacy after bedtime. Make sure you know what you’re getting when you book the room, though, because sometimes a “suite” is simply a larger room with a sitting area.

Before you go, be sure to check out these travel sleep tips for families from a child sleep expert.

Separate rooms means more privacy for parents
Separate rooms means more privacy for parents (Photo credit: Dmitroza, Depositphotos.com)

2. Book a room with a balcony or patio.

A balcony at your hotel or on a cruise ship can make a great retreat for couple time. Enjoy conversation and a relaxing glass of wine together after you’ve tucked the kids into bed. All the better if that outdoor space comes with a hot tub! If traveling with a baby or young child who still naps during the day, this extra space enables parents to enjoy the outdoors while little kids doze, too.

Toast your honey on your balcony or patio
Toast your honey on your vacation balcony or patio (Photo credit: Wavebreakmedia, Depositphotos.com)

3. Choose accommodations that offer a kids club.

Enjoy a little romance on a family vacation while the young are busy at kids’ camp and older kids make friends at teen clubs. Many family-friendly resorts offer group babysitting with crafts, games, scavenger hunts, and local activities like hula dancing in Hawaii.

Examples of hotels with kids clubs include Beaches Resorts (23 months through teenagers), Club Med (4 months to 17 years), Four Seasons (5 years+ at most locations), Hyatt Regency (age 3 or 5 to 12), and Disney’s Aulani Resort (ages 3 to 12).

Kids attending Aunty’s Beach House kids club
Kids enjoying Aunty’s Beach House kids club at Disney’s Aulani Resort in Maui, Hawaii (Photo credit: Disney)

4. Cruise into romance.

Family-friendly cruises offer fun activities for all ages and provide group childcare to allow for quality time with your partner. Some of the best cruise lines for children are Disney, Carnival, Royal Caribbean, and Norwegian Cruise Line. Read our tips for cruising with kids to learn more.

For privacy after the kiddos go to bed, it’s best to book connecting cabins or a suite, if you can afford it. Alternatively, Disney Cruise Line offers a handy “privacy curtain” between the grown-up bed and the children’s sleeping area.

Discover romantic things to do on a Royal Caribbean Cruise and activities for couples on Princess Cruises.

Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on Disney Dream
Deluxe Family Oceanview Stateroom with Verandah on Disney Dream, with privacy curtain to separate the parents’ bed from the convertible kids’ sleeping area (Photo credit: Matt Stroshane, Disney)

5. Invite extended family along.

Vacations provide a perfect opportunity for your children to bond with grandparents and other family members. All the better if grandma and grandpa are willing to watch the kids so you can duck out for a night or two on the town! Just be sure to discuss babysitting arrangements before you leave home to make sure everyone is on the same page.

Grandma and son swimming together at Sheraton Maui
My mom and son swimming together at Sheraton Maui (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

6. Travel with friends.

Co-vacations with friends work best with other parents who also have children around the same age as your offspring. The kids will enjoy playing together, allowing for adult conversation during your trip. Plus, couples can take turns babysitting so each pair can steal away for a couple of hours alone.

Ski vacation with friends
Co-vacations with friends mean more fun and more babysitters (Photo credit: Cristina Conti, Depositphotos.com)

7. Hire an in-room babysitter.

Using a local babysitter allows parents to indulge in a date night with a romantic dinner while traveling. Care.com is the world’s largest online family care platform, offering babysitting services in 20+ countries. Sign up with Care.com today and receive 20% off a premium membership!

Alternatively, most resorts will provide a list of recommended sitters or childcare agencies. Prepare before leaving home by checking references in advance. If you plan more than one outing without your kids, book the same sitter for multiple visits during your vacation. This will likely make the experience less stressful and more enjoyable for everyone.

Hire a local babysitter while on family vacation
Hire a local babysitter while on family vacation (Photo credit: obencem, Depositphotos.com)

8. Bring along a trusted nanny or babysitter.

If you do not mind sharing your vacation with your regular sitter, then bringing her along will provide the most flexibility for enjoying adult-only activities during your family vacation. The babysitter often sleeps in a connecting room with the children.

Full-time childcare providers are typically paid their usual weekly rate plus any meals or entrance fees while traveling with families. You may be able to convince a part-time childcare provider to tag along to a fun destination in trade for room and board if you provide her with alone time during the trip.

Bring along a trusted nanny or babysitter on your travels
Bring along a trusted nanny or babysitter on your travels (Photo credit: IgorVetushko, Depositphotos.com)

9. Make “we” time a priority.

Even if a suite or babysitter is not in your budget, do make room for romantic moments during your travels. Clink glasses with your partner during a toast at a nice dinner. Hold hands with your honey as you stroll along the beach. Snuggle with your spouse after the kids are asleep, too.

Vacations are a time for relaxation and reconnection. Parents definitely deserve a bit of romance on family vacation!

Yes, you can find romance on vacation with kids!
Yes, you can find romance on vacation with kids! (Photo credit: Scharfsinn, Depositphotos.com)

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Tips for a Romantic Getaway with the Kids

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  1. These are tips are SO underrated. We always try to find ways to keep the romance up when we’re travel, though it certainly takes effort. Love this.

  2. Traveling with friends is the best way to get some me-time for sure. Even better, cousins who are old enough to babysit or grandparents who don’t mind staying in for dinner. Ha!