How to Decorate a Travel Themed Bedroom for Kids

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Want to spark your child’s curiosity about the world while traveling AND at home? You don’t need a lot of money to create a travel themed bedroom for kids. Inspire a love of travel in children with these decorating tips.

Encourage travel dreams with this peel & stick animal world map by Eveshine

Encourage travel dreams with this peel & stick animal world map by Eveshine (Photo by Eveshine, from

Hang Wall Maps and Murals

A map-bedecked feature wall not only looks fabulous, but also will help your child learn geography. Purchase adorable map wall stickers featuring animals from around the world or a kids world dry erase map with fun graphics. Alternatively, buy a more traditional map with foam backing, to which your child can add pins for dream destinations or places visited. If you live far away from loved ones like we do, you might want to pin photos of family and friends to mark where they reside. For a simple and inexpensive option, frame a standard world map or even map wrapping paper.

How to create a travel-themed kids room

This car was made with decoupage in an art class and the globe is a desk lamp (Photo credit: Shobha George)

Assemble a Travel Collection

Rather than amassing junky souvenirs during your family vacations that will be tossed aside and forgotten once you return home, encourage your kids to collect a special collectible in every destination. My daughter collects snow globes to display in her room. In my 10-year-old son’s room, we have displayed his collection of Lego architecture and paper model sets that he has built of famous buildings around the world. Other collection suggestions include unique boxes, dolls, figurines, or small flags.

My family also has a collection of globes spanning the past 50 years. My kids are always looking at how countries can change their boundaries. We adults may remember the U.S.S.R., which stretched across a significant part of the world but for our kids, there’s only ever been Russia. Search flea markets for globe finds from the past or buy a modern version online.

Collect postcards from your journeys for an inexpensive way to remember your family’s travels. Either framed individually or hung as part of a gallery wall, they will look terrific in a travel themed bedroom for kids.

A collection of snow globes from around the world ~ How to decorate a travel themed room for kids

My daughter keeps a travel journal and collects snow globes (photo credit: Shobha George)

Buy Travel Themed Storage

Get creative when choosing storage for a travel themed bedroom for kids. Decoupage a bookshelf with old maps. Look for vintage suitcases and trunks at flea markets and garage sales for a fun way to stash your child’s playthings. For an easy solution, check out this wooden steamer chest to hold toys and this darling set of old fashioned wood burlap suitcases to house dress-up clothes or action figures. You could also store dolls, stuffed animals and other toys in woven ethnic baskets, like this hand-woven African basket made from milulu grass (a reed-like grass in East Africa).

How to Create a Travel Themed Bedroom for Kids

Enlist help from older offspring in creating the perfect travel themed bedroom for kids (Photo credit: Shobha George)

Choose Travel Inspired Textiles, Fixtures and Touches

Let your child’s imagination soar with a hot air balloon overhead light or choose an airplane-shaped shelf to store their books and toys. For a younger child, paint the ceiling with clouds, or use stick-on cloud decals.

All children seem to adore trains, so add some train travel whimsy to the mix with a choo-choo themed quilt. For a more subtle choice, select a solid colored comforter and jazz things up with a train-shaped throw pillow or two.

Take the sea with beachy touches. Nautical bedding or a beach-inspired comforter make classic options for a travel themed bedroom for kids.

Create a gallery wall from art or photos from your travels ~ Travel Themed Bedroom for Kids Decorating Tips

Create a travel themed gallery wall in your child’s bedroom (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Create a Travel Gallery Wall

Whether using collected post cards, art depicting a favorite destination, or your own travel photos — a gallery wall looks best when it’s cohesive. For an older child, pick up a set of inexpensive wall clocks and set them to different time zones with the name of a city above each clock related to the time zone. When creating a gallery wall from eclectic pieces of art, either use the same color picture frame for each item, or choose different types of frames with art centering on a particular theme. The best thing about a gallery wall is that you can keep adding to the collection until you run out of wall space.

When you use these decorating tips to create a travel themed bedroom for kids, you’re sure to open your child’s eyes to the wonders of the world and encourage a life of wanderlust.

How to Decorate a Travel Themed Bedroom for Kids

Save these Travel Themed Decorating Ideas

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Do you have any other ideas for decorating a travel themed bedroom for kids? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Great ideas here! One other idea that we have is to choose a few favourite family photos from a travel destination and enlarge into 30cm x 30cm canvas prints to hang in the room. We think the best ones are the candid photos of our son taking in the amazing new sites around him. These inspire our whole family to keep taking him on new adventures!

    • Shobha George, The Expat Travel Mama says

      I love that idea! A bit of past memories to help plan for new memories.

  2. Lyla Gleason, The Globetrotting Travel Mama says

    I love all these ideas! My daughter has a huge doll collection from our travels (as well as family and friend’s trips!) and I love how colorful they look. I also love the idea of a safari themed baby nursery but never got around to that one.

    • Shobha George, The Expat Travel Mama says

      We have dolls too but then we moved onto stuffed animals, supposedly local to each place we were at (but with a really wide range!!). My daughter knows where she got each one so I guess it serves the same purpose. Technically, I am the one that collects local dolls now (on her behalf of course!). My friend with boy/girl twins did a safari themed nursery because it was colourful and fun but still gender-neutral.

  3. Paige Conner Totaro says

    I absolutely love these ideas! I’m thinking I need more maps on my walls, myself.

    • I’m a bit of a map junkie myself, especially the old ones where the place names change and the boundaries change. My kids had no idea there was ever anything called the USSR until I told them.

  4. Flyingkids says

    Amazing ideas. Inspiring kids to travel at a young age is such a cool idea.

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