Top 5 Activities for Kids in Cabo

Cabo is Mexico-lite. You get all the benefits of being in Mexico (the sunny weather, the beaches, the margaritas), but with the influx of foreign vacationers, Cabo also boasts hygiene standards that are up to snuff, delectable cuisine, and affordable condos to rent. Throw in direct flights from most western cities in North America and it’s easy to see why this destination is a no brainer for those in search of a beach vacation. As a frequent traveler to Mexico, here are my picks for the top five family activities in Cabo San Lucas for kids.

Top 5 activities for kids in Cabo
Top 5 activities for kids in Cabo (Photo credit: Jody Robbins)

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Swim with dolphins

What kid isn’t fascinated by dolphins? Give mini marine biologists the thrill of a lifetime with a dolphin encounter. There are different ways you can interact with these creatures at Cabo Adventures. There’s a Dolphin Encounter, a good introduction the Pacific Bottlenose dolphin, particularly for non-swimmers. Feed dolphins and learn a few training commands in the shallow end of the pool. Those who want to get up close and personal with these endearing creatures should opt for the Dolphin Swim, where you’ll get to hitch a ride around the pool.

Swimming with dolphins in Los Cabos, Mexico
A dolphin smooch (Photo credit: Cabo Adventures)

Snorkel and explore Chileno Bay

The surf in many parts of Cabo is too strong for swimming, but the secluded public beach at Chileno Bay is an ideal place for playing in the waves. Located on the Sea of Cortez side, you’ll quickly understand why Jacque Cousteau dubbed this area the world’s aquarium. Neon tetras, wrasse and angel fish are so plentiful and the water is so clear, you don’t even need a snorkel and mask. This is where the majority of the snorkeling excursions take place, but you can easily take a public bus here on your own to make a budget-friendly day of it.

Swimming Chileno Bay in Cabo with kids
Exploring sea life in Chileno Bay (Photo credit: Jody Robbins)

Children’s cooking school

Outside of San Jose del Cabo lies Los Tamarindos, an organic farm, cooking school and restaurant. From November to April cooking classes with lunch are available four times per week. Students begin by harvesting their own food from the garden. Next, you learn how to concoct Mexican classics such as fish with achiote, Mexican rice, and stewed pumpkin in the outdoor kitchen. The hands-on classes can be customized for children. Kids 4 years and up are welcome to participate in classes.

Cooking lesson in Cabo
My outdoor cooking lesson at Los Tamarindos

Sea turtle release

Nothing beats watching sea turtle hatchlings make their first, uncertain journey towards the sea, unless of course, you’re facilitating the process. Turtle releases are quite common in the Los Cabos area, but it’s all dependent upon when they’re born and weather conditions. Fall is usually a good bet, but you’ll want to check into this prior to your trip. Cabo Outfitters offers turtle release activities and go a step further, educating tour goers on conservation and marine mammal behaviors.

Hatchlings first journey
Sea turtle release (Photo credit: Cabo Outfitters)

Outback and camel safari

Besides the dolphin encounter, my 7-year-old’s favorite Cabo activity was touring the outback in a Unimog (Swiss military vehicle). After rip-roaring ride through the desert, we hiked along a canyon, learning much about the flora and fauna native to the region. Surprisingly this was the highlight of the tour for her…not the camel ride across a spectacular private beach, nor the traditional Mexican lunch, and certainly not watching mommy sample too many types of tequila. Outdoorsy kids will love this excursion.

Outback and camel safari in Los Cabo (Photo credit: Cabo Adventures)

I love Cabo so much, I’ve made the trek to this Mexican vacation spot three times in the past two years. Read my recent review of Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach – A Los Cabos Resort for Family Time or Romance now!

What are your favorite family activities in Cabo San Lucas for kids? Want to share more unique things to do in Cabo? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Saucy Travel Mama: Gracias to Los Cabos Tourism who hosted my latest Cabo experience. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Camel photo credit: Cabo Adventures

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  1. Love your ideas for kids down here in Cabo. After Odile in 2014, a few things have changed and Chileno isn’t what it used to be. It’s still a great beach, but doesn’t have the amenities it used to have. I personally take my 4yo down the beach at Cabo Bello, and also Near Hacienda del Mar (low tide shows a few rock pools to hang out in). Of course in a big southerly swell, they’re all pretty rough for kids.
    The Camel tour is fun, and my boy loved meeting the camels. We’ve done the Camel Quest tour a few times now and his favorite part is actually the animal sanctuary (and now a Guacamaya that rides a bike) at Wild Canyon.
    Inshore fishing is also a great kids activity down here.. a half day that takes you in close, to bottom fish, plus a ride past the arch and sea-lion colony is always a hit with my boy.

  2. Who knew you could go on a camel safari in Cabo?! I definitely want to do that on my family’s next visit! Love that pic of you cooking, Jody!