25 Best Things to Do in Maui with Kids

Maui with kids is a dream come true. Stunning beaches, rainbow-colored Hawaiian shaved ice, luaus with fire dancers…what’s not to love? From babies to teens, there’s something for all ages to enjoy on this Hawaiian island. I’ve asked travel experts to share their picks for the best Maui activities for families. Since my family has visited multiple times, I am sharing a few of my favorite kid-friendly attractions on the island, too. This list of the best things to do in Maui with kids will make you want to pack your bags for paradise!

Maui sunset at Sheraton Maui Resort
Maui sunset at Sheraton Maui Resort (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Despite the tragic fires Maui experienced in August 2023, the island’s main source of revenue is tourism and The Valley Isle is ready to greet visitors, with some restrictions. Unaffected areas include Makena, Kihei, Wailea, Central, North Shore, Upcountry, and Hana. To support the people of Maui and the rebuilding of devastated areas, please text the word HAWAII to 90999 to make a $10 donation to the Red Cross for Maui.

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1. Play at the beach.

With 750 miles of shoreline in the state, it would be crazy to go to Hawaii and not visit the beach. In fact, it would be almost impossible. Whether you want to swim, surf, or simply build sand castles on the shore, the beach is a must in Maui.

Wailea Beach is home to many upscale resorts, including Four Seasons Maui. But don’t let oceanfront hotels intimidate you; all beaches on Maui are open to the public.

Erica Gellerman with The Hawaii Vacation Guide recommends Napili Bay for its “soft white sand, mostly calm water, and great snorkeling.”

For more suggestions, take a look at some of the best beaches on Maui. If you plan to spend a lot of your family trip at the beach, then book a room at one of the many oceanfront hotels in Maui to maximize your playtime.
— Colleen Lanin, Travel Mamas

Wailea Beach
Wailea Beach (Photo credit: Circumnavi, Depositphotos.com)

2. Watch a sunrise or sunset at Haleakala National Park.

Haleakala National Park is one of the most beautiful and culturally significant places you can visit in Maui with kids of all ages. Haleakala is the third largest volcano in the Hawaiian islands.

Plan to spend most of the day here. Also, you’ll need food and plenty of water since the nearest store is at least 20 minutes away.

Be sure to stop at the visitors center to learn more about Hawaiian culture and the significance of this park. For hiking, the Sliding Sands Trail is best for young kids because you can walk up a mile or two to see old lava. Then turn around when your family gets tired. Children ages 7 to 12 will get a kick out of the Junior Ranger Program, too.


This national park is known as the House of the Sun for being one of the world’s best places to view gorgeous sunrises and sunsets. Book a sunrise Haleakala tour to see what I mean.

As if the sunrise and sunset weren’t enough, Haleakala is the perfect place to stargaze. Don’t forget your binoculars!

Since this park is open 24 hours a day, you can set up a tent and spend the night enjoying the pretty scenery and fresh air. Be sure to dress in layers since the temperature can be 30 degrees cooler at the summit than at sea level.
— Corritta Lewis, It’s a Family Thing

Sunrise view from Haleakala on Maui
Sunrise view from Haleakala (Photo credit: kamchatka, Depositphotos.com)

3. Attend a luau.

Everyone likes a party, especially when that party is a luau. Luaus are feasts that were once reserved for Hawaiian royalty, but today, anyone can attend. These Hawaiian parties typically include live music, hips shaking the hula, gasp-inducing fire dancing, and Mai Tais for mom and dad.

Partygoers enjoy traditional Hawaiian foods like roasted pulled pork and Lomi salmon (salted fish marinated in lemon juice, tomatoes, and onions). Those with adventurous taste buds must try traditional poi — a purplish gray paste made from taro root.

Outgoing children will want to get on stage for the audience participation portion of the evening to do the Hukilau, a fishing-inspired Hawaiian dance.

Many resorts host luaus, such as the impressive Drums of the Pacific at Hyatt Regency Maui and Maui Nui Luau at Black Rock at Sheraton Maui.
— Colleen Lanin, Travel Mamas

Maui Nui Luau at Black Rock at Sheraton Maui
Maui Nui Luau at Black Rock at Sheraton Maui (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

4. Tour the historic district of Lahaina.

Sadly, the devastating 2023 fires in Lahaina destroyed much of this beloved area of Maui. At least 115 people died in this tragedy.

Hawaii Governor Josh Green assured residents and tourists that Lahaina will be rebuilt, although, “it will take years of work and billions of dollars,” according to MauiNews.com.

This old fishing harbor and former capital of Hawaii was renowned for glitzy art galleries, bay-front bars, and tasty restaurants.

A centerpiece of Lahaina was its 150-year-old beautiful banyan tree. Lahaina’s Banyan Tree was severely damaged in the fires but is still standing. It remains to be seen if this natural wonder will survive in the long run.

Lahaina Banyan Tree Park on Maui, Hawaii
Lahaina Banyan Tree Park before the fires (Photo credit: nadik29, Depositphotos.com)

5. Sign up for a Molokini snorkel tour.

One of the best snorkeling areas in Maui lies just a few miles offshore on the crescent-moon atoll, Molokini. The unique shape of this small island was caused by the remnants of an ancient volcanic crater that has mostly collapsed into the surrounding ocean. This unique geology has created a wonderland for undersea life.

Several companies run snorkel tours out to Molokini Crater. For families, I recommend booking with the Pacific Whale Foundation, an environmental non-profit organization. This tour offers the perfect combination of good food, educational programming specifically geared towards families, and a good-sized boat that makes the journey there and back safe and comfortable.


Most of the Molokini tours include two separate snorkeling experiences. One at the Molokini Crater, and one at the famed Turtle Arches, which is a popular place for spotting sea turtles off the shores of Maui. Both locations offer mind-blowing views of coral reefs, incredible marine life, and warm waters with few waves.
— Kevin Wagar, Wandering Wagars

Molokini snorkel tour on Maui with kids
Molokini snorkel tour on Maui with kids (Photo credit: Kevin Wagar, Wandering Wagars)

6. Treat kids to Hawaiian shaved ice.

No visit to Maui with kids would be complete without indulging in a colorful serving of Hawaiian shaved ice. Way better than your standard snow cone, this treat is made with finely grated ice rather than lumpy cubes. The snowy texture soaks up the sweet syrup flavors and melts in your mouth.

Children will enjoy watching the ice machine magically make the frozen concoctions. Choose from a myriad of flavors. There are tropical favorites like piña colada, mango, and papaya. Or stick to standard options like cherry, grape, and bubblegum.

Traditionally, Hawaiian shaved ice is served over a scoop of ice cream. You can even get yours topped with a drizzle of sweetened evaporated milk for an extra splurge.

Hungry yet? A few favorite places to try this treat include Peace Love Shave Ice in Kihei, Island Cream Company in Lahaina (currently closed but not damaged), and Ululani’s at several locations on the island.
— Colleen Lanin, Travel Mamas

Hawaiian shaved ice
Hawaiian shaved ice (Photo credit: bhofack2, Depositphotos.com)

7. Learn how to surf.

There’s no better time to learn how to surf than during a visit to Maui. After all, you’re surrounded by ocean waves and the opportunities to learn are numerous.

Many family-friendly resorts on the island offer surf lessons for families or individual children. Surfing isn’t as easy as it looks, so booking group or private surfing lessons is recommended. The calm and beautiful beaches of Ka’anapali, Lahaina, and Kihei are ideal for Surfing 101.


Don’t be surprised if your kids start riding the waves before you do. Children have the advantage when getting up on a board, as their lower center of gravity gives them extra stability on the surfboard.

Ready to catch some waves? Take a look at this array of surf lessons in Maui available from GetYourGuide!
— Claudia Laroye, Claudia Travels

Maui is an ideal place to learn to surf with kids
Maui is an ideal place to learn to surf with kids (Photo credit: dmosreg, Depositphotos.com)

8. Go under the sea with Atlantis Submarine.

Explore the depths of the sea on a real-life, functional submarine! Atlantis Submarines takes you over 100 feet below the sea surface to discover Carthaginian, a sunken 19th-century whaling brig. See how the sunken ship has created an artificial coral reef that supports marine life of different sizes, shapes, and colors.

Located off Lahaina, these kid-friendly submarine rides in Maui not only entertain but also educate kids about the ocean and its inhabitants. Equipped with large viewing windows and modern comforts such as air-conditioning, be ready for an eye-widening underwater adventure! (Kids must be 36″+ to participate.)
— Sean Lau, LivingOutLau

Note: Atlantis Submarines are currently closed in Maui due to the fires but reservations may be made in Kona on the Big Island or Waikiki in Oahu.

Go under the sea with Atlantis Submarines in Maui
Go under the sea with Atlantis Submarines (Photo credit: Vlad61, Depositphotos.com)

9. Drive the road to Hana…and stay awhile.

Stretching 64.4 miles, the winding Hana Highway connects Kahului in West Maui (where most tourists stay) with the sleepy eastern Maui town of Hana.

Expect some white-knuckle moments as you grip the steering wheel. You’ll cross one-way bridges and switchbacks while locals zoom past with a smile and a friendly hang-loose gesture.

Bring cash to purchase fresh fruit and homemade banana bread from local stands along the way. Plan to spend ALL day driving to Hana and back.

Better yet, stay a night or two in this town of just under 1,000 residents. If you need to unplug and reconnect as a family, then Hana is THE place to be.

Hana-Maui Resort (formerly Travaasa Hana) provides the ultimate in relaxation and luxury. Want to learn more? Read my full Hana-Maui Resort review.
— Colleen Lanin, Travel Mamas

Bridge on the Road to Hana
Bridge on the Road to Hana (Photo credit: slickspics, Depositphotos.com)

10. Attend a lei-making class.

The most colorful token of Hawaiian hospitality is the traditional garland called a lei. The most popular leis are made of orchids, but you can find shell or kukui nut leis too.

Many family resorts in Maui organize lei-making classes for kids and parents. Making a full lei might be a bit too ambitious for little kids but they can just as well make an ankle or wrist lei.

This fun family activity comes with a bonus since you keep the fresh-flower lei you make. It can be kept cool in your hotel room fridge to be worn at dinner.
— Sarah Vanheel, PlacestoStayMaui.com

Lei-making class in Maui with kids
Lei-making class (Photo credit: Sarah Vanheel, PlacestoStayMaui.com)

11. Hike with kids in Maui.

There are wonderful hikes in Maui on all parts of the island. It is so much fun to get outside with your kids and take a walk along the beach, to a waterfall, or up a mountain for spectacular ocean views.

Parents traveling with a baby or toddler in a stroller should choose the paved Wailea Beach Path to take in scenic views of the beautiful Wailea waterfront.

Another great hike for families is the easy 1-mile roundtrip along a manicured path through tropical foliage to the lovely Twin Falls waterfalls, just outside of Paia.

For one of the best views on the island of Maui, drive to the Thompson Road Walk located in Keokea in the foothills of Haleakala. From here you can see bicoastal views of Maui, Lanai, Kaho’olawe, and Molokini as you walk past Oprah’s impressive vacation home.
— Whitney, Designs for Travel

Wailea Beach Path
Wailea Beach Path (Photo credit: digital94086, Depositphotos.com)

12. Watch cliff divers at Black Rock.

Exploring Pu’u Keka’a, commonly known as Black Rock, is one of the best things to do in Kaanapali, Maui. Black Rock is a popular place in Maui for cliff diving due to the calm waters. There are a variety of different spots to jump off into the ocean ranging from 10 to 25 feet in height.

In fact, every night at sunset a cliff diving ceremony is performed. It starts with a conch shell blown in all four directions. That is followed by a chant and the lighting of tiki torches. Then a brave diver jumps into the waters below.

For a great view of the ceremony, grab a table at Sheraton Maui’s Cliff Dive Grill for al fresco food and drinks.
— Jess Dockendorf, I’m Jess Traveling

View of cliff divers at Black Rock from Sheraton Maui Resort
View of cliff divers at Black Rock from Sheraton Maui Resort (Photo credit: Sheraton Maui)

13. Go whale watching.

Whale watching is one of the most memorable things to do with kids in Maui. Typically whale watching season runs from November to May, but January to March is the best time to see these majestic creatures. Humpback whales are the most common whales sighted off the coast of Maui. You might also see false killer whales and other species.

Whale-watching boats are large and give families room to move about the vessel. That means kids will not get bored. It is an amazing experience to see children’s faces light up as they see whales out in the open ocean. For the best experience, bring a few snacks for your family and a small activity to keep young ones busy on board.

Ready to book? Take a look at these whale-watching tour options!
— Lindsay Nieminem, Step into Jordan

A humpback whale breaching
A humpback whale breaching (Photo credit: GUDKOVANDREY, Depositphotos.com)

14. View sea life at Maui Ocean Center.

At the Maui Ocean Center, you will find an incredible aquarium where your family can learn about marine life in Hawaii. Your kids can see all kinds of tropical fish, sharks, and other sea creatures here. What’s amazing is that you can walk through a tunnel underneath one of the aquariums and feel as if you are in the ocean yourself.
— Dymphe, Dymabroad

Families at Maui Ocean Center
Families at Maui Ocean Center (Photo credit: Maui Ocean Center)

15. Pet goats and taste cheese at Surfing Goat Dairy.

Take a break from the beach with a day trip to Surfing Goat Dairy in Kula. Sign up in advance for a Daily Casual Tour to feed and milk a goat, learn about the cheese-making process, and sample the delicious creamy cheeses produced at the dairy.

For a more in-depth experience, book a Grand Dairy Tour or the Evening Chore & Milking Tour. You can also swing by just to buy some of their delicious goat cheese.

Do the goats really surf? No, but you wouldn’t know it from all of the surfboard decorations! You’ll also find a small outdoor play area for younger children and shaded picnic tables here.
— Colleen Lanin, TravelMamas

Little boy feeding goats at Surfing Goat Dairy
My son feeding goats at Surfing Goat Dairy (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

16. Go zip-lining.

There are so many fun things to do on Maui that it’s easy to fill up your Maui itinerary in no time. That’s why you need to make sure to leave room for zip-lining in Maui with kids. Not only is it a super cool adventure, but also the views of Maui are epic.

There are several Maui zipline companies to choose from depending on age and abilities. Maui Zipline can take kids as young as 5 years old, which is perfect for beginners. For families with older kids at least 10 years old, the Flyin Hawaiian Zipline is the longest, highest, and fastest zip on Maui. Zip-lining on Maui is a Hawaii adventure your family will always remember!
— Marcie Cheung, Hawaii Travel with Kids

Zip-lining in Maui with kids
Zip-lining in Maui with kids (Photo credit: Maui Zipline)

17. Splash in a waterfall.

Do you want to swim in a waterfall in Maui? Of course, you do! The most popular waterfalls for swimming in Maui include the Seven Sacred Pools, Upper Puohokamoa Falls, and Waikamoi Stream.

For a more secluded experience, though, Punalau Falls is a hidden natural paradise in northeastern Maui. This gorgeous 100-foot waterfall is one of the lesser-known falls along the popular Road to Hana. It’s a wonderful family excursion in Maui because it tends to be much less crowded than many of the other stops on the popular winding road.


There is a short half-mile hike along Punalau Creek to the falls. Not only will you find the impressive falls, but also there’s a swimming hole for family fun. Wear water shoes and don’t forget towels and sunscreen!

For guided hikes, take a look at these waterfall tours for families.
— Alexa Meisler, 52 Perfect Days

Seven Pools waterfalls
Seven Pools waterfalls (Photo credit: Pierre_Leclerc_Photography, Depositphotos.com)

18. Visit sea turtles at Ho’okipa Beach.

Ho’okipa Beach on the north side of the island is a great place to take your kids to see turtles in the wild. Every day, Hawaiian green sea turtles emerge from the water and crawl onto the sand to lie in the sun for a few hours at the eastern end of the beach, right below Ho’okipa Lookout.

While you aren’t allowed to go right up to the turtles, watching them from a short distance is an amazing experience. This is especially true for kids who may not be able to snorkel or swim in the open water.

After watching the turtles, go to the top of Ho’okipa Lookout to take in expansive coastal views and watch surfers hanging ten.
— Luke Storey, Wild About BC

Sea turtles at Ho-okipa Beach
Sea turtles at Ho’okipa Beach (Photo credit: Pierre_Leclerc_Photography, Depositphotos.com)

19. Stop to smell the flowers at Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm.

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm is a working farm on the slopes of Haleakala in Upcountry Maui. It features 25 varieties of lavender. You’ll also see and smell succulents, roses, hydrangea, and olive trees among other flora. The farm’s history originates from the late founder, Ali’i Chan, who started the entire farm from a single lavender plant gifted by a friend in 2001.

The farm is one of the top things to do in Maui with kids for its walking tours, craft classes, and picnics. Ali’i Kula provides a truly unique and educational experience in nature, distinct from the typical outdoor activities.

Furthermore, there is a secret garden scavenger hunt that is perfect for kids and adults of all ages. The Maui treasure hunt begins at the gift shop and takes families through hidden sections of the farm and ends with a prize for children.
— Antoine and Marielle, Offbeat Escapades

Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm
Ali’i Kula Lavender Farm (Photo credit: MNStudio, Depositphotos.com)

20. Visit a black sand beach in Wai’anapanapa State Park.

Wai’anapanapa State Park is located right off Hana Highway. One of the main features of the park is Pa’iloa Beach, also known as Wai’anapanapa Beach. This is considered by many to be the most beautiful black sand beach on Maui. It’s surrounded by sharp lava rocks and the surrounding lush tropical vegetation creates a stunning contrast with the cobalt blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

While swimming here is not always possible due to dangerous rip currents, you should absolutely take time to explore this 122-acre state park with a camera in hand. You will find many incredible lava caves fed by ocean springs and scenic hiking trails covered with black lava rocks.
— Daria Bachmann, The Discovery Nut

Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach along Road to Hana
Waianapanapa Black Sand Beach along Road to Hana (Photo credit: Emson, Depositphotos.com)

21. Embark on a family-friendly Jeep tour of Maui.

Nervous about tackling the Road to Hana? Let a local do the driving! Hoaloha Jeep Adventures offers family-friendly tours around the island, customized to your interests and pace.

Learn about Maui’s culture and history while exploring with an expert. During your tour, you can swim near a waterfall, explore a rare black sand beach, hike on a volcano, or grab a bite from a local hot spot. Hoaloha even provides life jackets for younger kids if they want to swim.

For larger families, the Jeeps caravan together with the children in one vehicle and the adults in another, if desired.
— Jason Carlton, Carltonauts Travel Tips

Jeep tour of Maui with kids
Jeep tour of Maui (Photo credit: Jason Carlton, Carltonauts Travel Tips)

22. Become a mermaid for a day with Hawaii Mermaid Adventures.

If you’re coming to Maui with kids, then you’ll love the Hawaii Mermaid Adventures. They offer Mermaid Swimming Lessons, where you and your young children transform yourselves into real-life mermaids.

Kids above 50 lbs can join the lessons and will have the time of their lives. Or, choose Mermaid Meet-and-Greets for those who aren’t ready to try it just yet.

The best news is that professional photography is included in every single session. What better way to keep those memories forever than with a fantastic set of photos to remember the day!

Kids will absolutely love it but swimming like a mermaid is also fun for adults. The whole family will enjoy this experience so be sure to add it to your travel itinerary for your trip to Maui.
— Victoria Heinz, Guide Your Travel

Become a mermaid for the day with Hawaii Mermaid Adventures in Maui with kids and teens
Become a mermaid for the day with Hawaii Mermaid Adventures (Photo from Hawaii Mermaid Adventures Facebook page)

23. Visit botanical gardens along the Road to Hana.

Due to the state’s unique climate, there are lots of plants that grow only in Hawaii and nowhere else in the United States. If you love lush greenery and bright, beautiful flowers of all shapes and sizes, then you will be very happy strolling the paths of such pretty gardens as Garden of Eden or Kula Botanical Garden.

Both are located along the Road to Hana and make nice pit stops for families with their paved stroller-friendly paths. A bonus for bird lovers, Garden of Eden has a resident peacock and Kula is home to Nene geese unique to Hawaii.
— Tatiana, Family Road Trip Guru

The whimsical Kula Botanic Garden on the Road to Hana in Maui
The whimsical Kula Botanic Garden (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

24. Rappel down waterfalls.

As one of the more thrilling outdoor attractions in Maui, Rappel Maui offers a unique experience for families in search of Maui’s beautiful waterfalls. Whether families are in Maui for two weeks or stopping in on a Hawaii cruise, Rappel Maui is sure to thrill. Those who gather enough courage to rappel down waterfalls will not forget this remarkable activity.

If safety is a concern, don’t worry! Guests are provided with all necessary equipment and instructions to safely rappel down the falls into refreshing natural water pools.

Kids must be at least 10 years old to rappel. But all ages can enjoy the scenic rainforest hike through the Hawaiian jungle as they discover Maui’s gushing waterfalls.
— Ellie Ewert, Ellie’s Travel Tips

Rappeling down a waterfall in Maui
Brave travelers can rappel down a waterfall (Photo credit: Rappel Maui)

25. Swim in a fabulous Maui hotel pool.

Hawaii is home to some of the world’s most incredible swimming pools. In fact, many families (like mine!) choose where to stay in Maui based on the quality of the hotel pool.

Amazing waterfalls, splash areas, water slides, rope bridges, lush landscapes, and swim-up pool bars lure travelers to linger in the pool area at hotels and resorts across the island. Hyatt Regency Maui boasts the world’s first fantasy hotel pools. Meanwhile, Sheraton Maui wows pool fans with its meandering, palm-lined lazy river.

Want additional ideas? Take a look at the very best hotel pools in Hawaii.
— Colleen Lanin, Travel Mamas

Hyatt Regency Maui's Keiki Lagoon
Hyatt Regency Maui’s Keiki Lagoon (Photo credit: Hyatt Regency)

Soak up the spirit of aloha!

In addition to these family-friendly activities in Maui, the state’s unique spirit of aloha makes it one of my favorite places on Earth. The literal meaning of aloha is “presence of breath.” This term symbolizes the warm, welcoming, and kind attitude of Hawaii’s residents.

An encounter with an openhearted waitress at Hyatt Regency Maui’s Swan Court exemplifies this spirit of aloha. My then 6-year-old beamed as he told our waitress, “Did you know something? It was my biggest dream to come to Hawaii. And now I am here!”

We watched the swans and ducks swimming in the Swan Court’s pond while we ate our fill of pancakes. Then our waitress returned with a gift for Leo. She handed him a box of chocolate-covered macadamia nuts across which she had written, “To Leo, keep living your dreams!”

She told him, “I think it’s wonderful that you dreamed of coming to Hawaii. I hope you will continue to dream because you can do anything you want in life.”

He couldn’t stop grinning as he thanked her and hugged his chocolate prize. Then he said, “No one seems mean here. Everyone in Hawaii is happy.”

He’s right. What’s not to be happy about in Maui?

Please help bring joy back to Maui by donating to any of these recommended charitable organizations.

The view at Swan Court at Hyatt Maui Regency
The view at Swan Court at Hyatt Maui Regency (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Explore more of Hawaii.

The two most popular resort areas on Maui are Wailea and Kaanapali. Discover my favorite things to do in Kaanapali with kids.

Four of Hawaii’s five active volcanoes are on the Big Island. Read our tips for exploring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park with kids.

Hawaii’s most populous island, Oahu, is home to Pearl Harbor, the Polynesian Cultural Center, and much more. Discover why to plan an Oahu vacation with kids.

Ready for family adventures in paradise? I love flying to the islands with Hawaiian Airlines because they make you feel like your vacation starts the minute you board the plane. Take a look at flight prices with Hawaiian Airlines now!

Best Activities in Maui with Kids

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What are your favorite Maui family activities? Do you have any questions about visiting Maui with kids? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from Travel Mamas: Thank you to Kaanapali Beach Resort, Sheraton Maui Resort & Spa, and Hyatt Regency Maui Resort & Spa for hosting one of our Maui visits.


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  1. My family is trying to book a last minute trip to Maui and this guide was incredibly helpful! I often have to view several guides and pull activities from here and there to feel I understand the best options, but I really like the variety of activities you’ve suggested. Thank you so much! 🙂

  2. Aloha
    This is not the time to travel to Maui unvaccinated.
    The Delta variant is surging and the only hospital is overwhelmed.
    Restaurants close in a heartbeat and activities cancel

    The traffic and road rage creates daily accidents.
    Masks are required and the airport check in times are 3 hours before departure. The 3 hours of TSA line up has no social distancing. Lock down and mandatory quarentining is pending on Maui.
    Seeing much better Covid proceedures on Oahu.

    1. Hi Diane – Thank you for your input. This story was posted in March 2021 before the Delta variant surge. I hope more people will get vaccinated and that the numbers go down in Hawaii very soon. Mahalo and stay safe!

  3. We love Maui!
    Now it’s our turn to show our grandson (age 3) the beauty of this island.
    Is there any activity our toddle would be eligibile for? I see many kids-club type things limited to 4 or 5 year old.
    I understand Disney Aulani (Oahu) accepts kids as you as 3 yr.
    Anything we should be looking at in Maui?

    1. How exciting! I hope your grandson loves Maui as much as my kids and I do!

      Aulani is the only resort in Hawaii (that I know that of), which accepts children under age 5 in their kids’ club. The Four Seasons offers children’s programming for younger children, but a parent or caregiver (like a babysitter or grandparent) must be present. You could also hire a local babysitter to come watch your grandson one afternoon or evening at your resort or vacation rental home.

      There are many activities on this list that would appeal to a 3-year-old like beach time, attending a luau, eating Hawaiian shaved ice, riding in the Atlantis Submarine (36″+), going to the Maui Ocean Center, whale watching, taking a short hike, going to the Ali’i’ Kula Lavender Farm, and more! Hawaii really is one of the best places for multigenerational families because there are so many activities for all ages to enjoy together! Have a wonderful time on Maui!