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LEGOLAND California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

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From themed rides and LEGO brick building stations to musical fountains and roller coasters, LEGOLAND California has something to please all ages. Read on to learn from two experts which rides, attractions and dining options are best at LEGOLAND California for babies/toddlers, kids, teens and adults.

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Legoland California for All Ages from Babies to Adults

The Unauthorized Guide to LEGOLAND

I spent a day at LEGOLAND California with the woman who literally wrote the book on LEGOLAND. My daughter and I rode rides, explored play areas, and ate apple fries with the author of The Unauthorized Guide to LEGOLAND, Bridget A. Smith, and two of her three kids. It was like having our own personal tour guide to the park.

I know a lot about this theme park, too. As a former SoCal mom, I have been to LEGOLAND California many, many times. I was even a annual pass holder for a few years. I asked Bridget to share her thoughts on LEGOLAND California's best attractions and food. Here are some of her picks with a few of my family's favorites sprinkled in.

Welcome to LEGOLAND California! ~ Legoland California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

Welcome to LEGOLAND California! (Photo credit: LEGOLAND)

Attraction that Makes You Fall in Love with LEGOLAND California

Water Works Magical Fountain (Explore Village: All Ages)

While Bridget and I watched our kids playing at the Water Works Magical Fountain, I said, “This is my favorite attraction at LEGOLAND.”

Bridget said, “Me too!” She bubbled, “This fountain is why I fell in love with LEGOLAND. I came here with the kids and we saw this fountain and I thought, Why haven’t we been here before? This place is awesome!

The Water Works Magical Fountain is made of musical instruments formed from LEGO bricks. Kids stomp on the circles in front of the drum, trumpet, harp, or other instrument and its musical sound chimes in. It’s just a joyful, unique experience.

LEGOLAND Water Works Magical Fountain

My daughter making music at the Water Works Magical Fountain (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Best LEGOLAND California Attractions for Babies and Toddlers

DUPLO Playtown (Explore Village: All Ages)

This play area is filled with slides, pretend vehicles and buildings, and a crawl-through maze. This is a great place to relax a bit while the kiddies play.

LEGOLAND Express (Explore Village: All Ages)

This adorable train ride is tucked into a corner of DUPLO Playtown. Bridget recommends this train even for ride-phobic little ones. In her guidebook she says, “I love the mix of real California crops and LEGO brick produce. Make sure to point out the artichokes and fresh strawberries.”

LEGOLAND California DUPLO Playtown

My son exploring DUPLO Playtown (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Best LEGOLAND California attractions for Preschoolers and Kindergartners

Volvo Junior Driving School (Fun Town: Kids Ages 3-5)

What kid doesn’t want to drive a miniature car around a track all by himself? To quote the Unauthorized Guide, “This ride is a great rite of passage. At the end of the ride your child will receive an official LEGOLAND driver’s license.” The Volvo Driving School is next door for kids ages 6-12.

The Royal Joust (Castle Hill: Kids Ages 4-12 & Height Restrictions)

This is a favorite of preschoolers and kindergartners. Kids straddle pretend horses that trot through a forest dotted with life-sized LEGO knights and other characters.

LEGOLAND California Royal Joust

Bridget's daughter aboard a Royal Joust horse (Photo courtesy of Bridget A. Smith)

Best LEGOLAND California Attractions for Grade School Kids

Build & Test (Imagination Zone: All Ages)

I never really understood the appeal of this attraction until I saw how much Bridget’s son, Jared, loved playing with LEGO bricks at this and other hands-on building stations. The guidebook advises, “At the main desk big kids check out a set of wheels with axles, then build vehicles with a wide assortment of big kid LEGO bricks. There are a number of tracks with timers, and the kids can race their vehicles to see who has the fastest car.”

The Hideaways (Castle Hill: All Ages)

Bridget and I had a grand ol’ time yapping away here while our kids zipped up, down, and through this play area. According to The Unauthorized Guide to LEGOLAND, “This is one of the best places to get a lot of energy out. Kids can climb, slide and wiggle through a variety of obstacles…Luckily the entrance to the Hideaways is also the exit so you can stake out a spot nearby and make sure you catch your little one before he or she can escape. Don’t plan to see your kids anytime soon however, this area is so engaging it may be a while before they are willing to leave.”

The Dragon (Castle Hill: Height Restrictions)

My family loves this roller coaster! It starts out with a mellow riding tour through a castle filled with humorous LEGO medieval scenes. Then, as the guidebook explains, “Suddenly the roller coaster takes hold and you find yourself outside in a roller coaster that has some zip to it.” I like that it’s fast enough to get your heart pumping a bit, but not so scary to deter brave young children. I also appreciate the details of the funny markers on the gravestones in the make-believe cemetery through which you will wind if the line is long. The Dragon just so happens to be the first and only roller coaster my in-laws have ever ridden!

The Dragon is mellow enough for first time coaster riders ~ Legoland California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

The Dragon roller coaster is the first and only roller coaster my in-laws have ever ridden (Photo credit: Travel Mamas)

Best LEGOLAND Attractions for Teens and Adults

Knight’s Tournament (Castle Hill: Height Restrictions)

This is Bridget’s oldest son, Justin's all-time favorite ride. The guide says, “It is not for the faint-hearted. I have never seen anything like it at another park. Giant robotic arms like the one used in automotive assembly plants to weld on car doors spin you around and almost dip you into a slimy moat.” Riders can pick the intensity level of the ride.

Lost Kingdom Adventure (Land of Adventure: Height Restrictions)

This is one of my family’s favorite attractions at LEGOLAND California. It’s like a ride plus a carnival game all rolled into one during which you explore Egyptian ruins made of LEGO bricks. In The Unauthorized Guide Bridget says, “Blast targets with laser guns in order to recover stolen treasure…A computer records every shot, so at the end you can compare scores with your riding companions.”

LEGOLAND California's Land of Adventure ride is fun for the whole family ~ Legoland California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

LEGOLAND California's Land of Adventure ride is fun for the whole family (Photo credit: LEGOLAND)

Attractions for the Whole Family at LEGOLAND California

Fairy Tale Brook (Explore Village – All Ages)

This is a ride all ages can enjoy it together. As described by Bridget’s guidebook, “Take a sweet boat ride through a LEGO world populated by many of your child’s favorite story book characters.” Bridget continues in The Unauthorized Guide to LEGOLAND, “This ride provides a quiet break and is good for small children.”

Miniland USA (All Ages)

Bridget says, “This signature attraction of LEGOLAND California is fun for the whole family. Miniland is a collection of American landmarks from seven different geographical regions of the United States constructed with more than 20 million LEGO bricks at a 1:20 scale.” Star Wars fans will especially get a kick out of LEGO STAR WARS Miniland.

LEGO STAR WARS Miniland is fun for LEGO fans and Star Wars fans alike ~ Legoland California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

LEGO STAR WARS Miniland is fun for LEGO fans and Star Wars fans alike (Photo credit: LEGOLAND)

Tastiest LEGOLAND California Food

Granny Apple Fries (Castle Hill)

Bridget describes this unusual sweet treat as, “The fried Granny Apples are dusted with cinnamon and sugar. They are served with a vanilla cream dipping cream. Everyone in our family loves this treat.”

Fun Town Market Restaurant (Fun Town)

My husband always insists we eat at this made-to-order buffet-style restaurant for its outstanding Philly cheese steak sandwiches. You can find something to meet everyone’s needs here from oriental chicken stir fry, to an extensive soup and salad bar, plus kids’ meals. We save money (and room in our bellies!) by splitting a sandwich so we can indulge in Granny Apple Fries afterwards.

Granny's Apple Fries are a must during any visit to LEGOLAND California ~ LEGOLAND California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

Granny's Apple Fries are a must during any visit to LEGOLAND California (Photo credit: Mary Solio, World Is A Book)

Best Way to Cool Off at LEGOLAND California

Pirate Shores (Various Age and Height Restrictions)

On a hot day, you will definitely want to bring swimsuits and towels for the kids and head over to Pirate Shores. This area encompasses several splashing attractions. Bridget explains, “This is one of the most fun areas at LEGOLAND and a great place for parents to take a break. There is only one entrance to the area, so you can keep an eye on the kids. Any kid who loves water play will want to stay there for hours.” Pirate Shores is included with a regular ticket to LEGOLAND California.

SEA LIFE Aquarium (All Ages)

With a LEGOLAND/SEA LIFE Hopper pass you can visit the adjoining SEA LIFE Aquarium during a visit to LEGOLAND California. This aquarium makes a cool addition to a day at LEGOLAND California, or you could come here on a separate day to explore. There are plenty of fish and marine life on display in educational, fun displays. Pop-up bubbles allow kids to get a feel for what it would be like to live under the sea.

SEA LIFE Aquarium is fun AND educational ~ Legoland California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

SEA LIFE Aquarium is fun AND educational (Photo credit: SEA LIFE Aquarium)

LEGOLAND Water Park (All Ages)

Opened in 2010, the LEGOLAND Water Park is a wonderful place to cool off and have fun on a hot Southern California Day. Play with foam bricks while you float down Build-A-Raft River or take a spin on one of the water park's many waterslides. Splash Zoo is filled with DUPLO animal fountains for kids ages 1 to 3. You could easily spend your entire day at this water park.

LEGOLAND Water Park's Build-A-Raft River ~ Legoland California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

LEGOLAND Water Park's Build-A-Raft River (Photo credit: LEGOLAND)

Where to Stay Near Legoland California

If LEGOLAND California and other Carlsbad attractions will be the primary focus of your vacation, I recommend the following hotels.

West Inn & Suites ~ This affordable hotel is one of my favorites in Southern California. Families AND pets are given a warm welcome here. A free shuttle takes guests to LEGOLAND California, the Carlsbad Flower Fields, the beach and anywhere else within a five-mile radius of the hotel. There’s also a complimentary full breakfast every morning, a selection of board games to borrow, a microwave and refrigerator in every room, and complimentary WiFi. Read my full review.

LEGOLAND Hotel ~ For true LEGO lovers, nothing could top a stay at this thoroughly themed hotel. It's all about the kids here. The easy access to LEGOLAND California, LEGOLAND Water Park, and SEA LIFE Aquarium make this hotel a great pick for families with kids who still nap. Read my review and watch a video of the LEGOLAND disco elevator!

Read about the best San Diego County hotel options for families now.

Pirate-themed room at the LEGOLAND Hotel ~ Legoland California Tips for All Ages from Babies to Adults

Pirate-themed room at the LEGOLAND Hotel (Photo credit: LEGOLAND)

More Tips for Your LEGOLAND California Visit

To learn more, read my tips for visiting the LEGOLAND Water Park. You may also want check out my Guide to Carlsbad, California. If you want in-depth LEGOLAND California tips and tricks, I suggest buying your own copy of The Unauthorized Guide to LEGOLAND

Save Money on Your LEGOLAND California Visit

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Do you have any tips or questions about LEGOLAND California? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from the Travel Mama: I received a PDF version of The Unauthorized Guide to LEGOLAND from Bridget A. Smith for the purpose of this blog post. This story originally went live in 2010 and was updated with new information and photos in 2017.

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Colleen Lanin, MBA, is the founder and editor-in-chief of the popular travel blog, She is an expert in travel with kids and without. As the author of the book, "The Travel Mamas' Guide," she teaches parents how to make the most of traveling with babies and children. Colleen loves sharing tips on hotels, cruises, spas, theme parks, and global lifestyle topics. When she is not traveling the world, she lives in Arizona with her husband and two kids.

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      Hi Ellie – It is totally doable but you are right that there are rides that you won’t be able to enjoy together. There are lots of rides at Legoland that are for children only (no grown-ups), with specific height/age requirements. For example, you would need to queue up twice for Volvo Driving School where your little one can ride the one for ages 3-5, your oldest can ride the one for ages 4-12 and your middle child could ride both…and you watching from the sideline. A lot of Legoland is about watching your children have fun, more than necessarily riding with them. There are some things you can enjoy together, though, like The Hideaways, Fairy Tale Brook, Miniland USA, and Sea Life Aquarium. You all can probably ride the Lost Kingdom Adventure together, too, since the height requirement is just 30 inches. You might want to buy “The Unauthorized Guide to Legoland” to help plan out your day. Have a great time at Legoland!

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    The Knight’s Tournament looks like fun.

  121. I have not been to the SeaLife Aquarium yet. I am looking forward to visit it.

  122. My family is planning a trip to legoland this summer and are really looking forward to it! My husband and oldest will probably like the knight’s tournament and other rides like it best. My four year old is not daring at all but does really like autopia at disneyland so I’m assuming she will love the junior driving school. As for me, I like the whole atmosphere of theme parks. Seeing your kids having a blast and exploring new places is the best of all!

  123. Bebemiqui says

    Both of my kids would enjoy the Hideaway because they are voracious explorers!
    I love Legos!

  124. Julie Sudderth says

    Just realied I needed to add my tweet from yesterday! (I follow you @jmsudderth)

    Great contest from @TravelMamas Win a 4-pack of @LEGOLAND_CA park hopper passes on @TravelMamas

    Thanks again!!!! Legos rule! Travel Mamas rule!

  125. I have been to legoland but not the aquarium and i would love to see that!

  126. Allison says

    I’m having a hard time choosing what I’m most excited about. I went before kids and had a great time and so I’m just really excited to take my 5 yr old (and infant) and see her face. The added bonus is that is looks like I’ll be going with my best friend who’s son is my daugther’s age. Even though we both live out of state it looks like we are going to be timed right to share the experience together which it so great.

    If I really have to choose I’m most excited about I think it’s be the Sea Life (if that counts). It sounds so cool and to have that along with the Lego experience – the kids’ heads will be spinning!

  127. Melissa says

    My son is obsessed with legos!!! I will love to take him, but with a new baby and moving expenses it will have to wait. But I am sure he is by far the biggest lego fan ever!!!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway have my fingers crossed!!!

  128. My son would love the Knight’s tournament ride. He is into everything involving castles, knights, and dragons.

  129. I’m on your email list.

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  130. I follow you on Twitter as @katygmorris and just Tweeted about this giveaway here: httpss://

    Thanks!!! 🙂

  131. I think MiniLand USA looks amazing. I can’t believe that that capitol building is really built using Legos!!! I agree that it’s an attraction the entire family would love!

    Thanks for the great giveaway!!! 🙂

  132. email subscriber

  133. tweet httpss://

  134. Build & Test (Imagination Zone: All Ages) so I get to play too!

  135. Stephanie V. says

    I want to win tickets to LEGOLAND on because we have never been and it looks like a great place for the whole family of all ages! – posted this on your facebook wall
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  136. Stephanie V. says

    already a happy newsletter subscriber
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  137. Stephanie V. says

    LEGOLAND Express is one place I’d love to visit with my 2 yr old. He is a bit train phobic and this sounds like just the perfect spot to take on his fears!
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  138. I also just signed up for the newsletter.
    Comment – check!
    Tweeted – check!
    Facebook – check!
    Newsletter – check!

    Thanks! 🙂

  139. Ah – just realized I need a separate comment for each bonus entry.

    Here’s the link to my tweet:

  140. And my comment from Facebook:

    “I want to win tickets to LEGOLAND on because the only thing more fun than watching my kids create with Lego is creating with them. Lego is a family-wide source of entertainment!”

  141. Awesome! We’ve been wanting to take the kids to Legoland so badly!

    I think I’d be most looking forward to the jousting ride (our kids love Lego horses, and I think they’d enjoy the idea of riding “through a forest dotted with life-sized LEGO knights and other characters.” FUN!

    I also think they would like the Build and Test attraction. After being around so much Lego Awesomeness, my guess is that they would be hugely inspired and itching to build something. I love the idea that they can test out their creations on race tracks right there.

    I’ve also tweeted the contest (and followed) here:

    Heading on over to Facebook now … 🙂

  142. Jo Smith says

    I want to visit Legoland because my 11 yr. old son loves legos and has created some wonderful vehicles and fortresses over the years.

  143. Julie Sudderth says

    The Imagination Zone is feature that caught my eye. We have an 8 year old son who lives, breathes and eats (he really would if he could) Legos. He’s constantly dreaming up new cars, space ships and forts and we’ve been trying to get him into the Lego robotics group. Honestly, if we win the tickets, I’m not sure we could drag him away. THANK YOU for hosting this!!! Very exciting!

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