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Getting kids involved in planning a family vacation makes the trip more fun for them and easier for their parents. This includes encouraging children to pack their own luggage for the journey. Give your child this easy-to-follow printable Kids Pack Myself Packing List to build excitement about, and feel ownership in the upcoming getaway. Click here to download a free printable Kids Pack Myself Packing List now!

Kids Pack Myself Packing List - Page 1, download the whole list at TravelMamas.com

Above you can see a preview of the two-page printable Kids Pack Myself Packing List. Click the image to download your list.

Once you've printed your Kids Pack Myself Packing List, simply fill in the needed quantity for each item and then let your kiddo get started. We've included everything from pajamas and swimsuits to books and stuffed animals. The images on the list make packing fun and easy even for early readers. Once your child has laid out all clothing and other necessities, check off all items as they are packed into a suitcase to make sure nothing was forgotten.

This list can be used in combination with any of our other Packing Lists. Intended for use by parents or other caregivers, the Packing List for School Age Kids may be particularly helpful in organizing everything for your family's vacation.

Before leaving home, make sure to pack a travel activity kit to keep kids content on the go (and minimize stress and whining!). Here are our picks for the Best Travel Toys for Kids, from Babies to Teens.

Need additional help preparing for your getaway? Take a peek at our printable Travel with Children Checklist, which helps parents and caregivers plan for a trip with everything from selecting a destination to departure day duties.

Travel Mamas is so much more than Packing Lists! Our site is all about helping you connect with your children and the world around you through travel. Take a peek at our Travel Tips, stroll through the Travel Mamas Store, or do some vacation day-dreaming by perusing our Destinations page. Enjoy the journey!