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You need a packing list for school age kids! Traveling with children takes patience, creativity and the right stuff! Avoid forgetting important items like toothbrushes and your child’s favorite stuffed toy. It can be hard to remember every little thing to pack for each member of the family. Sure, you could create your own packing list, but why bother? Your time is much better spent playing with your children, tackling loads of never-ending laundry, or pinning things on Pinterest. Besides, we’ve done the work for you. Click here to download a free printable Packing List for School Age Kids!

Packing List for School Age Kids - Page 1

Above you can see a sneak peek (page 1) of the Travel Mamas Packing List for School Age Kids. View and print the entire list now!

To make your life easier, the Packing List for School Age Kids is organized by category: Clothing/Accessories, Toiletries/Bath, Entertainment, Technology, Eating, Medicine, and Miscellaneous. We’ve included extra lines so you can easily add more items that you want to remember to pack.

Our Packing List for School Age Kids also features columns for every member of the family, for up to five people. Have a large family? Just print out another list!

Make preparing for your trip even more fun by encouraging your children to pack themselves by using the Kids Pack Myself Packing List. If you’ve got younger children, check out the Travel Mamas Packing List for Babies and Toddlers.

Before you leave home, our Travel with Children Checklist is handy for families with kids of all ages. Check off your travel planning tasks from first steps, to one month prior projects, week in advance assignments, day before departure to do’s, and day zero duties.

Travel Mamas is so much more than Packing Lists! Our site is all about helping you connect with your children and the world around you through travel. Take a peek at our Travel Tips, stroll through the Travel Mamas Store, or do some vacation day-dreaming by perusing our Destinations page. Enjoy the journey!