8 Reasons to Fly Frontier Airlines with Kids

Want to know what’s better than affordable flights that enable your family to travel more? FREE flights, that’s what! Children ages 14 and younger can now fly free with Frontier Airlines (with Discount Den membership; restrictions apply). Learn how and discover seven other incredible reasons to fly Frontier Airlines with kids.

Kids ages 14 and younger can now fly free with Frontier Airlines!
Kids ages 14 and younger can now fly free with Frontier Airlines! (Photo credit: Frontier Airlines)

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1. Everyday Affordable Flights

Frontier Airlines wants to drive low fares in the communities they serve. The company’s goal is to give more people, across the U.S., the opportunity to fly. Catherine Swarz D’Cruz of We Go With Kids likes to fly with Frontier due of their commitment to provide affordable fares. She explains, “Because we are a family of five, we are always looking for low cost flights.”

Frontier keeps fares super low by charging passengers only for the services they want. Families can keep flight costs down by packing compactly to decrease baggage fees, sticking to seats with regular leg room, bringing their own snacks, and purchasing any upgrades (like seat selection) at the time of booking.

Pack your bags, because Frontier has great deals that families can't miss
Pack your bags, because Frontier has great deals that families can’t miss (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

2. Discount Den

For even deeper discounts on Frontier Airlines flights, families can purchase a Discount Den membership for just $59.99. Subscribers get exclusive access to the airline’s lowest fares, earn FRONTIER Miles for every purchase, and learn first about any special discounts. Savings are unlimited for one year and can be used for up to six people on the same reservation — all with just one subscription. Heather Lopez with the I Love Family Travel blog attests, “Discount Den has a special for kids to fly free during select flights, and has great deals for members, so it pays for itself.”

Kids aged 14 and younger can fly for free with Frontier Airlines
Families can afford to travel more when they fly with Frontier Airlines (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

3. Kids Fly Free

Get ready to do a happy dance because now one kid aged 14 or younger flies for free with every adult Discount Den purchased fare on Frontier’s Kids Fly Free flights! What’s more, only one adult in your travel group needs to be a member of the Discount Den travel club.

Upload a video of your kids dancing for a chance to win an Orlando vacation courtesy of Frontier Airlines and LEGOLAND Florida
Upload a video of your kids dancing for a chance to win an Orlando vacation! (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

4. Convenient Departure and Destination Options

Frontier Airlines offers flights to and from oodles of destinations throughout the U.S. They also fly to exciting destinations in Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean. Take a look at this route map to see where Frontier Airlines can take your family.

Bonus: many flight routes include smaller airport options. Julie Henning with Road Trips for Families says, “We love that Frontier Airlines offers so many low cost and direct flights from our home airport, Cleveland. We avoid layovers whenever possible, and flying direct has become challenging in recent years since our airport is no longer a major hub.”

Where will your family fly with Frontier Airlines next?

5. Special Sale Fares

In addition to Frontier’s every day low-priced fares, the airline often offers special sales for even deeper savings. Montoya Hudson, primary contributor of the Spring Break Family blog, says, “What I like about flying with Frontier is that they often have sales that allow our family of four to experience new things. Like last year we took advantage of their 99 percent off sale and got tickets from Houston to Denver for only $70 each.”

Tips for Family Trips Founder Allison Laypath also benefited from a Frontier Airlines sale. She explains, “Our family of four flew from Salt Lake City to Orlando for $75 each.” About the experience, she says, “Though we didn’t select seats in advance, we checked in as early as we could and were seated together both ways. Our flights were on time, planes were new, and the service was good.”

Flying with Frontier Airlines is convenient and affordable
Flying with Frontier Airlines is convenient and affordable (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

6. Families Board First

If you’ve flown with a baby, toddler or young child — you know well how challenging it can be for the whole family to board the plane, get buckled up, and settled in. Thankfully Frontier Airlines understands this and allows families to board directly after Zone 1/Priority Boarding.

Frontier Airlines flew 91,200 cans of water to Puerto Rico to survivors of Hurricane Maria in 2017
Frontier Airlines flew 91,200 cans of water to Puerto Rico to survivors of Hurricane Maria in 2017 (Photo credit: Frontier Airlines)

7. Frontier Airlines Gives Back

Henning appreciates how Frontier Airlines gives back to society through its charitable contributions. She says, “The company is a major sponsor of many events that give back to the greater community.” Frontier Airlines partners with nonprofit organizations by providing airline vouchers for fundraising events for charities that qualify. The airline also helped survivors of the devastating 2017 Hurricane Maria by flying over 90,000 cans of clean drinking water to residents of Puerto Rico.

Every Frontier Airlines airplane features an animal on its tail, like Otto the Owl
Every Frontier Airlines airplane features an animal on its tail, like Otto the Owl (Photo credit: Frontier Airlines)

8. Frontier Makes Flying Fun for Families

Did you know that every Frontier aircraft features a unique animal on its tail? Be on the lookout for such creatures as Griz the Bear, Otto the Owl, Flo the Flamingo, or Finn the Shark. Once onboard, kids can ask flight attendants for a collectable trading card featuring the animal.

To prepare for your flight, check out the downloadable fun that Frontier offers kids. There’s a printable map for charting your family’s route, as well as interactive activity pages. You can even print a flight certificate to bring on the airplane for signatures from the crew. What a great souvenir of your child’s flight!

Kids can now fly FREE on Frontier Airlines!
Jump for joy! Kids can now fly FREE on Frontier Airlines! (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

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What factors do you consider when choosing an airline for your family travels? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Travel Mama: I will receive monetary compensation and airline credits from Frontier Airlines related to this story. All opinions are mine, as always.

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  1. Hi Colleen – I am planning to travel with my 4 year old and 3 year old. Do I need to buy more expensive ticket where I can select the seats or do you know if they allow parents and children to sit together?

    Thank you,

  2. I joined discount den. Did you actually ever get a kid per one – under 14- per paid adult to travel free?

    I get the discount den fair but my 10 year code t fly free.


  3. We fly Frontier from Saint Louis. It is a nice flight to just about everywhere we want to go. Especially Orlando.

  4. I had no idea kids could fly free! How cool! Will definitely look into Frontier for our next trip! Thank you!

  5. The photo made me giggle as I couldn’t imagine having a 14 year old riding in my lap! I think Frontier is doing great things in the lines of their service to their customer base and attracting new one.

  6. It is nice to learn of kid friendly airlines. We travel a lot with the grandchildren so we are definitely going to check on this on our next trip.

  7. Frontier Airlines sounds like an airline that is there for its customers. I wish more airlines thought about their customers like Frontier.

  8. That is a great news for kids 14 and younger. All parents meed to grab this opportunity from Frontier Airlines soon. 😀

  9. This is such a great offer from Frontier Airlines. Travel costs constitute a large part of our vacationing costs and now with children free option it is such a great relief for families.

  10. Oh wow, I did not know that about Frontier airlines. That has some pretty kid friendly perks and I’m thinking I may have to switch airlines.

  11. Oh man, I think the last time I ever flew FRONTIER was when….. I was in college, so um, like 10 years ago!

  12. Wow, this is great. We love to travel as a family, but airfare for 5 can get expensive. I’ll be looking into Frontier for our next getaway.

  13. This is fantastic. I didn’t know that kids fly FREE! I’ll be sure to book Frontier when we fly to Disney and we will definitely go to Legoland. Thanks!!!

  14. The plane looks so kid-friendly! I haven’t been in Legoland and I have always wanted to go. I hope to visit it soon.

    1. My kids love, love, love LEGOLAND California. I visited LEGOLAND Florida years ago when it first opened. I think I may need to book a Frontier flight there this fall!