Best Baby Gear for Masculine Dads

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Even though we’re a decade deep into the 21st century, certain types of baby travel gear—such as diaper bags, carriers, and even strollers—are decidedly effeminate in their character and aesthetic. The number of single fathers in the U.S. has grown steadily over the past few years, but marketers have often refused to play along, continuing to issue a dozen paisley bags for every camo. It’s too bad for fathers, since many aren’t willing to carry diaper bags that look like purses. This masculine dad believes makers of baby gear should reflect the reality we currently live in, where men and women want different things. Here are my picks for baby gear for dads and men.

Ergo baby carrier for men

The Performance Baby Carrier by Ergobaby (Photo from

Luckily, various makers of gear have stepped in to fill the void, some of them doing a masterful job. For the father who wants to temper his parental duties with a healthy dose of testosterone, knowing what manly baby gear is out there is the first step.

Baby Carriers for Men

For a man who wants a baby carrier that oozes machismo, the unisex carriers on the market are simply too ambiguous. To meet the increasing demand for carriers that boldly assert their manliness, Ergobaby has the supply. What could be more man-friendly than the pragmatic black and gray Performance Baby Carrier? It has all the comforts that suit long hikes through caves, across fields, or through trecherous lines at baggage claim. A novel mesh lining keeps heat at bay, while the padded waist strap prevents unsightly chafing. While complex in construction, it resembles nothing more than a backpack facing forwards, calling minimal attention to both its presence and the baby within it.

Baby carrier for men

The Metro Becko Gemini Carrier (Photo from

Beco is another major player in the game of brawny baby gear. The Metro Black Beco Gemini Carrier is a luxurious, 100% cotton bone crusher. Black as night, the waist padding is made with EVA foam, a material commonly used in sports equipment to absorb shock. Sides and waist both use third lock adjustable straps, which prevent accidental unlocking. The safety features really push the Metro Black into the realm of manliness, while the company’s organic materials a touch of “greenness” to all who wear it.

Diaper bag for men

Dadgear Backpack (Photo from

Diaper Bags for Dads

Oft regarded as the most unmanly of baby travel gear, it’s also one of the most essential: the diaper bag. However necessary, diaper bags—sometimes indistinguishable from purses when viewed from a distance—have been the bane of many a traveling dad’s existence. Really, is it possible for men to preserve the integrity of their manhood while carrying a pink purse adorned with flowers? Probably not, but the Dadgear Backpack can alleviate most worries. Literally a backpack, the contents of Dadgear’s innovative diaper bag are forever mysterious. Is the bag full of textbooks? Beach towels? Contraband? The world will be none the wiser that it’s chock full of diapers, wipes, and rash creams. Besides having the obligatory comfortable padded straps, the Dadgear backpack has a stunning 13 compartments, all easily accessible.

Diaper Dude’s Black Convertible is downright awesome, defined by its versatility and masculinity. Chameleon-like and pragmatic, the Black Convertible can function equally well as a backpack, suitcase, or briefcase. No matter its appearance, it is still a diaper bag, equipped with an unusual glut of features: top and side carry handles; stroller strap compatibility; removable, concealable shoulder straps; three front compartments for storage, a large compartment in the back. It’s a behemoth of masculine diapering.

Stroller for men

Jeep Liberty Sport X All Terrain Stroller (Photo from

Strollers for Masculine Dads

While gender-neutral strollers are widely available, few put hair on the chest like the Jeep Liberty Sport X All Terrain Stroller. With wheels and a grill straight from the demon realms, the rugged stroller can navigate narrow pathways and swivel on a nickel. The unique front wheel locks hold this puppy in place, making it an obedient animal on even the steepest of terrains. If money is plentiful, check out the BOB Revolution SE Single Stroller. With an adjustable suspension system and wheels made of composite polymer, it’s a state-of-the art choice for the man’s man, man.

For every father, there is a baby. And for every baby there is baby gear, which—no matter how rudimentary or luxurious—should be available in both manly and unmanly forms. Gear of the former variety does exist today, and men can now savor the flavor of some seriously muscular baby supplies. For as long as men travel with their babies, they must have the option of expressing their manliness through gear that makes it possible.

Do you have any additional suggestions for manly baby gear for dads? Share your recommendations in the comments!

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