BeachBike ~ A Sweet Ride for the Beach and Way Beyond

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When my family isn’t traveling, every summer weekday I drop my kids off at camp and then head over to the gym for a little cardio before diving into a pile of work for the day. I am the only mom at drop-off riding a bicycle, with my kids following behind on their bikes. We live in Arizona, the hottest state in the U.S., so most folks keep cool in their air conditioned cars, no matter how short the commute. Biking is healthier for us and the environment. I don’t mind the ride, even in the heat, ever since I got my sweet, sweet customized BeachBike. Want a BeachBike you can pimp out with all the bells (literally, get a bell!) and whistles? Here’s how.

My sweet BeachBike way beyond the beach in Arizona

My sweet BeachBike way beyond the beach in Arizona (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

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Why choose a BeachBike

Sure, BeachBikes are awesome for cruising along the boardwalk at the beach (hence, the name BeachBike). But they’re also handy for tooling around your neighborhood or pedaling along paved bike paths, even when there’s no beach around for miles and miles and miles. Sitting up straight on a beach cruiser, rather than hunched over with a street or mountain bike, is easier on the back and makes taking in the scenery easier.

This 3-speed BeachBike is so my style!

This 3-speed BeachBike is so my style! (Photo from

Custom build your BeachBike

It’s so fun to build the bike you want. Just fill out an online customizer with to pick your frame (with options for men and women), your color, rims, fenders, seat and grips. Then trick out your BeachBike with extras like a basket for holding your picnic basket or gym gear, a bell to let other bikers know you’re coming, a cup holder to stay hydrated on the go, and a beam light for nighttime rides. You can even add a back rack or surfboard rack, if that’s your groove. I love my pretty 7-speed vanilla-colored BeachBike and souped it up with an easily removable white basket, blue bell and light, plus a pink cup holder.

7-speed BeachBike for men

Of course, BeachBikes makes bikes for men, too, like this black 7-speed (Photo from

BeachBikes beyond Cali

Although is located in SoCal, they ship for FREE nationwide. Your BeachBike arrives 85 percent pre-assembled. Then you (or in my case, my husband and dad!) install your pedals, seat and fine tune. provides detailed instructions plus links to videos to make the process easier. Need more assistance? Email or call “your own personal mechanic” and he can walk you through the steps. To help with brake installation, we brought my vanilla yellow BeachBike to a local bike shop and had them make sure everything was good to go (for just $25). Learn more at

What color BeachBike would you choose? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Lyla G - Globetrotting Mommy says

    So super cute and I love how you can customize each different part. I’d have to say pink or purple so I wouldn’t clash with my daughter’s new bike.

  2. Joann Woolley, The Healthy Travel Mama says

    I’d go for something bright, maybe yellow! Everyone in my family has a bike except me and I think it’s time I get one! The Mission Bay Boardwalk is perfect for cruising and I need to not let these years pass by not doing the fun free activities. Love idea of customizing this Beach Bike!

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Definitely time to get a bike to join your family in some adventures in SoCal!

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