12 Teen Travel Tips for a Stress-Free & Fun Vacation

As a mom who has traveled to destinations around the world with a teen and tween, I’ve gathered some useful info along the way that has made our vacations much more enjoyable for the whole family. If your kid weren’t strung out on hormones and freaked about leaving their friends for a getaway with the family, then they might give you the following advice. Follow these teen travel tips to improve your family’s next vacation.

Teen Travel Tips
Follow these teen travel tips for happy travels! (Photo credit: tan4ikk, Depositphotos.com)

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1. Ask teens and tweens for input.

Teens want to look at the guidebook and the web and tell you at least one or two places they want to go. This gives them a feeling of ownership of the vacation. They will be happier and more pleasant if you let them share their vacation wishes…and you listen to them!

Let teens help you research travel destinations and activities
Let teens help you research travel destinations and activities (Photo credit: Vadymvdrobot, Depositphotos.com)

2. Don’t plan to sightsee the day of arrival.

Teens just want to get settled into the place when you arrive at your vacation destination. Keep in mind that the further the distance you’ve traveled and the bigger the difference in time zones, the longer it will take to get over jet lag. Plan a mellow activity for your first full day of vacation. Get something to eat, walk around a bit, and maybe take a dip in the hotel swimming pool. The same goes for transition vacation days when moving from one location to another.

Plan a mellow beach or pool day for your first vacation day with teens
Plan a mellow activity like beach or pool time for your first vacation day (Photo credit: GalinaZhigalova, Depositphotos.com)

3. Let big kids sleep in.

Keep in mind that teens need more sleep than their parents. This is due to growth and natural sleep cycles. Rather than starting your vacation days bright and early, consider getting up later and enjoying late night activities instead like a beach bonfire, fireworks at a theme park or family game night at your hotel.

Teens need lots of sleep, even when traveling
Teens need lots of sleep, especially when traveling (Photo credit: Kruchenkova, Depositphotos.com)

4. Encourage kids to document their travels.

Most kids have smartphones with cameras nowadays. Teens and tweens may want to take photos or create videos to share with their friends via social media. Encourage them by agreeing to pause so they can get the best shot and praising their pics. But don’t push too much or your teen could see this as pressure and give up documenting the trip altogether. An elegant travel journal might inspire kids to write about their travels, too.

Encourage your teen to take travel photos
Encourage your teen to take travel photos, including selfies (Photo credit: pavel_kolotenko, Depositphotos.com)

5. Give teens time to connect with friends.

Friendships are super important to teenagers. Give teens a set amount of time each day to let them text, call, email or share their travel adventures via social media. Encourage kids to send a post card home to a different friend from each destination, too. This will help them remember the vacation and feel less homesick.

Teens like to connect with friends, even when traveling
Teens like to connect with friends, even when on family vacation (Photo credit: carballo, Depositphotos.com)

6. Plan exciting vacation activities.

Teens need action! Walking around a city to the next museum or church doesn’t count, either. Plan a surfing lesson, zip-lining adventure, or ATV tour instead to keep teens engaged.

Sand Hallow State Park ATV tour with teen and tween
My teen and tween on our Sand Hallow State Park ATV tour in Utah (Photo credit: Travel Mamas)

7. Allow big kids to explore on their own.

Teens like independence. Give them some freedom to explore on their own. How far and how long you let them out of sight will depend on the safety of your destination and age of your children, of course. Set up a meeting time and lay out safety rules in advance.

Teens exploring Disney World
Allow teen and tween siblings explore theme parks together (Photo credit: Disney)

8. Listening to guides in a big group is b-o-r-i-n-g.

Typically, teens don’t like big tours geared toward grown-ups. Instead, choose tours that are designed for kids their ages. Teens often prefer active tours on bicycles or Segways instead. Guides-on-tape and scavenger hunts are also a good idea for independent-minded tweens and teens.

Family bicycle tour of Buenos Aires with teen and tween
Our family’s bicycle tour of Buenos Aires, Argentina (Photo credit: Travel Mamas)

9. Set a budget for souvenirs.

Meaningful souvenirs make travel more interesting. Give kids a set amount of money to spend on souvenirs during the vacation. This will give them autonomy and teach the importance of budgeting, too.

Souvenir hunting is fun for tweens and teens
Souvenir hunting is fun for tweens and teens (Photo credit: makALEX, Depositphotos.com)

10. Let teens wander into offbeat stores or museums.

Big kids may have interest in wacky shops and attractions that aren’t appealing to parents. That’s okay. You can choose to accompany them or sit outside and rest your feet while they wander. Say yes at least once every day when your teen asks if your family can explore a unique-looking street, park, or whatever.

Family exploring the Market Theater Gum Wall in Seattle on vacation
You may not be interested in the Market Theater Gum Wall in downtown Seattle, but I bet your tween or teen would be! (Photo credit: f11photo)

11. Encourage teens to try the local cuisine.

Tasting local cuisine is an amazing way to experience a destination. Encourage your tween or teen to take a bite of new dishes. Don’t get on their case, though, if they want to eat the same, safe dish three days in a row. It’s really not worth the argument. When teens eat, they’re less grumpy.

Teen eating dumplings in the China Pavilion at Epcot
My teen eating dumplings in the China Pavilion at Epcot (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

12. Allow some time on technology.

Of course, you want your kids to live in the present moment and appreciate their vacation destination. But allowing teens a set, limited amount of time to play video games or watch their favorite YouTube stars helps them to relax after a long day of touring. Technology can be a great distraction during long flights or drives, too.

Tween watching movie on a long airplane flight
My tween son watching movies on a flight home from Morocco (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

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Teen Travel Tips for a Stress-Free Family Vacation

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  1. My husband and I are really considering relocating out of the Country for about 2-3 years… we have a 13 and 10 year old and I’m super worried that the move might back-fire on us with the teen. (ex: resentment, anger, silent-treatment) Your tips/advice are really great though! Especially the sending post cards to friends! Thank you for this information ♥

  2. These are really great tips for us as parents. Sometimes we forget that traveling is really good for kids and giving them excitement.

  3. Teens definitely need their “me” time when they travel with their parents. All excellent tips for traveling families.

  4. such great travel tips for parents with teens and tweens! I’m sharing this with my sister in laws – they’ll definitely appreciate your advice! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  5. Excellent advice! My daughter is 15 and my son is 13 and they can’t wait to start traveling the world again. They need to do more than take photos of their travels and document more as you suggest.

  6. It’s always nice to have input in a vacation that you’ll be taking, regardless of the age you’re travelling! I think these are all great ideas.

  7. This post is so exciting for me! I’m pregnant for the first time, and I’m looking forward to having to figure out how to keep my child excited about our travels when he or she eventually becomes a teen.

  8. These are all really great tips. As parents, we tend to forget that our teens need a bit more excitement than we do. They also are unimpressed by the things that blew their minds when they were children.

  9. Those are all great tips for traveling with tweens and teens. One way to keep them from saying “Are we there yet?” every five minutes, is to give them an ipad…lol Of course when you get to your destination, probably don’t want the kids glued to their ipads the whole time. I definitely like the idea of getting their input, of activities they would like to do while there.