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20 Best Unique Gifts Ideas for Travel Lovers (2023)

A lot of gift guides for travelers focus on traditional travel gear, but really, how many suitcases, packing cubes, and noise-canceling headphones does one person need? These gift ideas for travel lovers include keepsakes and flavors from around the world plus handy items to make traveling easier and more fun. There’s something for every budget […]

How to Learn Language for Travel with Rosetta Stone

Before visiting any foreign country, learning some of the local language makes sense, even if most residents speak English. Basic phrases and language comprehension simplify travel tasks like understanding menus, reading street signs, and boarding public transportation. Besides, you’ll gain insight into the culture of the country you’re visiting. Locals will appreciate your efforts and […]

Is Rosetta Stone for Kids? Read Our Family Review!

Want to know if Rosetta Stone will help your kids learn a new language? Our family has had great success in learning to speak and read foreign languages with this online service. Read this review to discover how this learning system works and decide if Rosetta Stone is right for your family, too. Plus, find […]

Why Give the Gift of Language with Rosetta Stone

A new language opens a world of possibilities. Learning a foreign language makes a wonderful gift to give for the holidays, a birthday, a wedding, or any special occasion. Giving the gift of language is also easy with Rosetta Stone’s customizable e-cards. Plus, I know from personal experience that their subscription-based online language learning program […]

8 Reasons to Start Learning a New Foreign Language Now

There are so many reasons to learn foreign languages and zero reasons not to acquire this useful skill. And the best time to start learning a new language is today! From cultural understanding to improved memory and beyond, read on to discover eight reasons why studying a different language is beneficial. This story is brought […]