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15 Best Travel Movies for Kids that Parents Will Love Too

Your family can escape to an exciting destination from the comfort of your couch with these travel movies for kids. As a travel enthusiast who loves to explore the world through cinema with my children, here are my picks for the best travel movies for kids. Parents will love them, too! 1. Finding Nemo This […]

Babymoon Tips for Parents-to-Be

What expectant parent wouldn’t like one last vacation before the new baby arrives? A relatively new concept, babymoons have become a hot travel trend for couples seeking one last baby-free holiday. Parents-to-be can connect, relax and enjoy each other’s company before the child is born and life changes forever. I interviewed four fellow family travel […]

Best Credit Card Mile Programs for Traveling Parents

It’s hard to turn on the TV or walk through an airport without having an airline credit card application shoved into your stroller or diaper bag. For the right type of spender (someone who always pays in full) they can be a great way to score free airfare. But how can parents make the most of […]