Make Toddler Travel Easier with Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover

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Much like with marriage, having a baby has its honeymoon phase. My wife and I like to call it the babymoon phase. It’s that time when you can take your baby almost anywhere – road trips, nice restaurants, museums, breweries, airplanes, and beyond. This is because they pretty much sleep the entire time. Then, the dreaded toddler phase arrives. With newfound independence comes walking and screaming tantrums. For us, it felt like life as we knew it was over. Friday night dinners out turned into pizza delivery. Road trips became filled with more crying than sweet baby cooing. Thankfully, the Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover has helped make the toddler phase easier and a lot more fun. This innovative toy enables parents to enjoy road trips, flights and dining with tots. Read on for my full review and to receive 10% off your Play-N-Go Travel Table Cover.

Make Toddler Travel Easier with Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover

Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover for Car Travel

The Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover is ideal for traveling since it attaches to almost anything with its Velcro straps. A great example is the car. Easily dangle it from the head rest in the back seat or strap it across your toddler’s lap. If your toddler is like our son, Deacon, the key is making sure that it’s strapped down. Otherwise, your toddler will likely toss it across the backseat. And then cry.

This handy product also has activities on both sides. During our road trip, when I stopped for gas I flipped it over so my son wouldn’t get bored. The Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover is definitely an item I’m adding our road trip repertoire.

The Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray keeps toddlers busy during car rides

The Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover keeps toddlers busy during car rides (Photo Credit: Bryan Richards)

Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover for Flights

I know what you’re thinking – I bet it’s great for planes, too. While we didn’t have an opportunity to test it on a plane, I would imagine it’s perfect as it attaches to the tray table whether the tray table is up or down.

Our worst times with Deacon on a plane are during take-off and landing when his ears pop. Since we can’t have the tray table down to place toys on, distracting him is difficult. With the Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover, we can keep him occupied by attaching it to the tray table while it’s still in its locked position.

Flip the Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover and hang it from the head rest for more drive time fun

Flip the Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover and hang it from the head rest for more drive time fun (Photo credit: Bryan Richards)

Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover for Dinners Out

Regular readers of my posts here on Travel Mamas know that food isn’t just for nourishment to our family, it’s a way of life. We love cooking extravagant dinners at home and dining out. When Deacon was first born, we maintained this lifestyle. As a baby, we brought him to a five-star restaurant. He sat mesmerized by the lights the entire time without making a peep.

Our adventurous restaurant meals continued until he reached the toddler stage. Now, we opt for more casual places. We order our toddler something to eat as soon as we sit down because we know the hungry monster will soon come alive. The problem with this tactic is that he’s done eating by the time our meals arrive. Then he wants to start roaming.

Not anymore with the Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover. We either place it on the table to keep him occupied or bring in our own portable high chair that has a tray table we can attach it to. Now, dinners are more pleasant for all of us.

No more boring dinners for Deacon

No more boring dinners for Deacon (Photo credit: Bryan Richards)

Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover for Dinners at Home

Family meal times are important to my wife and me. For the first ten years of our marriage, we made it a point to have dinner together every night without the distraction of TV or cell phones. It was our best time for communicating with each other and keeping the friendship of our marriage alive. With Deacon around, we want to incorporate him into our mealtimes. Even before Deacon was old enough to eat solid foods, we strapped him into the high chair for family dinners.

Today, it’s more of an eat and run thing for him. Once he’s either eaten dinner or tossed his food on the floor, he’s ready to go play. We want to keep him at the table, though, so we attach the Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover to his high chair tray. He’s happy, we’re happy, and our family meal times have remained intact.

Get 10% Off Your Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover Now!

The Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover is great for children ages 6 to 24 months. Get 10% off your purchase here. You should also check out all of innovative Star Kids Products for traveling families.

Where would you use a Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

A Note from The Hungry Travel Daddy: We received compensation and a Star Kids Products for purposes of this review. That doesn’t make the Star Kids Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover any less awesome. Our son loves it and so do we!

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Bryan M. Richards began his blog,, to document his culinary adventures with his wife around the world (and around the kitchen). During the first eight years of their marriage, they followed their taste buds across five continents, 20 countries, and 71 cities and drank plenty of beer along the way. Then Deacon was born, and they’re learning how to incorporate their son into their culinary adventures. Currently, Bryan balances his role as stay-at-home dad to a toddler with his novel writing and freelance gigs covering craft beer, food, and travel. He lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Follow his adventures on Facebook and Instagram as @BRichWrites.

  1. http://Stacie%20@%20Divine%20Lifestyle says

    That table cover is great! I love that it doubles as a cover and a play area.

  2. http://Jen%20Rattie says

    This is the kind of thing I loved when my kids were this age because they could pretty much play with it anywhere. That’s a huge selling point.

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      You’re exactly right. It keeps our son occupied almost anywhere.

  3. http://robin%20rue says

    That is such a great idea for little ones. Where was this when my boys were little????

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      Lol! You’ll have to ask the manufacturer…

  4. http://Nitin%20Khanna says

    Amazing Ideas for Kids! Play-N-Go Tray Table Cover is perfect for Toddlers!!

  5. http://Liz%20Mays says

    Ah, this is perfect for home and for car trips. I like that it has multiple functions. It should be a reliable way to keep the little ones entertained.

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      It works for keeping our little guy entertained. Thanks for your comment!

  6. http://Maureen says

    This looks like a great way to keep little ones occupied. I love it, certainly a great addition for any family that has young kiddos!

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      Especially since our son has decided he no longer likes sleeping in cars…

  7. http://Pam%20Wattenbarger says

    We travel with our granddaughter, who just turned one, a lot. This sounds like it would make it so much easier!

  8. http://KIm%20Croisant says

    My son had something similar and it kept him busy for hours on our road trips. Best thing ever!!

  9. http://Meagan says

    This looks like a great option. My kids would have loved it when they were small.

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      Do you have any tricks you used to keep them occupied on road trips?

  10. http://Theresa says

    I really like the bright colors and all of the activities that help keep kids occupied on car trips. I wish I would have had something like this for my kids when they were little!

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      Thanks for your comments. That seems to be the popular consensus.

  11. http://Our%20Family%20World says

    This is a great toy to have for toddlers to keep them busy on road trips or even just at home. I love that it is for sensory development too.

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      My one feedback I learned this weekend is that some of the items are Velcroed on and became projectiles across the back seat. I might be sewing those items on permanently…

  12. http://Toni%20|%20Boulder%20Locavore says

    This is awesome! Perfect to keep them busy for long rides!

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      It works on short rides, too. Our son tends to cry the first five minutes of any car ride. Not anymore.

  13. http://Seattle%20Travel%20Blogger says

    This is pretty neat – I have never heard of the term babymoon phase before, but from what I’ve seen, this analysis makes perfect sense.
    This tray table is great-looking and sure looks durable.

  14. http://Amanda%20Love says

    I wish we had this when the kids were so much younger! It would have made trips easier for the kids (and us) to bear! I think it’s awesome! It will definitely keep the kids entertained for hours.

    • http://Bryan%20Richards,%20The%20Hungry%20Travel%20Daddy says

      What did you use to keep your kids busy when they were younger on road trips?

  15. http://Adrianne%20Betz says

    This is one nifty little item. We love traveling a lot and out little ones would love this.

  16. http://Annemarie%20LeBlanc says

    Oh thank you! You are a lifesaver. Just when I was about to seriously build a sensory board for my grandson, I see this! This would keep my grandson entertained and busy for a few hours each day so I can do my work! Going to order Play N Go tray table cover.

  17. http://Shannon%20Gurnee says

    That sounds like an awesome way to keep the kids busy! I wish they had something like this when my kids were little!

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