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The Travel Mamas’ Guide virtual book tour is heading to the great outdoors today. To read an interview with yours truly about how my family connects with nature during our travels, hike on over to Go Explore Nature. This blog, created by Debi Huang, is all about connecting kids and families with nature in the backyard and beyond.

5 Questions with Go Explore NatureAbout Debi and Go Explore Nature  

In addition to acting as editor of Go Explore Nature, Debi is a Los Angeles-based wife, mom and adventure guide for two young boys. She is a nature-loving writer who enjoys spending time outside. Debi is at her happiest when she combines her two loves—nature and travel.

Debi shares how to create a nature-inspired vacation jar souvenir from your family travels in The Travel Mamas’ Guide. She says, “All you need is an empty jar and a few treasures collected during your adventures, like sand and seashells or river rocks and water.”

She also gives a tip in the guide for connecting with nature during road trips. She suggests families, “play nature bingo by looking out the window for birds, wildlife, flowers, and more.” What a fun way to make the miles zoom by!

5 Questions with Debi Huang of Go Explore Nature

Debi’s favorite photo with her boys in her “happy place”—Yosemite National Park

5 Questions with Go Explore Nature

Have you ever had a life-changing experience when traveling?
“Anytime I see wild animals in their native habitat, I get pretty excited. But when I was traveling in Alaska some 11 years ago, I had the privilege of seeing and hearing a pack of wolves howl in Denali National Park. I felt more connected to the planet than ever before.

That trip to Denali was more than just another vacation. It changed the way I viewed travel, the planet, myself and my life. These days, my husband and I seek out travel adventures that involve nature, wild animals and the outdoors. I make it a priority for my two young kids to connect with the natural world right in our own backyard every day. And I write about it as my profession.”

Who is your favorite travel partner?
“My husband! When it comes to traveling, we share the same ideas about what travel means to us and how we want to go about doing it. We make a good team—me with the dreamy ideas and him making those dreams a reality. It was a pleasure to travel with him before having kids. Now that we’re traveling parents, the experiences have only deepened.”

What is the most exhilarating thing you’ve ever experienced when traveling?
“I don’t know if exhilarating is the right word, but getting engaged on a gondola ride in Venice, Italy was pretty cool.”

What is your favorite destination for traveling with kids and why?
“I’m partial to Yosemite National Park-–both because I spent nearly every summer there as a kid and partially because it’s just an amazing place to be. No matter how many times we visit, we always have a different experience and the kids are always asking when we’ll be back.”

What is one activity or type of attraction you always seek out when traveling and why?
“Some form of outdoor adventure is always on the agenda when we travel. It might be hiking, visiting a zoo or park, or camping. We enjoy the opportunity to keep our kids active and connected to the natural world. Plus, when traveling, spending time outside in nature is a great way to balance out other less kid-friendly activities.”

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Ramble over to Go Explore Nature to read tips for connecting kids to nature when traveling now! You can also connect with @GoExploreNature on Twitter and on the Go Explore Nature Facebook page.

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