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About Allison Holm, Travel Mamas Guest Blogger

Allison Holm is travel-loving mommy living in Kirkland, Washington with her husband and son. She has a background in writing, and when she’s not jogging, making play forts or downing coffee, she’s scouring Seattle and its Eastside for the best family-friendly, kid-inspired activities, events, restaurants and everything in between.

Seattle with Kids ~ Super Fun 3-Day Weekend Itinerary in the Emerald City for Families

Seattle is famous for music, airplanes, coffee, computers and rain. Though indeed wet much of the year, Seattle is a beautiful family-friendly metropolis surrounded by water, mountains and trees. Grab an umbrella and get on your way. Here’s how to spend a long weekend vacation in Seattle with kids. Day 1 in Seattle with Kids Pike Place […]