Why I’m the New Spokesperson for Dramamine

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I get motion sickness, y’all. So does my 8-year-old daughter. Dramamine is a product I bring with me on every trip to prevent or handle the nausea, dizziness, headaches and general ooglie-booglies caused by motion sickness. I recommend this product in my book, The Travel Mamas’ Guide. So when Dramamine asked me to sign on as a spokesperson for their brand, I said, “Heck yeah!”
Why I'm the new spokesperson for Dramamine...because motion sickness shouldn't get in the way of your family vacay!

Motion sickness is no fun. I love that my partnership with Dramamine enables me to help other travelers better understand, avoid and handle this ailment properly. I would hate for families to miss out on travel experiences just because they’re afraid of motion sickness. I am happy to get the word out that Dramamine can help adults and children avoid feeling sick, whether traveling by boat, airplane, train or car.

This week I did a radio media tour all about road trips as a spokesperson for Dramamine. I talked to 20 radio stations throughout the U.S. over a four-hour period. That’s a whole lotta talking, even for a chatterbox like me! Each interview was different but we touched on such topics as how to plan a road trip, what to pack for the journey, how to keep everyone content on the road, and, of course, how to prevent or handle getting motion sickness.

How can you avoid motion sickness?

Many people don’t understand what causes motion sickness and wind up taking the wrong medications to treat it (like ibuprofin for a movement-induced headache or an antacid for an upset stomach). Instead, sufferers should take Dramamine an hour before travel to prevent the symptoms of motion sickness.

Sometimes you don’t know you’re going to feel woozy until too late. That’s okay; Dramamine helps to reduce the severity of some of the symptoms if taken after you’ve already started to feel sick.

Check out Dramamine.com for all sorts of practical advice for preventing and handling motion sickness.

What causes motion sickness?

Dr. Mark Savant, M.D. says, “Our bodies send cues from our vision, touch and vestibular or inner ear systems to the brain to interpret using specific chemicals called neurotransmitters. If one of these cues does not match the other cues, the brain receives conflicting messages, which then causes motion sickness.”

Use Dramamine to prevent motion sickness

Four Dramamine formulas

Dramamine comes in four formulas. A new chewable grape-flavored formula just launched for children ages 2-12. My personal go-to motion sickness relief is Dramamine Less Drowsy Formula.

Do you or someone in your family suffer from motion sickness? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Travel Mama: I am not a medical professional. The information contained within this post is based on my own experience and opinions. This post is part of my partnership with Dramamine, for which I received compensation. For medical advice, please contact your physician.

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  1. Ellen Lanin says

    A number of years ago I went deep sea fishing. I thought I was fine until the engine was turned off and the boat began to rock on the waves. I haven’t liked the idea of going out on a small boat ever since.

  2. Amber's The Mile High Mama says

    Dramamine: my daughter couldn’t travel without it!

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Amber – It’s funny because my daughter has a problem with winding roads and I have more problems with airplanes and boats. We always bring Dramamine with us though because it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it! 🙂

  3. I have always had motion sickness my whole life. terrified to go on a cruise. I finally did it last week. used Dramamine the whole time. NO MOTION SICKNESS!!! Now I have whole new world opened to me. I love love love Dramamine.

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Crystal – I’m so glad Dramamine has been such a help to you. So fabulous that you can now cruise and explore the world without motion sickness! 🙂

  4. Next year, we’ll be taking out daughters on their first cruise. Many, many years ago on my first cruise, our family doctor said to not take Dramamine because of its ability to cause drowsiness and sensitivity to sun. What are the chances that the new Kids Dramamine will cause these side effects?

    • Colleen Lanin says

      Hi Kaitlin – I believe the biggest difference between the Original Dramamine and Children’s Dramamine is just the delivery system. The children’s version is a chewable grape-flavored tablet, which is easier for them to take. I would check with your pediatrician regarding any concerns about utilizing Dramamine on your cruise. Bon voyage!

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