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Where were noodles invented?

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a) Italy
b) Japan
c) The Middle East
d) China


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It has been long debated which area of the world first created noodles. With Italy’s love of pasta, many incorrectly believe noodles were invented in the Mediterranean. Others thought pasta was actually brought to Italy from the Middle East. The world’s oldest noodles, however, were found in (d) China in 2005. Radiocarbon dating indicates the noodles were about 4,000 years old. The noodles appear to have been made from domestic grasses as opposed to modern noodles, which are typically made from wheat.

Photo by jeltovski. (Creative Commons)

I’m thankful for the Chinese for inventing the noodle so I can chow down on one of my favorite dishes in the world, pasta carbonara! What’s your favorite noodle dish? Tell us in the comments!

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