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Where is the world’s largest hotel?

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a) Las Vegas (USA)

b) Moscow (Russia)

c) Orlando (USA)

d) Dubai (UAE)

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Many of the world’s largest hotels are located, not surprisingly, in Las Vegas, Nevada. If you count Intercontinental’s Venetian and its neighboring, connected The Palazzo as one hotel, it is home to over 8,100 rooms (but even Intercontinental doesn’t seem to count this as one hotel). The MGM Grand in Las Vegas has (depending on which source you believe) somewhere between 5,000 and over 7,300 rooms. Dubai had plans in the works to build one of the world’s largest hotels; the Asia-Asia would be home to 6,500 hotel rooms. The hotel was supposed to open in 2011 but hasn’t yet. Florida’s vacation mecca, Orlando, is home to a handful of huge hotels, a few of which (like the Swan Resort with its 2,265 rooms) are owned by Disney.  It appears that b) Moscow’s Izmaylovo holds the current record as the largest hotel in the world with 7,500 rooms.

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  1. Ray Baxter says

    I guess Macau would be up there now. There was a huge hotel built in Moscow for the 1980 Olympics, however I would guess Las Vegas holds the crown now.

  2. Richard Thompson says

    I think huge hotels like these are pretty awesome for when you’re in the mood for them. But personally, I prefer the smaller boutique hotels because they provide such a unique experience. Everything in the large hotels might be nice, but you know there’s literally thousands of other rooms exactly like yours. Thanks for sharing!

    • Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says

      Richard – Agreed. Some vacations are better in a big hotel, but sometimes a smaller inn provides a more intimate experience. I like both!

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