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What is Jamaica’s national dish?

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What is Jamaica’s national dish?

a) jerk chicken
b) jerk goat
c) ackee and salt fish
d) conch soup
e) rice and peas

Jamaican Beach

My daughter exploring the beach before dinner at Beaches Negril in Jamaica

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Last week I was lazing about on a beautiful sandy beach in Negril, Jamaica. Now I’m stuck in my home office clacking away on my laptop’s keyboard trying to make up for lost time. Such is the life of a travel blogger!

Back to the food, while chicken and other meats cooked with jerk spices are widely prepared and eaten in Jamaica, neither jerk chicken nor jerk goat is the national dish. Conch soup (made from the giant sea snails with the pretty pink shells), is a dish popular throughout the Caribbean. Rice and peas is a traditional Jamaican side dish made from rice, beans, and coconut milk.

The national dish of Jamaica is c) ackee and salt fish. Ackee is a fruit that was originally brought to the country from West Africa. When cooked, ackee and salt fish looks much like scrambled eggs. Salt fish is cod that has been preserved by drying and salting it. The dish is often made with onions, pimientos and other peppers too. Did I try it? Yes, I did. Did I like it? Not so much.

Have you ever tasted ackee and salt fish? What’d you think? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. I need to research ackee to try to see if I would like it. Not so sure I would like it with salt fish since that doesn’t appeal to me at all.

  2. harry@island outpost jamaica says

    Jamaicans do love their seafood! For me though it’s all about the Jerk chicken and curried goat!

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  4. I can see your point. However the salted fish along with salty olives was among the first prepared foods in the world, that is in the Mediterranean area. The Greeks were eating it big time. They still do.
    Actually the fish is salted for preservation.

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