Vacation Sandals for Dreamy Getaways

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I admit it. I haven’t been traveling a lot lately. It’s making my travel feet rather itchy. I keep planning trips I can’t afford to take and almost, just almost, booking tickets to somewhere wonderful…somewhere tropical…somewhere worthy of a pair of a kicky pair of vacation sandals, like those made by Havaianas.

Havaianas Slim Allegra flip flop in Ice Violet

Havaianas Slim Allegra flip flop in Ice Violet

Family vacation sandals

First up in these dreamy travel scenarios is Hawaii. I’ve been to almost all visitable islands (Oahu, Maui, Lanaii, and Molokai). Now I’ve got my heart set on the Big Island of Hawaii. Havaianas are just begging for a black sand beach where my family could lay back and relax or take a surf lesson on some killa’ waves.

Slim Hardware Havaianas for women in Light Golden

Slim Hardware Havaianas for women in Light Golden

Sandals for a cruise

Another recurring vacation craving comes in the form of a cruise. What is more alluring than propping up your sandal-clad feet on a deck chair and reading a magazine as your offspring splash in the pool or make friends at the ship’s kids’ camp? Nothing, that’s what!

Kids Slim Tinkerbell sandal in Lavender

Kids Slim Tinkerbell sandal in Lavender

Girls vacation sandals

Typically in these travel fantasies, my beloved children are present with their sweet smiles and darling tootsies. Of course, their little feet should be just as stylishly clad as mine, non? My 7-year-old daughter keeps begging for a return visit to Jamaica. These Tinkerbell Havaianas would look darling on a little girl, mon.

Disney "Cars" flip flop

Disney “Cars” flip flop in White

Boys vacation sandals

You might think little boys don’t care about shoes. You would be wrong. My 4-year-old cares a great deal about shoes, especially when they are emblazoned with his favorite character, Lightning McQueen from “Cars” movie fame. Where would my little guy most want to sport these speedy shoes? Why, poolside at the Disneyland Hotel after a day at Cars Land, of course!

Brazil Havaianas for men

Brazil Havaianas in Grey for men

Romantic getaway sandals

My ultimate vacation fantasy involves escaping my children (much though I love them) for a few days for a romantic getaway. I don’t really care where I go as long as it’s away! Wait, I take that back…as long as I get to choose, I’m going to Tahiti, baby! Warm ocean waves, mellifluous French language, and just, you know, all around awesomeness. My husband would look quite manly sporting a pair of these bad boys on a Tahitian beach.

Sandal for brides with Swarovski crystals

Top Luminous sandal for brides with Swarovski crystals

Wedding sandals

If my husband and I were going to renew our vows, I would don some swanky Havaianas at my wedding on a tropical beach. As a bride (Oh! To be a bride again!), I’d sport these Swarovski crystal laden sandals. Because that’s how I roll…down the aisle, baby!

What’s your favorite pair of Havaianas? Let us know in the comments!

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    Personally, I go for Merrell sandals. I’ve had my current pair for the past 5 years! They’re super supportive, meaning you can walk around all day in them and won’t have sore feet or legs at the end of it. Wow, do I ever sound old!


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