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Review of Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village – Unspoiled Florida Paradise

I was not a big fan of Florida. Sure, I had been through Fort Lauderdale, Orlando and Miami but apart from Disney World, Southwest Florida had only served as a stopover for cruises and Caribbean vacations. When I was invited to give a review of Westin Cape Coral Resort at Marina Village, I admittedly wasn’t […]

Staying at Hostels with Kids in Germany

When we told friends that our family was planning to stay in hostels throughout our five-day trip in Germany, it became clear that most people still associate hostels with youthful backpacking adventures, not family vacations. Hostelling isn’t just for college kids, though, as our family of five discovered firsthand while staying at two of Hostelling International‘s hostels […]

Romantic Getaway in Whistler, British Columbia

Whistler is well-known as the number one, biggest ski resort in North America. But not everyone who decides to visit Whistler skis or rides, or is even interested in hitting the slopes. Sacrilege to us skiers, I know. Whistler’s success as a resort destination goes far beyond its acres of skiable terrain and vertical drop. Whistler Village […]

How to Save Money on Travel with Babies, Toddlers and Young Children

In our family, the almighty budget usually determines where, how and when we vacation. I know that in time it’s going to get more and more expensive to travel with our three children (2-year-old twin boys and their 3-year-old big brother). Don’t wait until the kids are older, take advantage of these five ways to save money when traveling with […]

Tofino: Storm Watching at the Edge of the World

In the midst of vacation planning, a frequent winter travel question is: sun or snow? I think we should add another category to the list of holiday possibilities: storm? As in storm watching. Vancouver Island’s Tofino has become a mecca for adventure seekers in winter. Here’s why to consider booking a Tofino storm watching holiday. About […]

Plantar Fasciitis & Heel Pain Treatments for Travelers

Never heard of plantar fasciitis? You lucky duck! If you have heard of it, you’ve probably had it. And you know it’s no fun. Plantar fasciitis is basically heel pain. It sounds innocuous enough, but it hurts really bad. Like, super bad. Heaven forbid you get plantar fasciitis right before a big vacation because, as we […]

Relax in Luxury at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto

Mexico has no shortage of amazing hotel properties and resorts. Many locations—Cabo, Cancun, Puerto Vallarta—are established, built-up resort communities with a fast pace of activities and crowds. Which is fine, if that’s what you’re looking for. If you’re searching for a more relaxed setting and the opportunity to connect with nature in a genuine (but still […]

5 Tips for Traveling with Young Twins & Multiples

Traveling with children can be both awesome and awful. Throw more than one kid in the mix and you have a recipe for some pretty interesting times. Add two more of the same age and well…you’re traveling like I do. My boys, Brody (age 3) and twins Linc and Chase (age 2) are great travelers, but even they don’t make […]

Your Children May Love Kyoto Even More Than You Do

It has been over a year since the tsunami and nuclear power plant meltdown but some of the most intrepid travelers are still hesitant to go to Japan. Yet, my family of three took off to explore Kyoto just months after the catastrophe. We found this Japanese city to be an incredibly family-friendly vacation destination. Our 20-month-old son, Dek, thrived in this city of over a million inhabitants. We barely knew a disaster had happened.

5 Reasons Moms Should Plan a Spa Vacation with Girlfriends

Moms deserve a spa vacation with girlfriends more than anyone I know. Our days are filled with breaking up sibling fights over who gets the bigger half of the cookie, overseeing homework, and shuttling kids from school to t-ball and tap lessons. To our horror, we often say things like, “Who cut circles out of […]

Travel Tips for Single Parents

If you are a single parent, you know that even under normal, everyday circumstances single parenting comes with special challenges. I’ve had friends familiar with my daily routine as a single mom refer to my typical day as an athletic undertaking. If a regular day is an athletic event, traveling alone with children is an Olympic event. It’s not always […]