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Which U.S. states can you visit simultaneously at the Four Corners Monument?

You can literally be in more than one place at one time when standing at the Four Corners Monument in the Southwestern United States, where four states join together.

What percentage of California wine is produced in Napa Valley?

a) 4%
b) 10%
c) 12%
d) 22%
e) 49%

Which Disney character is the centerpiece in Fantasy’s lobby?

a) Mickey Mouse
b) Ariel
c) Donald Duck
d) Minnie Mouse
e) Dumbo

What is the oldest city in the world?

a) Damascus, Syria
b) Beijing, China
c) Jerusalem, Israel
d) Istanbul, Turkey
e) Athens, Greece

What country outside North America is closest to the United States?

a) Cuba
b) United Kingdom (Bermuda)
c) The Bahamas
d) Russia
e) Greenland

Which country is home to the most obese people?

a) USA
b) Mexico
c) Australia
d) United Kingdom
e) Germany

What is the tallest skyscraper in the world?

a) Willis Tower (formerly Sears Tower), USA
b) Taipei 101, Taiwan
c) Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai), UAE
d) Empire State Building, USA

Which cruise line was featured on the television hit, The Love Boat?

a) Norwegian Cruise Line
b) Royal Caribbean International
c) Princess Cruises
d) Carnival Cruise Line

Where were noodles invented?

a) Italy
b) Japan
c) The Middle East
d) China

Where was chocolate invented?

a) South America, by the Olmec, Maya, and Atzec civilizations
b) Holland
c) England
d) Switzerland
e) All of the above

Where did the holiday, Kwanzaa, originate?

a) The United States
b) Egypt
c) Kenya
d) Mozambique
e) South Africa

What is the official language of Christmas Island?

What is the official language of Christmas Island?

a) English
b) Chinese
c) Malay
d) All of the above
e) None of the above – No humans live on Christmas Island

Who was the original singer of the song, New York, New York?

a) Frank Sinatra
b) Liza Minelli
c) John Kander
d) Dean Martin