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Why Samantha Brown and Embassy Suites Are Fabulous for Traveling Families

On my bucket list, I name two celebrities I’d like to meet. Brad Pitt didn’t make the list, although he is my all-time celebrity crush. Bono, lead singer of my favorite band, U2 didn’t make the list either. If you’ve met me in person or have been reading this blog for a while, you probably […]

Tips for Flying Standby & Handling Flight Delays with Kids

Although my kids are somewhat seasoned travelers, I hadn’t taught them the proper steps needed to do the unexpected standby dance. We had to learn the moves quickly on our most recent hockey trip with my son’s team. Since we booked a short 45-minute flight between Phoenix and Las Vegas, it didn’t occur to me to warn my kids about the possibility of flight delays, flying standby, and lost luggage. And I wasn’t prepared for my 9-year-old daughter’s tears as it all unfolded, the embarrassment this would cause her 13-year-old brother, or the pressure this would all place upon me. Here are seven tips for flying standby and handling flight delays with kids that I learned from this experience that may save your family time, stress, and unexpected emotional disappointment.