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10 Traveling with Baby Tips from a Travel Daddy

It’s a common myth that traveling with babies is impossible. In fact, this falsehood is one of the main reasons my wife and I waited nine years before finally starting a family. We were afraid kids would end our travel lifestyle. However, at 10 months old, our son Deacon has already visited Florida, New York City, the North […]

5 Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

When you plan a trip, you make sure to pack properly, secure necessary travel tickets and documents, book the right hotel, and arrange transportation at your vacation destination. But do you plan ahead for the what-ifs of travel? What if someone in your family becomes ill while away from home? What if you or a travel mate gets […]

Tips for Traveling with Kids on the Autism Spectrum

By definition, vacations are a break from the predictability of our work, school and home routine. But for children on the autism spectrum who thrive on structure, the idea of venturing outside their familiar framework can be overwhelming. While traveling with kids on the autism spectrum presents challenges for parents, the overall benefits are worth a few […]

Pregnancy Travel Tips Learned the Hard Way

I was nearly eight months pregnant when I waddled aboard a long international flight from the U.S. with my two young children to join my husband in England. My only concern was getting clearance from my doctor and approval from the airline to fly. Our move overseas happened so quickly I didn’t have time time to overthink the dynamics […]

8 Travel Fails to Avoid on Your Next Trip

Whether you’re planning the holiday of a lifetime or an annual trip to your favorite beach resort, there are many to do’s to check off your list and details to confirm before leaving home. Even experienced travelers, however, can make mistakes. Here are eight travel fails to avoid on your next trip. 1. Expired Passport You’ve […]

Embassy Suites #PrettyGreat Family Travel Hacks

I sing the praises of Embassy Suites often, here on TravelMamas.com and in real life when chatting with friends about best hotel options for families. So when Embassy Suites asked me to act as an ambassador for their new #PrettyGreat Family Travel Hacks, of course I said yes. Check out how this program can save your family’s vacation sanity! […]

5 Winter Holiday Travel Tips

Although we seek connection and fun with loved ones this time of year, the winter holidays can often be a blur of decorate, cook, shop, wrap, repeat. The last thing you have time to worry about is your travel plans. Winter travels, whether to a ski resort, tropical island, or back home to visit family, should be […]

Hilton Garden Inn Declare Your Own Holiday Giveaway

Do you deserve to declare your own holiday? Hilton Garden Inn thinks so! To entice you to get away to discover new places, connect with yourself and loved ones, and take a moment to breathe easy, Hilton Garden Inn is giving away a 2-night stay to one lucky Travel Mamas reader. This Declare Your Own Holiday […]

5 Summer Travel Tips

Ahh…summer! It’s that much-anticipated time of year when the kids are out of school and families set off on vacations at theme parks, beaches and beyond. Parents and kids can have a whole lot of fun exploring the world together this season, especially when you follow these five summer travel tips. Pack smart When Dramamine® asked me […]

The Travel Mamas’ Guide Book Launch & Residence Inn Giveaway

My book, The Travel Mamas’ Guide, is now available for purchase! Recommended by Working Mother Magazine, the Orlando Sentinel and “The Ricki Lake Show”—this new book takes the worry out of family vacations so traveling parents and children can focus on fun. To celebrate the book launch, one lucky reader will win a copy of The Travel Mamas’ Guide PLUS a […]

Why Samantha Brown and Embassy Suites Are Fabulous for Traveling Families

On my bucket list, I name two celebrities I’d like to meet. Brad Pitt didn’t make the list, although he is my all-time celebrity crush. Bono, lead singer of my favorite band, U2 didn’t make the list either. If you’ve met me in person or have been reading this blog for a while, you probably […]

Welcome to the New TravelMamas.com!

After a few weeks of staying up way past my bedtime, poring over four+ years worth of blog posts, and consuming more chocolate than I care to admit…I am excited to officially welcome you to the new TravelMamas.com! I hope you’ll take a moment to tour our new home. In addition to an updated look, […]

The Travel Mamas’ Guide…Available to Purchase Soon!

Travel Mamas started with an idea for a book on how to vacation with babies and children…and stay sane! The Travel Mamas’ Guide will be available to purchase soon! UPDATE! The Travel Mamas’ Guide is now available for purchase. Get your copy today! As a new parent I wanted advice from other mamas who’d traveled before me. I have […]