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Join the Safe Teen Driving #KidsNTrips Twitter Party & Win $100 Prizes!

Did you know motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for 15- to 19-year-olds in the United States? That’s a scary statistic. But there are things parents can do to help keep their kids safe behind the wheel. To commemorate National Teen Driver Safety Week, join the Safe Teen Driving #KidsNTrips Twitter Party. Along […]

Should Your Teen Do a Gap Year After High School?

Don’t you wish sometimes that you could have time off to clear your head and explore the world? Luckily for today’s teens, they can take a gap year after high school before entering college or pursuing a career. The popularity of gap years has spread across the Atlantic and is increasingly becoming an option for […]

Planning a College Tour with Your Teen

You know it’s coming. One of these days those little fledglings of yours are going to leave the nest. For many of us, that means they’ll be going to college. And college doesn’t just happen. There are many, many steps along the path to college, and I’m here to help you with one of them: […]

Provence with Kids – A Dream Come True

I fell in love with Provence long before setting foot on French soil. I had read and heard so much about Provence that for years I dreamed of visiting this region of La belle France. I almost made it there on my honeymoon when my new husband and I spent a week on the Côte […]

20 Things Your Traveling Teen or Tween Wishes You Knew

Here are 20 tips on traveling with teens and tweens from Lisa T. Bergren, co-creator and editor of theworldiscalling.com.