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Multigenerational Vacation in Rome

One grandma, two parents, three young kids. That was the makeup of our multigenerational vacation in Rome earlier this year. Despite being seasoned family travelers who knew our way around Rome back when my husband and I were newlyweds, we weren’t prepared for the nuances of traveling with multiple age groups. Here are four tips […]

Tips for Visiting Rome with Kids in Winter

Prices, crowds and temperatures drop in Italy’s famed capital city during the off-season. Got your heart set on a Roman holiday, family-style? Here are some tips for visiting Rome with kids in winter. Take advantage of winter crowds and prices. Crowds of tourists in Rome are next to nothing during winter. Additionally, many lodging and […]

Exploring the Mediterranean with Kids

Sunny skies, beautiful beaches, historical sites, delicious food eaten at outdoor cafés, art and culture—what’s not to love about the Mediterranean? And there’s no need to worry about feeling out-of-place on your family vacation because people in this Southern European region seem to genuinely love and welcome children. From Turkey and Greece to Italy and […]

Rome in a Day

They say Rome wasn’t built in a day. But can it be conquered in a day with a toddler in tow?