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Disney Cruise – The Ideal Family Vacation

Here’s what I’ve been telling anyone who’ll listen since I set sail with Mickey Mouse and friends in 2007: A Disney Cruise is THE ideal vacation for families! Whether you have a baby, kid, or teen…everyone’s needs (and wants!) are met on a Disney Cruise, including the parents’! Here are just some of the reasons I’m such a big fan of cruising Disney-style…

Tips for a Romantic Getaway WITH the Kids!

Here are a nine tips to help you and your other half keep your relationship merry by squeezing some romance into a family vacation!

Beach Day in Zihuatanejo, Mexico

My family’s favorite port during last year’s nine-day cruise through the Mexican Riviera was Zihuatanejo. A laid-back, authentically Mexican beach town was what we were looking for…and it’s just what we found.