Passports with Purpose Raised $25,000 for Sustainable Harvest International!

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We’re all stretched thin financially during the holiday season. That is why I am so very thankful to those of you who dug into your wallets and PayPal accounts to donate to Passports with Purpose fundraiser supporting Sustainable Harvest International. You are helping to alleviate poverty and save tropical rain forests.

Sustainable Harvest International

Thanks to the generosity from donors like you, in 2014 we raised over $25,000 via Passports with Purpose. That’s enough to teach five extended families how to farm sustainably in Honduras for five years with lasting benefits for them and their community. This not only helps alleviate poverty but also saves tropical rain forests, which benefits our entire planet by giving us oxygen, protecting endangered animals, cooling our planet and fighting global climate change. Learn more about Sustainable Harvest International.

Passports with Purpose 2014 - Win Membership from! Prize

Travel Mamas has participated in the Passports with Purpose travel blogger supported fundraiser for five years. This year, the Travel Mamas prize was a one-year membership ($120 value). Congratulations to Leigh Shulman, the winner of the prize!

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Sustainable Harvest International teaches farmers sustainable farming methods, like saving seeds to use for future crops (Photo credit: Sustainable Harvest International)

Sustainable Harvest International teaches farmers sustainable farming methods, like saving seeds to use for future crops (Photo credit: Sustainable Harvest International)

Passports with Purpose Past and Future

Passports with Purpose saw a dip in donations in 2014 compared to years past. I chalk this up to donor fatigue and bandwagon jumpers. Once, Passports with Purpose was what all of the cool travel bloggers and donors were doing. Now, it’s just what the dedicated donors and bloggers are doing. Thank YOU for being dedicated to making a positive difference in the world and remembering what the holiday season is truly all about. Next year, let’s dig deep and raise even more money to make the world a better place!

Here’s what Passports with Purpose has accomplished over the years:

Donate to Sustainable Harvest International now!

Donate to Sustainable Harvest International now! (Photo credit: Sustainable Harvest International)

It may be too late to win a prize this year, but it’s not too late to donate! One hundred percent of your donation to Passports with Purpose will go directly to Sustainable Harvest International.

Did you donate to Passports with Purpose this year or in years past? Have you ever won a prize? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Travel Mama: I did not receive any compensation related to this post or Passports with Purpose 2014. A big thank you to for supporting this important cause!

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