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What to Do in South Alabama with Kids that Parents Will Love Too

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What if you could plan a family vacation that is not only fun for the kiddos, but also a great time for the grown-ups? “Awesome,” you say? I thought you might. Here are city and beach options for a fabulous vacation in South Alabama with kids.

South Alabama with kids is super fun and pretty

South Alabama with kids is super fun and pretty (Photo credit: Sweet Home Alabama)

Tour the U.S.S. Alabama

Head to the city of Mobile for all sorts of family fun. As you drive across the bay into Mobile from the east, there is a massive battleship just sitting there, saying, “Yeah, that’s right, I look awesome. You know you wanna check me out.”  Take the battleship up on her offer, she really is incredible.

The U.S.S. Alabama is a battleship from WWII. For a few bucks, you and your family can board the ship and tour the whole thing at your own pace. You’ll get to see all of the artillery and gadgets on the outside of the ship and then head inside to see what it was like living at sea back in the 1940s.

After touring the battleship, check out the WWII submarine, tanks, airplanes, and more on display nearby. There is a ton of room for the kids to run around; it’s not a stuffy you-break-it-you-buy-it atmosphere. These are real tanks and battleships – the kids can’t break them! Buy your tickets to the U.S.S. Alabama Battleship Memorial Park now.

Touring USS Alabama is fun for kids and adults alike

Touring USS Alabama is fun for kids and adults alike (Photo credit: Bryan Richards)

Hit the beach

Most people don’t think of Alabama as a beach destination, but they should! The sand here is powdery white and the water is usually calm and fairly warm. This makes Alabama beaches great for families. Head to Alabama’s Gulf Shores or Orange Beach to build sandcastles and bury Dad. Meanwhile you can crack open a book and soak up the sunshine. Fair warning though – on summer holidays, like Independence Day, these beaches can get very crowded. All other weekends, though, it is very easy to get there and just plop down.

If you want to stay on the beach for a few days, I highly recommend the Holiday Inn Express Orange Beach on Perdido Beach Blvd. They make the beach experience very easy with lounge chairs and umbrellas all set up and waiting for you. So when you are already carrying buckets, shovels, rafts, toys, those arm-floaty things, and a cooler – you won’t have to worry about the umbrellas and chairs too. Read more about this Holiday Inn on TripAdvisor now!

Mild waves are great for little kids in South Alabama with kids

Mild waves are great for little kids in Gulf Shores, Alabama (Photo credit: Sweet Home Alabama)

Listen to live music, play and eat at LuLu’s

For a family-friendly dining experience, head to LuLu’s Gulf Shores, named for none other than Lucy Buffett, sister of Margaritaville-singing Jimmy Buffett. Sip one of their delicious margaritas or sample one of their other fruity-blended grown-up goodies. Munch on tasty peel-and-eat shrimp and cheeseburgers in paradise while listening to live music played on the “Crazy Sista” stage.

You might be thinking, “That’s great for me, but what about my kids, who won’t sit still for five seconds?” LuLu’s has got your family covered!  The restaurant is right on the water and offers sand toys, hula hoops, a volley ball net, hair braiding, and a gigantic climbing structure.

There's so much to do at LuLu's in South Alabama with kids

There’s so much to do at LuLu’s with kids (Photo credit: Bryan Richards)

Great food, kid fun, and grown-up goodness filled with a sweet dose of southern hospitality will make your trip to South Alabama memorable for the whole gang, y’all!

Would you like to visit South Alabama with kids? Let us know in the comments below! 

Allison Crusoe moved to Mobile, Alabama from South Florida. She loves experiencing the new foods and cultures of her new home by traveling throughout the South with her boyfriend. You can read more about her adventures in moving from the city to the South at

  1. I live about 45m east of here in Pensacola and we are often making the trip over. Ms. Crusoe is spot on with her descriptions and these are great family friendly activities! Great post!

  2. Annabella Cane says

    Thanks for these great tips, Allison. These activities sound wonderful! Can’t wait to try them out!

  3. WOW. I would never have known there was so much fun in southern Alabama, and white sand beaches, too.

  4. Awesome! We are thinking about going to the Gulf Coast this summer. Our boys have never been to the beach (we live in Iowa), and I was looking for the most affordable option. GREAT suggestions on places to go! Thanks so much!!

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