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Sandy Toes Bahamas ~ Live the Luxurious Life on Your Own Private Island

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Want to live the luxurious life like royalty, or at least like a Kardashian or professional football player? You can, for several days or hours at Sandy Toes Bahamas. Located on Rose Island, just three miles from Paradise Island and 20 minutes from Nassau by boat, this is where to go to truly escape it all…in style. Sandy Toes is the only business on the island. Yes, you read that right. You can book a vacation on your own private island! Come here for a romantic sojourn with your sweetie, a weekend with the family, or a rocking bachelorette party with your besties. Sandy Toes offers all three, as well as day trips. Here’s what to expect at this unique destination.

Sandy Toes Bahamas ~ Live the Luxurious Life on Your Own Private Island

This story is brought to you in partnership with Sandy Toes Bahamas.

Hello Private Villa!

The jewel of Sandy Toes, a luxury private villa, sits at the waters edge ON YOUR OWN PRIVATE ISLAND. It offers spectacular views of the sea, two master bedrooms with en suite bath, a fully equipped kitchen, and a dining area that seats six. Being newly minted empty nesters, my husband and I would only need two of those seats, and feel wholly deserving of them after 22 years of raising children!

A beach side massage would also definitely make it onto the agenda. I can imagine myself swaying in the suite’s king-sized swing beds during an afternoon nap or a nightcap under the stars. To keep in touch with family and friends back home, rental of the private villa even includes a prepaid phone.

Sandy Toes Bahamas private villa

Relax and indulge in Sandy Toes eco-friendly private villa (Photo credit: Sandy Toes Bahamas)

Sandy Toes Bahamas Full Day Excursions

If you can’t book a room at Sandy Toes but want a taste of their heavenly digs, book a Sandy Toes full-day excursion. It includes a harbor tour and a private boat ride to Rose Island. Cruisers in port for the day can even take the excursion and be back in time to make their scheduled departure.

Upon arrival on Rose Island, you’ll be greeted with a refreshing drink. Then it’s time to choose from an array of beach activities. Snorkeling equipment is available, as are beach games and activities. I’d love to spend the day kayaking or tubing here with my travel mates, then top it off with a tasty lunch and libations. Sandy Toes boasts the only “TRUE” beach bar in the area. Sink your toes in the sand while sipping your favorite beer, soda, or frozen drinkie. Before heading back to your ship, spend some time relaxing in the hammock garden. (Yes, there’s a hammock garden!)

Snorkeling off the shores of Rose Island with Sandy Toes

Snorkeling off the shores of Rose Island with Sandy Toes (Photo credit: Sandy Toes Bahamas)

Exciting Group and Private Events

Having been to plenty of corporate events, I can tell you that the usual reaction to the conference center location and team building exercises is a collective groan. Why not schedule your event at a location that will have your team thanking their lucky stars to be a part of such a great company? Sandy Toes provides just such a venue. If you’re a business owner looking to wow your most important clients, wow them with a trip to Sandy Toes. There’s not much Sandy Toes can’t do. It is a private island, after all!

Sandy Toes Bahamas group event

Company event at Sandy Toes Bahamas (Photo credit: Sandy Toes Bahamas)

Custom Private Weddings

The custom private wedding packages at Sandy Toes really caught my eye. My husband and I will be celebrating our 25th anniversary next year, and Sandy Toes offers a package called the “Flip-Flop” package for those renewing their vows. Couples enjoy round trip boat transportation, a wedding minister to perform the ceremony, and photography services. Their guests enjoy a complimentary glass of champagne to toast the happy couple, a delicious buffet lunch and a 30-minute open bar. All of this is in addition to the amenities offered on the full day excursion. For first timers, Sandy Toes offers the more elaborate”Beach Sandals” and “Stilettos” packages. As part of the “Stilettos” package, a cocktail hour and musician are provided in the stunning private villa.

Wedding dinner at Sandy Toes Bahamas

Wedding dinner at Sandy Toes Bahamas (Photo credit: Sandy Toes Bahamas)

Bahamas Bachelorette (and Bachelor) Parties

Acting as Maid of Honor in a wedding is an honor…right? However, that honor comes with its share of duties. One of the more anxiety provoking duties is planning the perfect bachelorette party. Thankfully, Sandy Toes has just the answer. Google “Bahamas bachelorette party,” and you’ll find Sandy Toes Bahamas as your number one choice. Bachelorette (and bachelor!) parties can be booked on Sundays, and are customized to your preferences.

Bachelorette party bar at Sandy Toes Bahamas

Bachelorette party bar at Sandy Toes Bahamas (Photo credit: Sandy Toes Bahamas)

Start with the Sunday Party Pass, and add a la carte items like food and beverage packages, a videographer, or a coordinator to organize games and activities. For an over the top experience, choose private speed boat transfer and beach side massages to win Maid of Honor of the year!

Wouldn't you like to hang out on a king-sized swing bed for a few hours at Sandy Toes Bahamas?

Wouldn’t you like to hang out on a king-sized swing bed for a few hours? (Photo credit: Sandy Toes Bahamas)

I’m smitten with the idea of visiting this incredible property in The Bahamas. Those king-sized swing beds are calling my name. Now, it’s time to convince my husband that they’re calling his name too!

Voted the #1 Bahamas getaway on TripAdvisor, read reviews of Sandy Toes or book your Sandy Toes adventure now!

What would be your favorite reason to visit Sandy Toes? Tell us in the comments below.

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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    Ahhh! That sounds so amazing! I would love to vacation on a private island! I love the Bahamas, but the regular tourist traps are SO crowded!

  2. Jeni Hawkins says

    Ew. Who would wanna spend time there? JUST KIDDING! That’s like a DREAM vacation! The pictures are gorgeous and I’m beaming with envy!

  3. Hold on, let me go book a flight to get me there ASAP! This looks like MY kind of vacay!

  4. Oh Geez! What I would give to be there right now! I am obsessed with Beach vacations.

  5. Mommy Moment says

    This sounds SO amazing!! (Can we leave right now? ;))
    Who wouldn’t want to vacation on a private island??

  6. Would love to make this our next vacation. My reason is to try snorkeling again. I tried it on our trip to Hawaii a year ago and loved it.

  7. Claudia Krusch says

    I have always wanted to go snorkeling. The Bahamas is so beautiful. I am hoping to go in the next year. A private island would be amazing.

  8. I’ve been to Paradise ISland and it was the highlight of my trip. It was so beautiful. I’d love to see this villa!

    • Debbie Ferm, The Animal Loving Travel Mama says

      It’s such a quick trip from Paradise Island. I hope you get a chance to check it out if you ever head back.

  9. This is going on my bucket list!

  10. susan5minutesformom says

    A vacation on my own private island would be amazing! And this one looks amazing – all the beautiful sand and gorgeous blue water.

  11. What an amazing vacation destination. I would love to have a getaway with my husband. Snorkeling in those waters would be amazing.

  12. Janis @MommyBlogExpert says

    Sandy Toes sounds absolutely wonderful. I can’t even imagine what it must be like to vacation on a private island like that. Looks like you had a great time!

    • Debbie Ferm, The Animal Loving Travel Mama says

      Just imagine the peace and quiet…every mom’s fantasy! Thanks for your comment.

  13. Toni | Boulder Locavore says

    WOW! This place is amazing! Looks like a dream vacation for me!!

  14. I am speechless, this is a dream. My dreams are of beautiful islands like this!! 🙂

  15. Now this would be the perfect vacation. What a great way to get away from it all!

    • Debbie Ferm, The Animal Loving Travel Mama says

      It certainly would! It’s getting a little dark and cold here in Minnesota. Warmth and sun would be so welcome!

  16. Dana Freeman says

    We have stayed here! My husband surprised me with a trip to Sandy Toes with our closest friends. It was THE perfect spot for us for 4 days. Have been dreaming of going back ever since!

  17. TourGuideInSriLanka says

    This is a good tip for travelers who looking for a beach holidays in Bahamas. The country is famous for beaches and almost all the hotels are crowded like every season. This private island looks so clam and peaceful and the beach looks fabulous. What else to do you want for a perfect holiday. Since it’s private island a great place enjoy with your kids without worrying about their safety. Thank for the great tip Debbie. Keep these things coming. Cheers.

    • Debbie Ferm, The Animal Loving Travel Mama says

      Thank you for the comment, and I agree that it looks like a fabulous place for a safe, family holiday. Cheers to you, also!

  18. Gabriella Granata says

    That looks incredible. How blue is that water?! Definitely going to add the Bahamas to my (huge) wish list!

    • Debbie Ferm, The Animal Loving Travel Mama says

      It’s definitely on my list, also. Hope you make it to the Bahamas! Thanks for the comment.

  19. OMG I have to fo there. The Bahamas looks incredible. That water is something else. I saw your article through Pinterest and that water was just calling me. 🙂

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