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Our packing list for business trips will help you stay organized so you can focus on bigger issues when traveling for work. Packing for a business trip or conference differs in many ways from packing for a vacation. You have less to tote, but you need to be sure to remember key items like business cards, your laptop, and a smartphone charger. Scroll down to view and download our printable packing list for business trip to help you stay organized while traveling for work. With this work travel packing list, you’re going to rock your business trip like a boss!

packing for a business trip
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Why Use a Business Travel Packing List

Want to be sure to impress your clients and coworkers during an upcoming business trip? Then you’re in the right place! Our work trip packing list will help you stay organized and looking fabulous whether you’re wooing potential partners or heading to an important interview. You have enough on your overly stuffed plate without needing to remember every little thing that you need to pack for your business trip.

Download a Packing List for Business Trip

To make your life easier, our Packing List for Business Trip is organized by category: Clothing/Accessories, Toiletries/Bath, Entertainment, Technology, Eating, Medications and Miscellaneous. We’ve included extra lines so you can easily add additional items that you want to remember to bring along. Below is a preview of our Packing List for Business Trips.

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Printable Packing List for Business Trips

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