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How to Save Money on Flights with Next Vacay’s Travel Hacking Service

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My family’s multi-state car trip last week was miserable. “A fun road trip!” we thought. That is, until our toddler son started to scream wildly as he launched anything he could get his hands on at me, the driver. This continued for most of the 11-hour journey. Flying would have saved us many long, stressful hours in the car. But buying three retail airplane tickets is so expensive. If only there was an easy way to save money on flights. Well, my fellow travel enthusiasts, now there is. Next Vacay does the travel hacking for you so you can save big and travel where, and how, you want.
How to save money on flights without travel hacking!

Why I Don’t Travel Hack

I know there are plenty of travel hacking websites and methodologies out there that we could employ. I’ve read dozens of blog posts where the writer recants their success with finding incredible savings. But travel hacking involves a lot more time and effort than I’m willing to dedicate. Just the thought of sitting in front of my computer with thirty tabs open as I attempt to hack my way to a great airfare makes my head spin. Besides, I’d rather spend that time playing with my son or hanging out with my wife.

Family vacation at the beach this summer. Where to next with the help of Next Vacay?

I’d rather spend time with my family than travel hacking (Photo credit: Bryan Richards)

Next Vacay Does the Travel Hacking for You

Next Vacay is the simplest travel hacking solution that I’ve found. And, it’s one that I’m eager to start using. Our regular visits to Orlando with the entire family crammed into the car for hours and hours are something of the past. Now, all three of us can skip the road trips and start flying more often together.

Why waste your time and sanity travel hacking when Next Vacay can do the work for you?

Why waste your time and sanity travel hacking when Next Vacay can do the work for you? (Photo credit: GaudiLab, Depositphotos,com)

Next Vacay Is Super Affordable

For just $25 per year (!!!), Next Vacay will do all of the flight deal searching for you. Want to fly business class? Upgrade your membership to find those fares, too. Plus, you get a free one-month trial, so there’s no risk to give a try. I’m willing to invest a little bit if it means saving big bucks in the long run.

Worth the cost of airfare - Grandma and Deacon dancing in the squareWorth the cost of airfare: My mom and her grandson dancing together! (Photo credit: Bryan Richards)

How to Save Money on Flights with Next Vacay

Thankfully, Next Vacay is super easy to use. Just tell Next Vacay your departure and destination locations. Then their system will automatically check multiple databases on an ongoing basis so you don’t have to. If Next Vacay finds a deal, you’ll receive a real-time email with airfares and links to sites where you can buy most affordable plane tickets for your vacation.

Next Vacay users are thrilled with their travel hacking results

Next Vacay users are thrilled with their travel hacking results (Photo from

Rely on Trustworthy Service

If you’re like me, you may feel wary about giving your credit card to websites that aren’t household brand names, especially for large purchases like airplane tickets. With Next Vacay’s service, though, those big purchases are from reputable sites. That’s because you’ll book your flights directly with the airlines offering those amazing fares.

Additionally, Next Vacay offers a six-month money back guarantee. That’s right. If you don’t feel like you’re getting your money’s worth from your Next Vacay subscription, they’ll refund your annual fee without any hassle.

Oh, just think of the places your family can go with Next Vacay!

Oh, just think of the places your family can go with Next Vacay! (Photo credit: ViewApart,

Our Travel Dreams Just Got a Whole lot More Exciting

My wife and I love to travel dream. Our travel list for 2018 includes Aruba, Ireland, weekend domestic getaways, and multiple trips to Orlando and Houston to visit family. With savings reported on Next Vacay’s website in the hundreds of dollars per plane ticket, we might even be able to add in an extra trip or two!

Want to save money on flights so you can travel further and more often? Next Vacay’s website.

Have you always wanted to know how to save money on flights but you didn’t know where to start? Where would you like to go with Next Vacay? Let us know in the comments below.

A Note from The Hungry Travel Daddy: This story is sponsored by Next Vacay. Travel Mamas received compensation in exchange for this post. All opinions are mine, as always.

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  1. Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle says

    That is so awesome! I travel all the time so this is perfect for me. Thank you so much for the heads up on this!

  2. Melissa Chapman says

    This service looks like an amazing savings and if you fly even once or twice you will earn your money back. I am not planning a trip but when I do I will use them.

  3. That sounds like such an incredible service. I would love to take more trips with the family.

  4. This is amazing! I so need to look into this, I never seem to get the right prices when we travel!

    • Bryan Richards, The Hungry Travel Daddy says

      I don’t even try. My wife oversees this travel planning function. I don’t even think I know how to book a plane ticket anymore… My wife is a saint.

  5. Pam Wattenbarger says

    This is so cool. I have been wanting to start flying more instead of road tripping.

    • Bryan Richards, The Hungry Travel Daddy says

      Road trips can be fun and a hassle at the same time. Thanks for commenting!

  6. Travel Blogger says

    This sounds so helpful! It can be so frustrating to find the best deal, and I really like that the flights are booked right with the airline. I have had a couple of incidents where we booked through a third party and had a terrible experience. I will have to check this out.

  7. Great tips thanks so much for sharing. We really want to take a trip next year, this would be perfect.

  8. Toni | Boulder Locavore says

    These are really awesome tips! I will definitely use these for our next trip!

  9. Carol Cassara says

    This is really interesting! I think it’s awesome that you’re sharing this. It’s definitely something that families and frequent travelers. I’m going to check this out!

  10. i travel a lot I can always use a good travel hack. I will look into this Next Vacay information to see how it can help me plan my next big trip.

  11. Sarah Ebner says

    This sounds like the most fantastic way to travel hack without the hassle – and that’s especially brilliant when you have kids and so much on that time is extremely precious!

  12. Like you I just don’t have the time (or energy) to travel hack so I will happily pay if something or someone can do this for me! Next Vacay sounds like it comes up with some amazing deals meaning more time with the family and more holidays. Win!

  13. I really like the idea of someone else doing the travel hacking/money saving work for me! Next Vacay sounds pretty darn cool.

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