How to Charge Your Smart Phone Battery at Disneyland

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You've planned your Disneyland trip for months. You've read the books, purchased the Park Hoppers, booked a hotel near Disneyland, and scheduled a Disney character meal. But then your smart phone dies in the middle of the day, long before the “Paint the Night” parade and “World of Color” nighttime spectacular. Here's how to charge your smart phone battery at Disneyland and what to do if you lose power during your Disney vacation.

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Minnie Mouse know how important it is to keep your smart phone charged at Disneyland!

Minnie Mouse know how important it is to keep your smart phone charged at Disneyland! (Photo credit: quackersnaps,

1. Enter the parks with a full smart phone battery charge.

First-timers to Disneyland may be surprised by how quickly your battery can get drained at the Happiest Place on Earth. Prevention is the best way to avoid losing power. Charge up your mobile phone the night prior to your visit. Keep that sucker plugged in until the very last minute. If multiple family members have their own smart phones, tablets or handheld gamers to bring to the theme parks, you'll probably want to pack a compact multi-extension outlet charger so everyone can power up in the hotel room.

2. Buy a reliable mobile charger before you go.

Even if you don't normally need a mobile smart phone charger, you should consider purchasing one before your Disneyland vacation. Be sure to plug in your charger the night before your Disney visit so it has a full charge in the parks. And then, be sure to bring it along in your day bag. (That's where I've gone wrong more than once…leaving the charger back in the hotel!)

Not all mobile chargers are created equal, so invest in one that works best for your needs. The super-affordable, lipstick-sized Anker PowerCore+ Mini easily fits into a pocket and adds over 14 hours of talk time to most smart phones. If you don't want to worry about bringing along a cord (and who does?!), take a look at the Jackery Bolt.

You could stay charged all day without worrying about cables and cords with a charging case that fits around your phone. This Modernway case fits Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus. Meanwhile this bad boy by Alpatronix does the trick for iPhones 7+ and 8+.

3. Bring a cord and find an outlet at Disneyland.

Bring along a regular charging cord in addition to your mobile charger, especially if you know you'll be playing games in line, texting with your travel mates and snapping tons of photos with your smart phone while at Disneyland. If you plan to eat at a sit-down restaurant, like Carthay Circle in Disney California Adventure or Blue Bayou in Disneyland, ask your server to plug in your phone for you. Most likely, they'll be happy to do it for you. (This is Disneyland, after all!) But, outlets may not be available if other guests have beat you to it. Here's a list of electrical outlets at Disneyland.

Charge your smart phone battery at Disneyland so you can keep snapping those selfies

Charge your smart phone battery at Disneyland so you can keep snapping those selfies (Photo credit: Joshua Sudock, Disneyland Resort)

4. Buy a pre-charged mobile charger in Downtown Disney.

I searched high and low to purchase a mobile charger in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure before a cast member directed me to the Gadgets on the Go kiosk in Downtown Disney. (Thankfully, you can now purchase a charger within the parks to charge your smart phone battery at Disneyland. Learn more in tip #5 below.)

At Gadgets on the Go, you can purchase all sorts of smart phone cases, charging cords and mobile chargers. They keep the mobile chargers plugged in, too, so you can charge up with some sweet, sweet battery power right after making your purchase. This is what I did when my phone charger died at Disneyland. I already owned other mobile chargers but I figured I could resell my Gadgets on the Go purchase via Ebay, which I did.

Purchase a pre-charged mobile charger at Gadgets on the Go in Downtown Disney (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Purchase a pre-charged mobile charger at Gadgets on the Go in Downtown Disney (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

5. Purchase a FuelRod charger at Disneyland or Disney California Adventure.

Vending machines stocked with pre-charged FuelRod chargers are the newest solution to a dying smart phone battery at Disneyland. You buy the charger (for $30 as of May 2017) and can swap it out at another vending machine as often as you like for no additional fee. Your purchase comes with an Apple and Android adapter at no extra cost. You can also charge the FuelRod in any standard wall outlet but be sure to bring your own USB adapter. FuelRod SwapBoxes can be found in hotels, theme parks, shopping malls and beyond around the world. Take a look at the FuelRod website for additional information.

FuelRod stations in Disneyland:

  • Main Street Lockers
  • Tomorrowland Starcade
  • Frontierland Entrance
  • Critter Country – Pooh's Corner

FuelRod stations in Disney California Adventure:

  • Kingswell Camera Shop
  • Hollywood Land – Gone Hollywood Shop
  • Car's Land – Ramone's
  • Paradise Pier – Treasures in Paradise Shop

You can also find FuelRod vending machines in the lobbies of the Disneyland Hotel, Grand Californian Hotel, Paradise Pier Hotel or ESPN Zone in Downtown Disney.

FuelRod portable chargers vending machine at Disney California Adventure ~ How to Charge Your Smart Phone at Disneyland

FuelRod portable chargers vending machine at Disney California Adventure (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

6. Don't count on charging lockers.

Disneyland and Disney California Adventure both used to offer charging lockers where guests could power up their smart phones and other devices. After the introduction of the FuelRods, however, Disney has removed the charging lockers. It was difficult to nab one of the limited lockers anyway. Just don't bother wasting any precious Disney time trying to find a charging locker anymore.

7. Save your battery.

Data roaming can eat up your smart phone battery. To conserve battery life, utilize Wi-Fi hot spots, available in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Also, when not using your smart phone, switch over to airplane mode to avoid keep your charge longer.

8. Utilize Disneyland PhotoPass.

When my smart phone battery begins to lose its power at Disneyland, my biggest concern is my ability to take photos. Thankfully, there's Disney PhotoPass, which enables park guests to have their photos taken by a Disney cast member with characters and in front of key photo op spots, like Sleeping Beauty's Castle. You will receive a plastic card (similar to a credit card), which you can hand to the photographer at each PhotoPass location. Your photos will be stored on this gizmo, and you can register online to purchase prints and other photo products.

Take advantage of Disney's PhotoPass if your smart phone or camera dies at Disneyland

Take advantage of Disney's PhotoPass if your smart phone or camera dies at Disneyland (Photo credit: Disney)

9. Go old school without a smart phone battery at Disneyland.

If your smart phone battery dies at Disneyland, you could live as we did in the olden days before cell phones. Be sure to set specific times and locations to rendezvous with your family and friends before splitting up in the park. Play 20 Questions with your kids while waiting in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. Live in the present moment instead of uploading all of your photos to Facebook and Instagram in real time. Who knows? Maybe losing batter power at Disneyland will be a blessing in disguise. (Nah…better bring that mobile charger!)

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How to charge your smart phone battery at Disneyland

Keep these tips for charging your smart phone at Disneyland

Be sure to keep these tips for your trip to Disneyland. Save the graphic above to Pinterest!

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Have you ever dealt with a drained smart phone battery at Disneyland or elsewhere on vacation? What did you do? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Travel Mama: As a member of the media, I sometimes receive complimentary tickets to visit Disneyland. All opinions are mine, as always. 

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    I did fund an outlet while we were waiting line to see mini and use my own charger, but it was frowned on but not stopped by a cast member.

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