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Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown for Families

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Located within walking distance of Washington DC‘s most famous landmarks lies the Hilton Garden Inn, a friendly hotel with plenty of practical amenities. For traveling families who want to tour America’s capital city but avoid lengthy bus rides, crippling walks, and pricey cab fares, the Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown makes a prime choice.

Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown (Photo credit: Hilton Garden Inn)

Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown (Photo credit: Hilton Garden Inn)

It’s all about the people, people!

The Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown won the 2013 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence Award, which is awarded to locations that receive outstanding traveler reviews. How unsurprising that many travelers have been impressed by the hotel’s attentive service. During my recent visit, the front desk employees fielded my questions with aplomb, offering answers with precision and confidence. Although businesslike in their demeanor, friendliness was one quality the staff could not restrain.

Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown Guestroom

A pleasant and practical Hilton Garden Inn guestroom (Photo credit: Hilton Garden Inn)

Hotel extras

The rooms themselves are functional and clean. Amenities include large wooden desk for working, a microwave, a flat screen television, and a king-size Garden Sleep System bed. Wireless is free, a nice bonus for any traveler. I felt rested and energized after a night at Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown, a solid indicator of a hotel’s value.

Breakfast and dinner options

Breakfast or dinner at the Hilton Garden Inn can be eaten via the Grist Mill, the hotel’s casual, hip restaurant of notable size. During my stay, I found the breakfast buffet mighty convenient. There was no waiting to order so my toddler son and I could use a trial-and-error method of choosing  food. The food itself was tasty and the staff welcomed loud families with multiple children.

Room service is generated from within the Grist Mill’s kitchen. Bed-eaters can order meals every morning and evening. If family fun has wracked your nerves, the Pavilion Lounge awaits to sedate you, where drinks and conversation can flow like George Washington’s silky white hair.

Pavilion Lounge at Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown

Get swanky at the hotel’s Pavilion Lounge (Photo credit: Hilton Garden Inn)

Staying fit on vacation

If you’re prone to over-eating on vacation, the Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown’s fitness center can restore your figure. Packed tightly with elliptical trainers, treadmills, barbells and more; it’s an ideal zone to clear your mind and sweat yourself silly.

Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown's fitness center

Shed vacation weight in the Hilton Garden Inn’s fitness center (Photo credit: Hilton Garden Inn)

Indoor hotel pool

While The Hilton Garden Inn’s small indoor pool is probably not conducive to lap swimming,  if you pick the right time, you’ll find it spacious enough for hearty frolicking. Kids always love a hotel pool, no matter its size!

The indoor pool at Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown (Photo credit: Hilton Garden Inn)

The indoor pool at Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown (Photo credit: Hilton Garden Inn)

The verdict

The Hilton Garden Inn Washington DC Downtown provides practical lodgings, with comfort and style that make it a worthy place for families to stay. The value of its location can’t be overstated, as it can save one the hassle of noxious buses and expensive cabs. Despite being in the thick of things, the overall design of the hotel and its super-friendly staff keep the vibe welcoming and restrained.

What do features do you look for in a family-friendly hotel? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Philosophical Travel Daddy: Thank you to Hilton Garden Inn for inviting me to attend the Hilton Garden Inn Washington D.C. Adventure! All opinions are my own.

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