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Next up on The Travel Mamas Guide virtual book tour is our very own Spunky Travel Mama, Lisa Goodmurphy. In addition to sharing travel stories here on Travel Mamas, Lisa is the editor of the Gone With The Family blog. Her website features family travel stories and tips by a Canadian mom on a mission to explore the world with her kids—one trip at a time.

Gone With The Family

About Lisa and Gone with the Family

Lisa is a lawyer living near Toronto, Canada who left the corporate world to stay home with her two daughters, Katie and Emma (now aged 16 and 9). As well as writing about her family’s travel adventures on her blog, Gone with the Family, Lisa has written for a number of travel websites.

As a regular contributor to Travel Mamas, Lisa has shared useful travel tips about visiting Europe with kids in winter,  Disney Cruise Line with teens and tweens, her hometown of Toronto…and more!

5 Questions with Gone With The Family

Why did you become a travel blogger?
“I started traveling with kids in 1996 long before I had ever heard of a travel blog. As time went by I discovered that it wasn’t as hard as people had led me to believe and we started traveling farther and more often. Before long I became the ‘go to’ person for any of my friends who had travel questions and a few years ago these same friends started encouraging me to start a travel blog. I finally did it in March of 2011 without really having any idea what I was doing or what I was letting myself in for. Once I gained momentum, I realized that blogging was not only an incredible way to share my passion for exploring the world with my kids but that I could also inspire other parents and give them the confidence needed to plan some adventures of their own.”

If you could purchase a vacation home anywhere in the world, where would it be?
“If I could purchase a vacation home anywhere in the world then I would choose Provence without a moment’s hesitation. I have traveled to the South of France twice and have the best travel memories from those two trips. The weather is perfect, the food is heavenly, the villages are charming and I would love the opportunity to be completely immersed in French for at least part of each year.”

What is your favorite destination for traveling with kids?
“One of our favorite family travel destinations is Prince Edward Island on the Atlantic coast of Canada. We spent a week there just before my older daughter turned 2 and have returned a half a dozen times over a 14 year period. The beautiful beaches, Anne of Green Gables, and Cows Ice Cream keep calling us back for yet another relaxing stay on the island.”

One of the ornaments collected during Lisa's travels

One of the ornaments collected during Lisa’s travels

Do you have a travel collection?
“I started collecting Christmas tree ornaments on the very first trip that I went on with my husband almost 20 years ago and our collection has grown enormously since then. My kids are now even more enthusiastic than I am in the search for the perfect ornament to represent each place that we visit. Sometimes we can’t find an actual ornament so we make do with some sort of trinket or another that represents the destination and that I can attach a string to in order to hang it from the tree. We may have to start putting up a second tree soon to accommodate all of the ornaments!”

Is there one type of attraction that you seek out when traveling?
“I’m a bit of a museum and art gallery geek so I try to fit in as many as possible on our travels. One of my kids loves them as much as I do and the other not so much which makes it a bit of a balancing act sometimes to keep everyone happy.”

Explore Gone with the Family

Take a trip over to Gone with the Family to read Lisa’s review of The Travel Mamas’ Guide now! Connect with Lisa on Twitter as @GoneWithFamily, on the Gone With The Family Facebook page, and on Google+.

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  1. http://Farrah says

    Christmas tree ornaments is brilliant. I have been trying to think of what would be a good one for us- and there it is! Makes so much more sense- otherwise the ‘collectibles’ are so overwhelming. We used to collect magnets- which was all fine and good with a magnetized exterior on the fridge- but here, nope! Don’t have one 🙂

  2. http://Ann says

    Thanks for letting us get to “know” Lisa! It’s because of her that I want to visit PEI so much.

    • http://Colleen%20Lanin,%20The%20Travel%20Mama says

      Ann – Lisa sure does make Prince Edward Island sound alluring, huh?! Thanks for your comment!

    • http://Lisa%20Goodmurphy says

      You will love PEI, Ann – it is an incredible destination for families!

  3. http://Lisa%20Goodmurphy says

    I love my ornament collection, Farrah – it is so much fun to get the decorations out during the holiday season and reminisce about the places that we have visited while we decorate the tree!

  4. http://Ellen%20Lanin says

    Since you are from Canada I am guessing you are fluent in French. Lucky you. I’m afraid my old high school French would not help me much, but I would love to spend time in Provence.

    • http://Lisa%20Goodmurphy says

      Well, I wouldn’t say fluent because I don’t get the opportunity to speak it much anymore but I did grow up in a French-speaking part of Canada and we started French classes as soon as we started school. It’s amazing how fast it will come back to you when visiting some place like Provence though!

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