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Epcot Best Rides & Hidden Treasures for Kids

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With a couple of notable exceptions, my family’s most memorable Epcot moments happened while exploring the less-known, low-key, hands-on stuff rather than the popular rides. When traveling with children to any of the Disney parks, it's best to do some research and develop a list of must-see attractions. From there, let your kids' energy level and interests guide the way.

In planning your visit, keep in mind that Epcot is huge. In fact, it’s double the size of the Magic Kingdom. On two separate days I thought I could get away with using one stroller for my toddler. Both times, I wound up renting a second stroller for my preschooler's tired tootsies. To maximize your walking efforts, here are eight attractions and simple pleasures to squeeze into an Epcot visit with children.


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Epcot World Showcase Attractions

Street Performers

Each of the 11 Epcot pavilions representing different countries in the World Showcase has its own culturally-inspired form of live entertainment. While it’s tempting to hurry the kids along to the next country on the park's map, take a moment to stop and watch these performances as you come across them. My kids were enthralled by the Chair Balancing Act in France, the Taiko Drummers in Japan, and the Dragon Legend Acrobats in China.

The Taiko Drummers in the Japan Pavilion - Epcot Japan Pavillion

The Taiko Drummers in the Japan Pavilion

The United Kingdom’s Hedge Maze & Toy Shop

It’s easy to miss the hedge maze tucked in the back corner of the United Kingdom pavilion at Epcot. Despite its small size, my kids could have played here for at least an hour if I hadn’t nudged them along after a few giggle-infested run-throughs. Afterwards, be sure to pop into the UK’s darling toy shop, The Toy Soldier, especially if your little one is obsessed with trains as is my son. Why? There’s a Thomas the Tank Engine table complete with wooden tracks and choo-choos aplenty. If you need a reprieve from the lines, the heat, the cold, or the whining – a visit here will buy you some time as the kids zoom the trains around the tracks.

My daughter zipping through the United Kingdom Pavilion's hedge maze - Epcot

My daughter zipping through the United Kingdom Pavilion's hedge maze

Germany’s Model Railroad
Speaking of trains…the model railroad in the Germany pavilion is another delightful low-key attraction that young children adore. My kids literally jumped for joy when they first caught sight of the miniature trains chugging around a scaled-down version of a German village.

The miniature train in the Germany Pavilion - Epcot

The miniature train in the Germany Pavilion

The Outpost’s Drums

The Epcot Outpost is not one of the main country pavilions. This little area representing African cultures is sandwiched between the Germany and China pavilions. Its only restaurant is a fast food stand called the Refreshment Outpost. But The Outpost does have one major draw for kids of all ages…big ol' drums! It was hard to pull my kids away from the joy of thumping on these instruments! There are drums and other African-inspired instruments for sale at an adjoining store.

My son beating a drum in The Outpost - Epcot

My son beating a drum in The Outpost

Mexico’s Gran Fiesta Tour Starring the Three Caballeros

This Epcot ride features Donald Duck and two other animated “cowboy” bird characters. It's reminiscent of another toddler favorite, It’s a Small World (minus the annoying song). The Gran Fiesta Tour is one of only two rides in the World Showcase. The other one, the Maelstrom in Norway next door, should be avoided with very young children. While it’s not a very fast ride, the troll and dark theme frightened both my kids to pieces.

The Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Pavilion - Epcot

The Gran Fiesta Tour in the Mexico Pavilion

|Epcot Future World Attractions

Living with the Land
I was surprised by how much both my children were intrigued by Living with the Land. Teens looking for thrill rides might find this Epcot offering boring, but my young kids enjoyed naming all of the veggies in site on this mellow 14-minute boat tour of futuristic greenhouses that grow real plants.

Edible flowers and herbs growing in the Living with the Land greenhouse ride - Epcot

Edible flowers and herbs growing in the Living with the Land greenhouse ride

 Club Cool

This is a tasty little distraction for all ages. Go here for free samples of Coca-Cola Company drinks from around the world. Even my 23-month-old got a kick out of putting his little cup up to the dispenser and pressing the button to fill it up (with my help)…again…and again…and again. My favorite was the red berry Fanta Colita from Costa Rica. My kids, who had never tried soda before and didn't like the bubbles, preferred the non-carbonated Japanese Vegitabeta health drink.


Free refreshments and fun at Club Cool - Epcot

Free refreshments and fun at Club Cool

The Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion

This Epcot ride was the absolute highlight of my daughter’s Walt Disney World vacation. In fact, it is because of The Seas with Nemo & Friends Ride that Karissa has declared her preference for Epcot over the Magic Kingdom. Her Grandma Ellen took her on this ride six times in a row, thanks to short lines on a very chilly February day. Both she and her brother were mesmerized by the Nemo characters interspersed with real-live fish, as they rode along in their huge clam shells. Afterwards, we walked through the 5.7 million-gallon Sea Base and Caribbean Coral Reef Aquarium to view more fish, sharks, manatees, and dolphins. Don’t miss Turtle Talk with Crush for an interactive, animated 3-D show where kids can really chat with Crush, the surfer-dude turtle from the Finding Nemo movie.

Real-live "Nemo" fish in the aquarium in the Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion - Epcot

Real-live “Nemo” fish in the aquarium in the Seas with Nemo & Friends Pavilion

Slow Down and Enjoy the Magic of Epcot

There is so much to see and experience at Epcot, it's easy for kids to become over-stimulated and for parents to feel frazzled. My favorite Disney vacation memories occur when I slow down and focus on the little moments. The look of pride on my son's face when he held out his little cup to fill it up with a colorful drink at Club Cool all by himself (well, with a little help). The joyous sound in my daughter's voice when she asked (for the fifth time), “Can we ride Nemo again?” The way my kids jumped up and down, and shouted, “Choo-choo!” when they spied the miniature train in the Germany Pavilion. That's what Disney magic is all about, and it's all at Epcot.

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What is your favorite Epcot ride, attraction, or memory? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Patty Opoien says:

    Thank you for sharing this story. Sounds like the perfect trip with little ones. Less people and more hands on, slow down activities. I love it!

  2. I salute your daughter for being so wise at such a young age, as Epcot is easily my favorite in DisneyWorld!

    In the United Kingdom, there is both a magic act and a Beatles tribute band that I remember seeing last time I was there. The magic act seemed a bit out of place, as when I think U.K., magic does not come to mind, but all the same, very cool.

    One last thing… the Mexican food. As an Arizona native, I was raised on Mexican food, and I can tell you that what they served there wasn’t Mexican. It was, in fact, New Mexican. The difference seems ever so subtle in writing but is very frustrating when eaten… a far cry from authenticity. But most probably aren’t as picky as I am about enchiladas– I’m a real sourpuss about it, haha!

  3. Colleen Lanin, The Travel Mama says:

    Thanks for the comments, Patty & Gabbi!

    Gabbi – It’s so funny that you didn’t like the Mexican food at Epcot! While I didn’t try the enchiladas, I was just telling hubs the other day (that’s Uncle Phil to you!) that the quesadilla we had at Epcot was the best quesadilla I’ve ever had. They must use magic cheese or something! And you know I’m a bit of a Mexican-food snob myself!

  4. Susanne ODonnell says:

    ohohOH the Beverly is soooooooooooooo good! EVERYONE needs to try it!
    😉 club cool… love it, love it!

  5. Also Kidcot stations at every country where kids can color a Duffy cutout and get stamps and signatures of every country. And Agent P’s adventure where kids can take a cell phone on a secret mission through all of the countries and see really cool animatronics hidden from most guests.

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