Disney Dream Christening Ceremony ~ Dreams Do Come True!

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My eyes filled with tears watching the christening ceremony for Disney Dream. I was overwhelmed with gratitude and wonder at being part of something so special…so magical…so Disney. But those tears represented something bigger.

Fireworks at Disney Dream Ship christening

Fireworks at Disney Dream Ship christening (Photo credit: Disney)

Love for Disney Cruise Line

Before I became a travel writer, I sailed on a 10-night Disney Mediterranean Cruise with my husband and daughter (plus our son who was stowing away in my belly). That trip turned me into a Disney Cruise Line fanatic. I often joke that Disney should hire me to do PR for them because I am always bubbling over with praise for Disney Cruise Line to my friends, Travel Mamas readers, the gals in my Stroller Strides class, and pretty much anyone I meet.

Giving Up Our Cruise, But Not Hope

While in the Mediterranean, we signed up for a second cruise to take advantage of a discount for making a reservation while on board. Then the economy began to collapse, causing the loss of my husband’s mortgage industry job. This sent my family on an unforeseen journey of financial turmoil and worry. We kept delaying the cruise by a few months, then a few months more, and a few months more. Finally, last year I cancelled the cruise all together.

However, I did not give up on my dream of sailing with Disney again. I glued a big ol’ picture of a Disney ship on my vision board. I sometimes put my children to sleep at night with make believe stories about our someday Disney voyage.

Mickey Mouse, Disney Dream Fairy Godmother Jennifer Hudson and Disney CEO Bob Iger at Disney Dream christening ceremony

Mickey Mouse, Disney Dream Fairy Godmother Jennifer Hudson and Disney CEO Bob Iger at Disney Dream christening ceremony (Photo credit: Disney)

A Dream Surprise

A couple of months ago I received a mysterious box in the mail. I saw the return address was Cape Canaveral, Florida. I’d heard a rumor about a media cruise on Disney’s newest ship, Dream.

Before I even opened the package, I began running around the house, yelling, “We’re going on a Disney Cruise! We’re going on a Disney Cruise!” My two little ones didn’t understand what I was talking about they but knew it was something good, so they started jumping around with excitement too. We were a happiness parade bounding through the house in search of scissors to cut open our present.

Sure enough, when we unpacked the box we found a treasure chest filled with an invitation to sail on the Dream Christening Cruise. The invitation included a pretend telescope, which when you peered inside it, pointed to a picture of the ship.

Helicopter toting a gigantic Champagne bottle "filled with dreams" at Disney Dream christening ceremony

Helicopter toting a gigantic Champagne bottle “filled with dreams” at Disney Dream christening ceremony (Photo credit: Disney)

Disney Dream Christening Ceremony

Before our sailing on the Dream ship, Disney hosted a christening ceremony in Cape Canaveral. We watched Disney Dream’s newly crowned Godmother Jennifer Hudson sing on stage amidst a swirling stream of Disney characters and dancers. Then a helicopter scooped up a gigantic champagne bottle and flew it over to the new ship and crack it on Dream’s bow, leading to an impressive burst of fireworks.

It was exciting, yes. But what really brought me to tears was the idea of dreams fulfilled. I did not give up hope. I kept believing and my wish was granted, and in the grandest fashion too. It was a moment I’ll remember forever. Whenever I feel like what I want is too far out of reach, I will remember that moment and know that dreams do come true.

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What dreams have been fulfilled in your life? Please share your thoughts in the comments!

A Note from The Travel Mama: Disney provided airfare for me, my family's two-night media cruise, and some other expenses related to the Disney Dream Christening. I always give my honest opinion, no matter who pays!

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