Avoid Nasty Germs at Airport Security with Cootie Booties

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Is there anyone who actually enjoys going through airport security? It’s such a pain to keep all of your gels and liquids separate and stored in tiny containers. You’ve got to empty your pockets, remove laptops from their cases and remember to down your bottled water. Then you get naked scanned while standing with legs spread and your arms stretched above your head like a criminal. Meanwhile, you’ve removed your shoes and you’re standing where thousands of bare feet have stood before you. Blech. Sure, security is important but who wants to get athlete’s foot (or worse!) on your way out of town? The good news is Cootie Bootie can make the airport security experience less germ-ridden for your tootsies.

Why you should never go barefoot at airport security ever again !

What kind of nasty germs can your feet catch at the airport?

You wouldn’t go barefooted in the airport bathroom, but there’s probably less chance of catching some nasty foot germies in the restroom than on the carpet in the TSA security line. According to Dr. Marybeth Crane in this report, bare feet at the airport are susceptible to plantar warts, fungus, staph infections and even the herpes virus. So when Original Cootie Bootie offered to send me a pair of their foot booties for this sponsored post, I was intrigued.

Cootie Booties

My tootsies sporting Cootie Booties (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

What can you do to protect your feet?

When you’re flying to a tropical destination like Hawaii or Jamaica, you don’t want to wear a pair of sneakers to the airport. You don’t have time to lace them up after gathering all of your x-ray’d belongings anyway. You want to wear a cute pair of sandals. Who has room for an extra pair of shoes that don’t suit your destination? You need that luggage space for those espadrilles, the poolside flip-flops and that pair of kicky pumps! Sure, you could tuck a pair of socks into your carry-on, but where are you going to put those germ-ridden socks after you remove them…back into your purse? No thank you!

Even when you’re wearing socks with your shoes, who wants to cram those germ-ridden socks back into your shoes to bring into your hotel room or back to your home? Socks don’t protect your feet from germs as well as disposable Cootie Bootie foot booties. They’re like surgical gloves for your feet. Slip a pair of Cootie Booties on top of your socks before entering the TSA line to keep your feet healthy. Once cleared, toss them in the trash and head to your gate.

Cootie Booties come in packages of two pairs or six pairs

Cootie Booties come in packages of two pairs or six pairs (Photo credit: Colleen Lanin)

Where else can you wear Cootie Booties?

Tuck a clean pair of Cootie Booties into your handbag for easy use on the go. You could sport them in the gym locker room and shower, in your hotel room (how often are those floors deep-cleaned?!), or during a trip to a children’s no-shoes-allowed indoor play area.

Who has worn that darling new pair of stilettos out on the town and then wound up walking the dirty streets barefooted after a night of mingling at a party or dancing at a nightclub because your toes could take no more torture? (*Author lowers head; lifts hand.*) Slip on a pair of Cootie Booties for the trek home instead!

Where can you get Cootie Booties?

Get two Cootie Bootie pairs for just $6.95 or six pairs for $18.95 online now. Learn more about this innovative new product at OriginalCootieBootie.com.

A Note from The Travel Mama: I received four pairs of Cootie Booties and monetary compensation related to this post. All opinions are mine, as always.

Top photo provided by Original Cootie Bootie. Graphics added by Colleen Lanin.

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  1. Claudia Laroye says

    I cannot think of anything worse than bare feet at the airport security line!! I don’t normally love disposable stuff, but in this case it’s completely justified.

  2. I also think the name is incredibly cute!

  3. wandering educators says

    GENIUS. i don’t even Want to know where people’s feet have been. eeuw!

  4. Germs and bare feet at the airport are things I’d rather not think about. This looks like a great solution!

  5. Kinda glad I’m Canadian and only need to remove shoes when flying to the USA!

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