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Competitours – An Amazing Race for Regular People

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Have you ever fantasized about competing on The Amazing Race reality show? I sure have! I even sent in an audition tape when the popular TV program came to my Canadian homeland. Unfortunately, I didn’t make the cut. Thankfully there is an alternative for those of us who want the adventure but who can’t be part of the show. I was thrilled to discover Competitours, a competition-style tour along the lines of The Amazing Race – perfect for regular people like you and me.

Amazing Race for Regular People? Yes you can! With Competitours

This post is brought to you in partnership with Competitours.

An Amazing Race for Regular People

Forget about sight-seeing, Competitours is sight-DOING. This annual 11 team/11 day European travel competition takes place June 25 – July 5 in 2016. You will zigzag through four countries covering seven or eight mystery destinations within the trip. Although you won’t know where you’re headed, rest assured Competitours has lined up a good mix of iconic cities, medieval towns, charming mountain villages and secluded coastal spots to wow participants. Since launching eight years ago, every Competitours trip has been carefully crafted with a custom itinerary. There is always something new to explore should you want to go again the following year.

Challenges that Gently Push You Out of Your Comfort Zone

Daily destinations and challenges are revealed within a suspenseful 12-hour notice. You will have to accomplish surprise hands-on challenges that are all about creativity and resourcefulness, not speed and fitness. Every Competitours challenge requires a different skill set. Fortunately there are no bug-eating sessions or extreme activities involved. Past challenges have included glass blowing and gelato making in Italy, fencing in the Netherlands, and Via Ferrata (mountain climbing with special equipment) in the Swiss Alps.

A sampling of past Competitours challenges ~ Amazing Race for Regular People

A sampling of past Competitours challenges and activities (Photos from the Competitours website, with permission)

Competitours for a Family Vacation

We all hope our vacations will result in life-long memories and stronger relationships with our travel partners. When your family works together as a team to accomplish something during your Competitours getaway, bonding is almost guaranteed. Both parents and kids will get a chance to stretch themselves and witness each other accomplishing new feats, winning new respect for each other along the way.

Building Friendships While Traveling

By day, you will compete against the other 10 teams. When you’re off the clock, you can kick back and compare stories with your competition, building friendships with like-minded travelers from around the world. For some challenges, all teams play head to head, others are broken into smaller groups, and some allow participants to start and finish independently.

Scenes from past Competitours trips ~ Amazing Race for Regular People

Scenes from past Competitours trips (Photos from the Competitours website, with permission)

In It to Win It

Besides the thrill of exploring new places and experiencing unique activities, travel teams could win cash prizes. Yes, there’s prize money involved! The top three teams split $6,600, and unlike the TV show, there are no eliminations. 

Is Competitours for You?

Competitours attracts all kinds, like married couples, best friends, and inter-generational teams vying for the win. Considering taking the kids? Families with older, adventurous children (age 10+) and teens would fare best. According to Competitours, “Age and fitness are not really a factor, although reasonable endurance is helpful as some days have two to three miles of walking and a couple of days have a sunrise to late night schedule.” Broods who get a thrill from the unknown and who love competition are sure to find Competitours a refreshing alternative to the standard family vacay. This challenge-loving Travel Mama is positively captivated by the prospect.

To learn more about Competitours and secure a spot on their next adventure, check out their website.

Does a Competitours trip appeal to you or do you desire a more traditional vacation? Let us know in the comments below!

A Note from The Saucy Travel Mama: Thank you to Competitours for sponsoring this post. As always, my opinions are my own.

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  1. What a fascinating concept! I’ll have to look into this when our little ones are a tad older!

  2. This looks so fun! My youngest is 8, so we’re a couple years shy of being able to participate.

  3. I LOVE this idea! I’m such an Amazing Race fan (the only reality tv show I would ever (ever!) consider going on) so I love that there is an alternative for ‘normal’ folk such as myself 🙂

  4. Pilar Clark says

    As a total Amazing Race FREAK, I love this idea for when my two grade schoolers are high schoolers! Will have to keep it in mind for sure.

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